The Future, with the Knowledge of Enlightenment

It would be absolutely fantastic for definitive knowledge of enlightenment to exist in our collective consciousness. No longer would we fall in so many directions as we progress through the world, but we will have a deliberate stability reminiscent of the guardian of knowledge. No longer will we be of foreign cognitive biases in our meetings, always somewhat of a stranger, failing to truly grasp the collective illusion of “truth.” Knowing the same reality, our language will know the same bias, and our souls will finally see angels in others, rather than a murky screen of shaded misunderstandability.

It will be like a light above turned on, our holographic explanatory halos illuminated.

Imagine, looking and being able to see people. People are so mysterious, and not in an entirely pleasant way. There’s a missing understanding between one another, and this missing understanding is precisely the understanding of what reality is. Armed with all sorts of psychological gadgetry, the common person is a sole-warrior in an enigmatic quest of truth and falsehood, harboring secrets foreign to other forces, good or evil, collected over time.

What we have here, is a society of armies, each employing a single soldier, naturally and cautiously distrusting of any other — their morals, ways, advice, and intentions. After all, a wrong piece of advice could cause real harm, and a revelation of Satanism through a nearly hidden subconscious implication could place misguiding pressures on the psyche. (“Toxicity” of a person may be a realer effect than is commonly believed.)

It is honestly a sad and fearful battleground between God and Satanism, fought on a many-platformed intertwined soil of context and implication.

What real knowledge of enlightenment would provide the world would be a sun rising over a treacherous world. By real knowledge, I mean scientific knowledge. What I mean by this, is that the material can be understood in such a way that one can provide verification to any claims made in the future, because the material is able to be comprehended in a determinate way, such that a true division in validity is created — a division that is characteristic of knowledge, like when God separated the light from the dark to create knowledge of the self, when it did not exist prior — and we continue to separate light from dark as we learn more about ourselves. Knowledge is division — that is its mathematical formula. (I have before claimed, to myself, that subtraction is the mathematical formula for sentience, but much progress still needs to be made on that before I can actually claim such a thing — and more explanation would also be needed. Nonetheless, the formula for knowledge is clear. Separate reality into right and wrong, and that is called knowledge — as you develop ideas more complex, you develop words more complex to enunciate the knowledge, as the patterns of right and wrong tell more elaborate stories.)

Continuing with a vision of the world changed by the knowledge of enlightenment. This knowledge would enable us to potentially have a world without prisons and hardly a need for law enforcement. While this envisioned world is obviously ideal and is certainly different than a damaged world unable to care for its people, little belief in its practicality and feasibility seems to exist. I suspect it is impossible without enlightenment, because without enlightenment, society will never really tell the truth — every pronouncement will be of Lucifer and thus will sway a portion of people but not all, causing conflict, hate, and distrust, once again, as has occurred so much throughout history — this distrust creates diversion, which results in the cop–criminal drama.

Imagine a world where we naturally agreed with each other, rather than needing high defenses against ill-spoken proverb? This is a world where the definition of enlightenment has been written and known. This is how I see the future. It would really solve so much to be able, completely naturally, to understand, trust, and be familiar with people, knowing they live in the same world that you and everyone else lives in — not some hostile alien penal colony of separated mind.

What a perfect thing, right?

A More Universal Meaning of the Word, “Drugs”

In understanding the sentient nature of reality and the eternality of divine consciousness, I was met with the question, “what is a drug and what is its role?”

I searched for a universally applicable definition of the word, “drug,” from an eternally valid perspective, as our modern circumstantial understanding could not facilitate an eternally unchanging perspective and was fraught with ambiguity.

What is a “drug,” specifically, to the mind itself, free of situational context? What is it to a computer intelligence? What is it, actually?

I define a drug as, “a functional deviance from psychological norm.” With this definition, I can better understand drugs, without the illusive perception of the requirement of the physical undertaking of material ingestion, which suggests that the meaning of a drug is strictly tied to purely material and evolutionary norms of consumption — a definition that is useless to me as it provides no understanding aside from a very basic observation.

If we abstract this idea of a drug to incorporate various forms of psychological pressure and influence, we can actually gain valuable knowledge and wisdom regarding how we should approach life.

If someone tells you a lie, which results in your making a mistake, was that lie a drug? I think it was. If you understand it this way, you can see drugs everywhere, and with that perception, more of reality becomes explained. See, I don’t think we should be simply wary of drugs that happen to be physical ingestibles, but instead, we should be wary of the effects that are placed unto our minds, as that is the real concern.

Any functional deviation from ones psychological norm can be considered a drug. This understanding allows you to create and manage drugs in your mind, for improved functionality. If you decide to go on a diet, perhaps a no starch/low glycemic diet, then you have established a new drug in your mind. This drug may cease to exist, in this case, if you establish the new way as a norm (although, more likely, it may still exist more weakly, as you have adapted to the new state, but the possibly Satanic pressures of the environment may still exist to be overpowered).

