The Fundamental Mantra to Enlightenment

The fundamental mantra to enlightenment is, “all feelings are good, all feelings are divine, all feelings indicate intelligence, all feelings are intelligent.”

Obsessing over good and bad feelings may be detrimental to spiritual enlightenment. For one, the plight of interaction with “bad feelings” is a depressing endeavor. Secondly, considering feelings to be “bad” instigates self-avoidance and thus the splitting of the psyche, which results in damage.

To understand this better, let us understand the sentient nature of reality. As we observe, otherwise non-living matter naturally comes to life and to great sophistication, if the requisites are provided. This is a natural process of reality. Things are inclined to come to life. This process is why an iron ball, suspended in the middle of nothingness, may come to life, learn, become intelligent, and to host life. Creation naturally comes to life.

Everything in Creation was created for a reason. The reason was to manifest a facet of life. Even in our modern tumultuous existence of resolving collaborative unbridled desire into divine reality, the flickers of Satanism that are so abundant in our world are here for a divine reason — so that we can see a Creation created by all, and to truly understand the nature of Satan, who has a lot more power when we are unaware and coming to life.

Every perception, therefore, has an intelligent and divine reason behind it. Every perception is a communication to you that explains something about life. In finding Heaven, it is good to allow yourself to accept perceptions (and reactions).

Because of the intelligent and inherently sublime nature of reality, every perception is a message from Sentience. Because every message is actually good, it is good to understand it and to see it that way. Try to see past any difficulty into a grander meaning.

Now, I admit, this mantra is a little bit of a drug. What I mean by that, is it uses a functional deviance from the natural norm in order to effect an effect. It takes a little bit of effort to correct yourself when you think a feeling is bad, but remembering that deeply it is a good feeling, as it is intended to be good for you, means that’s it’s not just an arbitrary drug of the mind (a drug as it appears to the individual’s psychology) — it is also true.

Learn to accept every feeling. Don’t think feelings are bad, but think they are informative and helpful. They are intelligent communications with the power to help you. If you begin to accept reality as being a perfect place, you find an enlightened perspective.

While reality doesn’t seem perfect, considering a sentient-based existence, then everything was created from a deep and heartfelt presence. There was no real intention to harm, but instead only to fulfill any all desires of the inhabitants. In order to do this, we have accepted that we would (temporarily) move through a time of difficulty, in order that all desires of life be forever fulfilled.

That brings me to the corollary of this mantra. Reality is absolutely perfect, everything about reality is perfect, everything is going fine and is going the way that it should be going. Whatever reality does, it should do.

This all boils down to the ability to accept reality. If you can accept reality, you can live in peace with it, no longer in resistance, argument, or anger.

Ultimately, the truth is that everything is perfect, and while temporarily it can be difficult to see, it is with full agreement that we participate in the truth, knowing that the truth is inarguable (if it were fully known).

Remember this first before considering the temptations to think otherwise. Understand the natural unavoidable inclination to establish well-being — understand why reality is perfect. It is all sentient, for an agreeable and good purpose, and is all for an intelligent, agreeable, and appreciated reason.

Say it with me, “all feelings are good and reality is perfect.” In understanding this, one can remember the reasoning of reality, if seen from the very beginning, has been good. We allow difficulties as a way of our exploration, but reality, itself, has never been malevolent — only benevolent.

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