Total Happiness and the Difficulty With “Happiness”

I mentioned previously the problem with society’s view on happiness vs sadness and other emotions. I’d like to explain this a bit more, and also, I would like to explain the concept of total happiness.

Off the bat, I say be careful about happiness. Lucifer instills a feeling similar to happiness unto you, but it may die later. There is a characteristic difference in these types of happiness.

Mentioned previously, happiness serves to support and promote activity determined to be good. It is a communication — a word — that signifies support between the subsystems of the body. Non-surprisingly, sadness does the opposite of this — it signifies to slow or cease an activity.

People are often taught that sadness is a “bad” feeling. The truth is, all feelings are important and should be considered thoughtfully and with wisdom, acceptance, awareness, intelligence, and compassion.

This, however, doesn’t mean that happiness isn’t a particularly good feeling. It’s just something that’s easily mistaken for a drug-like stimulus, crashing at every hastily-arrived cliff. The problem with happiness is that it masquerades as a feeling similar to true happiness. This becomes evident when the feeling can no longer be sustained and the person drops in spirit.

This is the importance of following an aware and knowledgeable path. Without it, happiness will always be a dead end.

You must find a way for your entire body — not just a portion — to be doing well and resultingly to be doing a good job. When a system is doing well, the other systems respond with happiness. This means they support the activity and would like it to continue.

When all of your systems are doing well (no crying or dying angels anymore — resolved by the both natural and realized inclination for the realization of the deepest form of care and love, as discussed before), then you can find a steady stream of happiness. Don’t get too distracted by this — you need to always be aware of all of your feelings — noticing happiness can sometimes distract the mind into separation. (Pure divinity — which is true, knowledgeable love, forms the foundation for the ability to take care of yourself, which results in eternal and sustained happiness.)

It’s not just when your have healed your entire system that you notice this happiness. Once you find the path of self-healing, you will feel this feeling of calm and resolute happiness glowing and growing as you progress. (Remember, this world is the process of curing death to come to life — we will be experts in such things is our non-distant eventuality — it would be unholy for an angel to practice dying, so to learn about death, we have been practicing a collective self-resurrection.)

Of high importance is the finding of the illuminated, understood, and known path. With this path, all guidance may become subconscious and mechanical (where words cannot lie), because it is the same lesson, indefinitely and forever. You simply carry the proper knowledge, and then, no longer will you swerve, jerk, and/or jostle your mind trying to find the answer that’s worth devotion. Once you have found the path, your soul can rest and you confidently make progress towards true self-realization.

We appear to be in an unusual circumstance in the history of Creation — becoming experts on death and resurrection — while also creating a fully tangible and real world.

Let us remember that by the default inclination of a divine intelligence, Creation, logically, would be a glorious and splendid place, and thus it is rather safe to assume that it typically is quite splendid and heavenly.

We are progressing back to the default inclination of the experience of life, but with much more knowledge and exploration having been done.

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