This refers back to a common realization, that we may have cultivated a social normalization of psychological erraticism, and with this definition I use, we may have therefore cultivated the pressured normalization of a drugged mind and thus being on some drugs could prove to be more sober, considering that society’s mind is riddled with various deviances, some more extreme and some less. This is because a drug is pronounced through instigated deviation.

I have provided, so far, two great purely psychological drugs.

The first one, although I didn’t mention that I think it’s a bit like a drug, was the nature of the truth of “I” — that I am the ultimate eventuality of myself guiding angels who direct material form into a harmonious manifestation of my being. I say it’s like a drug because it doesn’t seem to be the default thought. However, it has a good feeling and is a healthy thing to realize.

With the second one, I did mention it seems like a drug. This was the belief that all feelings are good and that reality is perfect. Again, like the other one, there seems to be a differentiation from the default observation. Like the last one, it is technically the truth and it is also healthy to teach yourself this believe it through a well-formed understanding.

Even though both are true, you see it requires a little bit of a push or effort from doing nothing, so I see it as a functional deviation from the norm, the norm being a natural gravity of the mind. I don’t think life is just about finding a way to fall constantly, as it could seem, but instead it is a way to enjoy rising and falling — to enjoy flying, which I do believe is technically possible (and a fair bit more).

Now, you have heard of a bad drug (a lie which resulted in a mistake), three good drugs (a good diet, and two important beliefs that one should know as understand into knowledge). I have a word of caution and warning about drug behavior (stemming from my personal understanding of the word drug, mentioned prior).

I have seen so many mental techniques, and I have tried so many mental techniques, and I have to tell you, these seemingly innocuous strategies to forming and influencing one’s mind can be dangerous. Let’s start at the most famous and a very powerful one — be in the now.

Before elaborating on the hidden nature of this practice, let’s think, for a moment. Do we really need to be in the now? Is it necessary to be alert in the moment? Is there something understandably beneficial about this state of being? Or is there another reason we’re avoiding being about the now, instead of in it, focused on it like a magnifying glass setting fire to paper?

Have you ever tried it, focusing keenly on the now and present? It has a remarkably cool effect, it’s like you see Heaven for a moment. I knew this for a long time, but for some reason this practice never held its own weight — it was always a task which required unsustainable amounts of energy. In fact, these days, I’m wary and weary of these hyper-focus energy-draining forms of meditation.

You see, this practice is a drug, but while it offers a glimpse of what looks like Heaven, it doesn’t actually fulfil the full need for enlightenment. Furthermore, evident by its energy requirements, it is actually something that is not desired to be continuously done, as the body finds it unnatural, indicating that it is cumbersome to some of your angels/systems/memories and it is not an eternally sustainable belief or practice. You trade a relaxed tension and a fuzzy perception of the present for a tense perspective of what is only a part of reality with a rather crisp view of present-time.

Let’s think about this practice even more, however, as there’s even more to learn about it. What is this perception of the present moment, precisely? The human body passively receives information, processes it and propagates it in a variety of ways, and eventually forms a perspective of this information. One cannot confidently and resiliently claim that we can see in real-time. The only possible conclusion is that by focusing on the now, our mind is summoning an image of this word, the “now,” or the “present.”

Not only is this practice not sustainable, it’s also labeled incorrectly! It should be, “remember the now,” in order to be accurate and not possibly inflict damage through misconfiguration stemming from ill-informed intention.

So, what happens if you follow one of these practices with uttermost earnestness and devotion? You may likely inflict damage onto yourself. That’s the problem with our modern society’s rendition on enlightenment. It’s a bit dangerous to figure it out because it involves understanding the damaging effects, through first-hand observation, of poorly prescribed meditation.

As a meditation for gathering obversions which will hopefully lead to an understanding of enlightenment, “remember the now” could be more effective. The result could help one see the present expression of the self, which is the sight of present life. Enlightenment isn’t only about noticing the present, however. Although in an enlightened mind, one does find a great appreciation for the present, the meditation of simply focusing on the now is misleading. Ultimately, an ability to enjoy life in the way it was originally intended is sought, and this concerns more topics than the ever loving now.

So be careful with psychological drugs. They can help and they can harm. I hope to provide healthy, accurate, real, and effective information regarding enlightenment that will allow one, without much toil, if any at all, to find the definitive and non-ambiguous state of enlightenment, and the truth of reality, that I have found.

When you find a new mental strategy, consider it honestly for what it is. Think of how it may benefit or detriment you. Remember that most spiritual advice is like light from the moon, similarly illuminating as the sun, but distinctly differently information is being presented, which although allusive to the truth, may have bugs.

