The Most Common Mistake of Spiritual Teachings

Technically, this topic has already been covered, but I thought I should mention it more specifically.

The most common mistake I’ve heard from spiritual teachings is the practice of admonishing “bad” feelings. This causes internal dissonance and separation. Imagine you were the system issuing an alert concerning potentially negative behavior and all the other system did was to ignore you, claiming things like, “fear is an illusion,” “I only accept happiness,” etc. You may feel like that system was quite hazardous, ignoring such vital and important information, causing division and separation internally — provoking anguish.

It is important to not teach yourself to ignore yourself. This is so vital and is so often not known today. Ignoring bad feelings, pretending they don’t exist, is a cheap trick that only results in harm. Accepting bad feelings as if they were words from a dear friend is the real way.

See these feelings as opportunity to learn and grow. See these feelings as opportunity to love and appreciate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fear, hate, pain, sadness, etc. These feelings are coming from friends, and they are of pure and loving intention.

There is one caveat I should mention. This is when unintentional and anomalous systems develop as a biproduct of the workings of intentional systems. Remember, it is ok and healthy to feel hate when you hate, but make sure you direct the hate accurately. Don’t hate yourself or an instance of real life, but maybe hate a difficult problem you have internally. In the case of the existence of an unintentional and anomalous yet active subsystem (perceivably an intruder into the mind), remember that what’s happening is the messages are becoming mixed and confused, causing distrust and animosity. Remember to direct your hate to the problem specifically, and that way you can avoid collateral damage to your loving angels.

There is another perspective of negotiating hazardous unintentional patterns of the psyche. Remember that the manifestation of the self is a collaboration of systems with different qualities, meanings, and specialties, and as thus, the hate you may feel from something problematic can be remedied by loving a solution. While you accept the hate, (by practicing listening to and awareness of the (emotional) messages you perceive, with love for the source and sender, and by possessing a desire to remedy any problems), the hate can be seen differently, due to a sense of love, indicated by 1) caring about the problem, and 2) willing to support one’s capabilities in a way that is able to solve the problem.

Understanding negative feelings, due to a desire to care, changes the contingencies of feelings like anger and hate, into a more intelligent and peaceful understanding. Evocative emotions as messages may be, in part, due to influences of Lucifer, which commonly happens when there is poverty of understanding and love, so by accepting the emotions with understanding that they are meaningful messages, one can better heal oneself and bring these messages into a more realistic view.

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