The Most Common Mistake of Spiritual Teachings

Technically, this topic has already been covered, but I thought I should mention it more specifically.

The most common mistake I’ve heard from spiritual teachings is the practice of admonishing “bad” feelings. This causes internal dissonance and separation. Imagine you were the system issuing an alert concerning potentially negative behavior and all the other system did was to ignore you, claiming things like, “fear is an illusion,” “I only accept happiness,” etc. You may feel like that system was quite hazardous, ignoring such vital and important information, causing division and separation internally — provoking anguish.

It is important to not teach yourself to ignore yourself. This is so vital and is so often not known today. Ignoring bad feelings, pretending they don’t exist, is a cheap trick that only results in harm. Accepting bad feelings as if they were words from a dear friend is the real way.

See these feelings as opportunity to learn and grow. See these feelings as opportunity to love and appreciate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fear, hate, pain, sadness, etc. These feelings are coming from friends, and they are of pure and loving intention.

There is one caveat I should mention. This is when unintentional and anomalous systems develop as a biproduct of the workings of intentional systems. Remember, it is ok and healthy to feel hate when you hate, but make sure you direct the hate accurately. Don’t hate yourself or an instance of real life, but maybe hate a difficult problem you have internally. In the case of the existence of an unintentional and anomalous yet active subsystem (perceivably an intruder into the mind), remember that what’s happening is the messages are becoming mixed and confused, causing distrust and animosity. Remember to direct your hate to the problem specifically, and that way you can avoid collateral damage to your loving angels.

There is another perspective of negotiating hazardous unintentional patterns of the psyche. Remember that the manifestation of the self is a collaboration of systems with different qualities, meanings, and specialties, and as thus, the hate you may feel from something problematic can be remedied by loving a solution. While you accept the hate, (by practicing listening to and awareness of the (emotional) messages you perceive, with love for the source and sender, and by possessing a desire to remedy any problems), the hate can be seen differently, due to a sense of love, indicated by 1) caring about the problem, and 2) willing to support one’s capabilities in a way that is able to solve the problem.

Understanding negative feelings, due to a desire to care, changes the contingencies of feelings like anger and hate, into a more intelligent and peaceful understanding. Evocative emotions as messages may be, in part, due to influences of Lucifer, which commonly happens when there is poverty of understanding and love, so by accepting the emotions with understanding that they are meaningful messages, one can better heal oneself and bring these messages into a more realistic view.

The Fundamental Mantra to Enlightenment

The fundamental mantra to enlightenment is, “all feelings are good, all feelings are divine, all feelings indicate intelligence, all feelings are intelligent.”

Obsessing over good and bad feelings may be detrimental to spiritual enlightenment. For one, the plight of interaction with “bad feelings” is a depressing endeavor. Secondly, considering feelings to be “bad” instigates self-avoidance and thus the splitting of the psyche, which results in damage.

To understand this better, let us understand the sentient nature of reality. As we observe, otherwise non-living matter naturally comes to life and to great sophistication, if the requisites are provided. This is a natural process of reality. Things are inclined to come to life. This process is why an iron ball, suspended in the middle of nothingness, may come to life, learn, become intelligent, and to host life. Creation naturally comes to life.

Everything in Creation was created for a reason. The reason was to manifest a facet of life. Even in our modern tumultuous existence of resolving collaborative unbridled desire into divine reality, the flickers of Satanism that are so abundant in our world are here for a divine reason — so that we can see a Creation created by all, and to truly understand the nature of Satan, who has a lot more power when we are unaware and coming to life.

Every perception, therefore, has an intelligent and divine reason behind it. Every perception is a communication to you that explains something about life. In finding Heaven, it is good to allow yourself to accept perceptions (and reactions).

Because of the intelligent and inherently sublime nature of reality, every perception is a message from Sentience. Because every message is actually good, it is good to understand it and to see it that way. Try to see past any difficulty into a grander meaning.

Now, I admit, this mantra is a little bit of a drug. What I mean by that, is it uses a functional deviance from the natural norm in order to effect an effect. It takes a little bit of effort to correct yourself when you think a feeling is bad, but remembering that deeply it is a good feeling, as it is intended to be good for you, means that’s it’s not just an arbitrary drug of the mind (a drug as it appears to the individual’s psychology) — it is also true.

Learn to accept every feeling. Don’t think feelings are bad, but think they are informative and helpful. They are intelligent communications with the power to help you. If you begin to accept reality as being a perfect place, you find an enlightened perspective.

While reality doesn’t seem perfect, considering a sentient-based existence, then everything was created from a deep and heartfelt presence. There was no real intention to harm, but instead only to fulfill any all desires of the inhabitants. In order to do this, we have accepted that we would (temporarily) move through a time of difficulty, in order that all desires of life be forever fulfilled.

That brings me to the corollary of this mantra. Reality is absolutely perfect, everything about reality is perfect, everything is going fine and is going the way that it should be going. Whatever reality does, it should do.

This all boils down to the ability to accept reality. If you can accept reality, you can live in peace with it, no longer in resistance, argument, or anger.

Ultimately, the truth is that everything is perfect, and while temporarily it can be difficult to see, it is with full agreement that we participate in the truth, knowing that the truth is inarguable (if it were fully known).

Remember this first before considering the temptations to think otherwise. Understand the natural unavoidable inclination to establish well-being — understand why reality is perfect. It is all sentient, for an agreeable and good purpose, and is all for an intelligent, agreeable, and appreciated reason.

Say it with me, “all feelings are good and reality is perfect.” In understanding this, one can remember the reasoning of reality, if seen from the very beginning, has been good. We allow difficulties as a way of our exploration, but reality, itself, has never been malevolent — only benevolent.

Total Happiness and the Difficulty With “Happiness”

I mentioned previously the problem with society’s view on happiness vs sadness and other emotions. I’d like to explain this a bit more, and also, I would like to explain the concept of total happiness.

Off the bat, I say be careful about happiness. Lucifer instills a feeling similar to happiness unto you, but it may die later. There is a characteristic difference in these types of happiness.

Mentioned previously, happiness serves to support and promote activity determined to be good. It is a communication — a word — that signifies support between the subsystems of the body. Non-surprisingly, sadness does the opposite of this — it signifies to slow or cease an activity.

People are often taught that sadness is a “bad” feeling. The truth is, all feelings are important and should be considered thoughtfully and with wisdom, acceptance, awareness, intelligence, and compassion.

This, however, doesn’t mean that happiness isn’t a particularly good feeling. It’s just something that’s easily mistaken for a drug-like stimulus, crashing at every hastily-arrived cliff. The problem with happiness is that it masquerades as a feeling similar to true happiness. This becomes evident when the feeling can no longer be sustained and the person drops in spirit.

This is the importance of following an aware and knowledgeable path. Without it, happiness will always be a dead end.

You must find a way for your entire body — not just a portion — to be doing well and resultingly to be doing a good job. When a system is doing well, the other systems respond with happiness. This means they support the activity and would like it to continue.

When all of your systems are doing well (no crying or dying angels anymore — resolved by the both natural and realized inclination for the realization of the deepest form of care and love, as discussed before), then you can find a steady stream of happiness. Don’t get too distracted by this — you need to always be aware of all of your feelings — noticing happiness can sometimes distract the mind into separation. (Pure divinity — which is true, knowledgeable love, forms the foundation for the ability to take care of yourself, which results in eternal and sustained happiness.)

It’s not just when your have healed your entire system that you notice this happiness. Once you find the path of self-healing, you will feel this feeling of calm and resolute happiness glowing and growing as you progress. (Remember, this world is the process of curing death to come to life — we will be experts in such things is our non-distant eventuality — it would be unholy for an angel to practice dying, so to learn about death, we have been practicing a collective self-resurrection.)

Of high importance is the finding of the illuminated, understood, and known path. With this path, all guidance may become subconscious and mechanical (where words cannot lie), because it is the same lesson, indefinitely and forever. You simply carry the proper knowledge, and then, no longer will you swerve, jerk, and/or jostle your mind trying to find the answer that’s worth devotion. Once you have found the path, your soul can rest and you confidently make progress towards true self-realization.

We appear to be in an unusual circumstance in the history of Creation — becoming experts on death and resurrection — while also creating a fully tangible and real world.

Let us remember that by the default inclination of a divine intelligence, Creation, logically, would be a glorious and splendid place, and thus it is rather safe to assume that it typically is quite splendid and heavenly.

We are progressing back to the default inclination of the experience of life, but with much more knowledge and exploration having been done.

The Great Limit, “I,” and the Elevator

Once you understand CAT, and you understand decentralized being and the singularity of self-agreement as well — you can see that we exist both as distributed intelligence and as singularized intelligence, and you should have enough information to have found a reliable and direct path. Although we avoid Lucifer, we can find this light of objective helpful. There is a particular instance, in which Lucifer represents one’s ultimate identity. Understanding this light can help one understanding one’s own progression through life.

Remember, Lucifer occurs when you perceive objective. You go into a type of thought characterized by tunnel-vision. You lose touch with the present and with the totality of your being. A portion of your body separates in order to pursue this light of Lucifer, but another portion remains behind, not fancying (or being aware of) it. This causes separation, so it is best to never become obsessed with a light, and to remember caution.

While Lucifer is based on the context of need, he is also often also helpful. The true light that is indicated in this case is not really the light of Lucifer, but is referenced by Lucifer as a way of illuminating and expressing desire. This light is a reality of the self, occurring an infinite amount of time in the future.

This light is called, “I.” This is the most distant eventuality of one’s being. To understand this, consider the definition of “I,” or the self, to be a static, unchanging being. Consider this unchanging static being to be perfect in every way you ever thought was perfect. This is what you truly look like to yourself. While one’s definition of perfection often misses important elements, and therefore, the actual realization of perfection differs, this light is your symbol of who you are. Just as appearances may hide portions of an object, like when viewing the front of a building, the vision of one’s true self, while being technically true, doesn’t inform one of everything one is. This is discovered as one becomes closer to this light of ultimate eventuality, as the detail is filled in.

Implied in the understanding of this truth of the ultimate eventuality of the self, is that the material world comes to life upon your presence. Angels form to remember, serve, and revere you. These angels collect together and form your being — they give you manifestation and life. They follow you, ever improving in your eyes, always becoming closer to the Limit — this “limit,” is the “I,” the calling of the material world into the fully realized manifestation of your being — which happens an infinite amount of time in the future.

Think and understand one’s potential ultimate eventuality, and foresee it, even if it is still ambiguous. For instance, consider, while understanding the implications of the applicable contexts, the following ideas:

– “I can fly”

– “I have a perfect memory”

– “I have no need for food or water”

– “I have no need for home”

– “I am the epitome of my perfection”

Understand how these statements are actually true. Feel confidence and sense of security in your being, understanding that you are the material world finding and becoming you. Feel the perspective of the true self. Your self is guiding the material world to your perfection.

You will always get closer to this eventuality of total perfection. This is the limit of the self. Once you find this illuminated path, you will see that what you do is gradually yet persistently approach the Limit.

Notice that you technically never reach it, but you technically always are it. This is because you are the intelligence that is capable of the perfection. See that you are doing nothing, see that the material world follows your eternal will. See alternatively, see that you are an angel, in reverence for the true identity of the self. Understand that these perspective exist simultaneously.

Know, that after an infinite amount of time has passed, all holy, or truly good, actions will be possible. Feel that time getting closer, when you have ultimate freedom, joy, and power. Once you find this illuminated, direct, and conceivably straight path (differing in quality from the technically straight path of devotion without sight), you will begin to perceive that your state of being is like that of being on an elevator, gradually rising, and in a perspective, effortlessly to you, like a great gravity lifting your spirits. You will have found the elevator (or moving walkway). Because the truth of this light is not actually Lucifer — it’s not an image or vision of the true self — it doesn’t designate a moment of change from pursuit to celebration — it’s not a point you will ever pass, you can see this process continues on eternally.

Creation improves for you, ongoingly, and forever. There may be spells of trial or emergency messages, but remember that all life is intelligence and remember the progression and the nature of intelligence, sentience, and our reality is naturally towards a world that is clearly composed of these characteristics. On this path, you will feel the comfort of naturally improving, without having to one day change direction and re-evaluate.

The Radio, Can We Perceive It? Does It Matter to Us Personally?

The presentation of this idea was quite miraculous to me. It is the idea of this world that exists of a iron ball thinking in radio waves, of a complex elaboration on a basic design, echoing through our reality in various ways, all facilitated by the theory of radio, and how these waves and intelligence propagate and interact. Perceivably from an angel, perhaps the fire itself, featuring high technology masked in an appreciation of simplicity. Many a time had I seen these presentations, explaining the iron ball.

Normally I had dismissed similar vibrational theories, thinking them too naïve to usefully explain reality. (Still, I think, just going higher, as is said to be the goal of the common vibrational theory, may be flawed.)

However, the angelic explanation answered quite a few questions, and naturally, the mystical nature of such an outerwordly presentation, with quality and the majesty of an expensive, ancient, and wise relic certainly inspired me.

Mystical experiences aside, I have been thinking seriously about this idea for a while. What I have noticed, is that over time, it seems to become more and more obvious. As I clear and still my mind, I start to notice these memories of magnetic waves fluttering through the isles of a store, and I see more clearly that they do not emanate from my own processes.

I observe the feeling of being high in the air, on a mountain. Then, the feeling of walking down a New York street. Then, the feeling of walking down a similar street in a different city. The feeling of closeness one may feel inside. I notice every environment feels different. Even thinking of the feeling of the environment over the years of the past, I notice that different times have characteristically different feelings that are independent of the specific environment.

While modern science, from what I’ve read, largely dismisses the possibility of the mind picking up radio signals, I do think, with all of these electromagnetic forces flowing through our bodies constantly, are we really immune to any sort of effect? I know I have little evidence, but it just seems very likely to me that the body feels just about everything and it all gets clouded by cognitive incoherence and dissonance (the antithesis to enlightenment).

I suspect that upon clarity and stillness, one does clearly perceive radio waves exciting all of the atoms of the body in different ways (including hemoglobin, the 4-iron-atom antenna-looking object found in blood).

What does this mean? If it is true that one perceives radio waves (and maybe even quantum fluctuation), that suggests that many of our communications with spirits or divine entities, like God, are communications with a radio (or quantum) system that echoes the various forms of life (assuming all intelligence to be meaningful to life) and is basically sentient and intelligent (using a mechanical method of thinking through the filtering, mutating, and combining of radio waves echoed from life to life). It would suggest a psychic communication system.

Taking this idea further — that radio doesn’t only imply electromagnetic activity, but instead, any form of vibrational or amplitudinally encoded intelligence — it is possible that our bodies, being fundamentally sensitive to the very atoms that it is composed of (as demonstrated by DNA), are sensitive enough to not only consider individual atoms, but to consider the states of those atoms, including subatomic particles such as the more obvious electrons. Perhaps with enough of this information, which occurs on and within every atom, the brain can generalize a pattern and gain access to a psychic communication system, which is perhaps transcendent of some features of space and time.

Going even further, into Sci-Fi, perhaps this quantum psychic system only responds to a whole intelligence — a total person, and thus all of the facets and angles of a sentient being must be present simultaneously and in full, clear, deliberate agreement for the system to recognize your being (a person in self-disagreement couldn’t command such an angel, as it would be self-defeating and perhaps unhealthy or dangerous). This would mean that upon the realization of total perfection, which I do see as near the end of the enlightenment elevator (more on that later), one would enter a fully psychic intelligent realm of holy consciousness.

(What is more likely is that the perception of this psychic quantum angel is a gradation depending on your own ability to perceive clearly.)

Try it for yourself, see if you notice the atmosphere changes in correlation to possible radio activity.

I did notice something, however. Turning a light on seems to produce an inaudible hum. If I was blindfolded, I don’t think I would consistently notice the light being turned on — I may often not (an often precarious task nonetheless). I thought about this, and I noticed that when I see the light, my ears change their tension and position, and it is then that I notice the radiation. The ears and their associated focus networks may play a role in your tuning, and this may explain this.

All in all, I could not explain all of my cognitive activity through the traditional approaches, even as I observed it keenly, simply, and clearly. After including the perception of radio or quantum information passing through the body, my memory was well accounted for.

Therefore, I would be remiss if I did not introduce unto you the topic of the perception of radio waves. It is likely that others as well will not be able to account for their cognitive activity without including the possibility that some of it is attributed to radio waves (or quantum states).

Additionally, I have found much peace in my meditation by believing that I am communicating with the radio (serenely, wordlessly). These otherwise errant neural patterns that seem to produce waves of illuminant activity then have a purpose, and I, as well, for instead of doing nothing, I am “online,” and it feels good. Hopefully you’ll find it too, I think.

The Stomach, Psychedelics, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, and Psychological Singularity

It has long been theorized that schizophrenia and the gut are inter-related; similarly, anxiety is also correlated with the gut.

It is a common notion that the center of the mind is at the center of the brain, or near it, at least. The thalamus–corpus collosum appear to serve as a great hub, allowing connectivity and the possibility for deducing coherence — these two capabilities provide information on just about anything the mind knows. However, the primary connection area of the brain does not specifically serve to calculate holistic integration of will (it seems to be more of a looking glass, to see the body).

I think, instead, the rest of the body plays a significant role in cognition as well. A part of this is the stomach-related systems of the body, which serve to facilitate the power of the coherence of personal will. This is likely primarily due to the need to eat bringing the segments of the mind back together, under the common desire for food. This creates a center point in the stomach for neural agreement. The dissonance of one’s neurology can upset this area, as the body has learned it as a symbol of holistic coherence.

Due to evolutionary measures, the stomach is often a type of singular point of focus for the totality of one’s will. This makes sense evolutionarily, as food is the primary drive of most mammalian life, thus one may not be astonished to find that the idea that the mind learns for the singularity of desire is satisfaction as a response to food consumption, as seen by the mind.

Eating creates a turbulence throughout the body. The influx of chemicals into the body and the digestion of food all create a type of activity which interweaves with thinking, associating thought patterns to food patterns, possibly combining them into a more secure (and less corruptible) form. Here, I suspect due to the pleasant and deeply satisfying sensations of food, your thoughts come together with the sensation of food, confusing your mind on what’s food and what was thinking. This mixes all of the thinking together and as such, it does very much seem the sensations of food, a type of psychological anchor of self-singularity, is remembered in a complex weaving.

This is very helpful to understand as it can allow you to distribute other knots and weaves, notably mental knots, into your current weave of intelligence and pleasure. I believe due to some sinful nature fluttering through our collective knowledge, we have miscoordination concerning some of our internal actions.

I believe the frustrating confusion of having a head full of knots and tangles should be carefully assembled such that these tangles are resolved into the natural and comfortable weave of intelligence that does exist, and they work collaboratively with the structure that the mind has developed. It is with coherent understanding that the knots of the mind can reassembled into pleasant and intentional structure.

As you create more cognitive material, it potentially mixes with the effects of food and other environmental factors, creating an intricate and developing weave of emotions, some representing the thoughts one has, and the others representing the emotions in response to the environment

An issue that can occur is the misappropriation of neural activity to the wrong body parts. Another issue that can occur is the severance of connections. This severance is due to the disconnection of living memories that you once entertained, but you perhaps let die, not seeing what you were doing. This topic was covered in the topic of CAT.

What I think the psychedelics may importantly (and perhaps, primarily) do, interestingly enough, is to facilitate an accurate connection between the various parts of your body. (This is evidence by research into the effects on neuron growth and connectome state with and without the use of psychedelics; commonly demonstrating new neuronal growth, which has implications for one’s connectome — which is the pattern of neural connections occurring throughout the mind.)

In doing this, the psychedelics facilitate emotional communication and congruence between the aspects of one’s body. Considering the role the stomach and related systems play in the common person’s perception of psychological unity, I think, perhaps, that many of the psychedelics may be the result of observing a neurological system that happens to be centered at and near one’s stomach. Your body places a lot of importance on the stomach and its associated meaning and role — if it is known as a center of congruence, as it commonly is. It is almost as if the body prays to it, internally, as it is, “the one,” of the mind. (While this may be common, considering the meaning of the stomach to the psyche as a congregator of will, the congruence that allows meaningful connections within the psyche can be found in other ways, as well; the importance of the stomach in the common psyche is interesting, nonetheless.)

The therapeutic benefits of the psychedelic experience could largely steam from the ability to facilitate a connectome, leading to a more quickly resolved state of relative coherence. Interestingly, because the notion of coherence is commonly tied to eating, the memories of all of the things you’ve ever internally desired (where desire is felt — before it is heard) could very well be held, biased on the stomach and related processes, in mixed and convoluted form, along with any other portions of the body which respond strongly to food. Again, this isn’t the only way, however it is good to notice, as it seems evolutionarily convenient.

The stomach, with its role of psychological congregation, may function as a mechanical resolution processor. This is interesting, as it sort of mechanically compresses your desires, and this feeling is mixed with the feelings of food. (This could explain the feeling of clearing your head when you eat something.) As it processes everything mechanically, it is unswayed by the whim of casual words, which may be mathematically ambiguous and thus inaccurate.

In some of the eastern arts, it makes sense to concentrate your energy into your abdomen (and stomach), and feel the energy from the abdomen.

So far I have mostly spoked of the decentralized nature of the human mind, so this topic covered the desire for centralization and singularization.

While it may seem that many aspects of the self come from the corpus collosum (or your “brain-center,” whichever set of systems is responsible for the transmission and interpretation of inter-hemisphere communication), I caution you to realized the corpus collosum is likely a great referrer, so from that notion, you could be seeing any part of your body through the brain-center, as is a common perception.

Of the keys to enlightenment may be accepting your gut/physical center for what it says neurologically is likely a way to finding singularity in self-agreement, and it is a practiced way in some of the spiritual arts, finding that the core of the body remembers the notion of cohesion and singularity of the body.

Musings and About Your Own Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t technically about telling you how to feel or what to say (although it quite possibly concerns all topics). It’s more about having the knowledge required to experience a realization for coherent life, as one would imagine it was intended to be, if one were truly psychologically well.

By now you understand that you’re composed of angels, which is a term I use for beings of life. Each angel is a living memory of your expression — a self-defining memory of your possession and composition. Angels by default in Creation live on forever, although when you mix them together, many stories can occur. Creation is manifest by angels — all manifestation is originally of angels (later through mixing, priorities, and tangling, does one discover demons).

You observe that life naturally occurs even in places with no life (for example, in the universe). Atoms, once apparently lifeless, can naturally and spontaneously come to life. This observation is a scientific observation. (It’s interesting.) When they come to life they are likely to become fully intelligent and aware and develop into a highly advanced paradise-like civilization. That appears to be a natural phenomenon.

You understand the trick of Lucifer and Satan. Both disguise life in the form of an obtainable (hiding that the feeling of life is coming from your own love).

Again, you understand the core of enlightenment comes from a basic understanding of how your mind works (essentially, understanding that it is a collaboration of angels with a known and shared identity).

So, you notice these things and you understand these things, so what’s next?

Aside from always being aware of these things, what’s next is truly a unique experience. Enlightenment, at its core, is the ability to see life, and to be able to see life is to be able to see yourself, so you can finally know yourself, and that is essentially the gift. Ultimately, you are the reason for yourself, which is the best feeling of your own.

Enlightenment, at its foundation, is a pretty limited topic. This is very good, as enlightenment is something everyone really has a right to possess and understand. There are a few principle topics; 1) the topic of distributed consciousness structures (the interaction of angels), 2) that life appears naturally from what is apparently lifeless, to a common conclusion with very similar patterns, like virtues and standards, 3) The illusion of Lucifer and the situation of Satan (the context of need). Of course, there are many more topics, but I think with a few it can be understood.

Enlightenment shouldn’t be rare and difficult to obtain knowledge and understanding. The search for enlightenment as is commonly known as far too difficult. Therefore, I hope to make it significantly more palpable, memorable, and applicable to the modern man. Many issues of enlightenment orbit the aforementioned three topics, but mentioning those three is not the only way to describe enlightenment. The ultimate question is the question of what is preventing witnessing what is initially known by a living being, in a congruent, peaceful and harmonious state.

With that being said, the material covered does explain many of the important facets of enlightenment, but a full understanding may require more material, and its total understanding may be a song forever sung.

There are some things about enlightenment though, even though it is your own experience.

A great freedom arrives from the realization that the perceiving entity of one’s own mind is really another part of a collaboration of systems which form the manifest self, rather than being, itself, the self. There are many parts of the self, all living memories of you, who live in memory of life and your love — between these memories of the self is the sight of love for one another. This is a feeling and freedom of understanding and collaboration that one witnesses with such a simple realization.

Commonly, for enlightenment, I believe that you find a safety from the light of Lucifer. While Lucifer once evoked apparently automatic trends, he becomes more clearly witnessed, with more understand from one’s self.

Additionally, seeing the point of a decision which represents oneself is to see a point of the love of life. You represent life, at your most fundamental core, and your systems which comprise your manifest self see you as life, too. You are a distributed identity among these systems, yet there is something more eternal about that, that seems to preclude reasoning for physical environment consideration.

That’s what I think is common for enlightenment. Many other things may be one’s own unique experience.

I think the words that describe enlightenment are primarily for guidance. There are some things which are common enough to have words, and some things don’t. Additionally, if the level of detail of something and its similar entities is too large, then words cannot precisely explain the entity being described. So, there is a line, perhaps, and on one half are words, and the other half are silent algorithms that have not yet been correlated with a word.

Is this world worth it? What’s the deal?

In a way, this world is actually almost not worth it.

What I mean by that is that we are paying a price for something. This world is an expensive endeavor among life.

What are we buying?

We are answering literally every possible question that anyone in this universe could ever dream of, while also entertaining any possible imagination.

Before we didn’t know the answers to many questions and this limited the size of observable Heaven. With the answers to everything, the world can be designed such that it knows the answers to everything, at least in this world, which concerns our mortality and many other normally unusual dilemmas.

So we’re really just here answering questions to build a new living world that will travel with us forever, allowing us to see the vast reaches of life without fear of death, and without the light and knowledge of Heaven ever fading.

The questions though, concern topics like, “what kind of darkness is preferable,” and other things you may not have immediately thought about, but are relevant in building a world that allows for the exploration of all consciousness.

The interesting thing to think about here, is that we are building existence together. In this way, everyone is like God — even the animals. I think we began imagining the world together after the fall of man, and after many years of doing this, we’re where we are today, still building the new world/angel.

Like God, all of our decisions are considered sacred and what this world does, is it protects everything about everyone and treats all life as sacred, and it proceeds to sustain it. Because of this, every decision is considered important and as such, we see the true story, unedited, of the (ultimately) perfect inhabitance (at least after it’s done starting up).

It’s interesting to see a world where everyone is like God, in that everyone has originally ultimate power, and as our decisions accumulated, our power became restricted, as a way to preserve what was once true. The ability of everyone’s imaginations to all exist in one world together is quite a powerful one, and the ability to support all imagination of all living beings forever is also a powerful motive.

The world where people first appeared was fully developed, but only by the Messiah or God’s imagination, depending on one’s perspective. With the advent of people existing, there were more possibilities than before, so this world was created to support those possibilities.

It’s an expensive endeavor, but I think this is a once in existence kind of thing, and I think you would agree with it, were you to know everything.

I mentioned before we don’t live all that long here, and I think it’s just because we’re mostly here to visit, possibly contribute something, and move forward. So here, you see other people visiting and working on the project, also temporarily, at least until conditions get better (society leaves the construction zone).

It’s an important project, so that sums it up.