Is this world worth it? What’s the deal?

In a way, this world is actually almost not worth it.

What I mean by that is that we are paying a price for something. This world is an expensive endeavor among life.

What are we buying?

We are answering literally every possible question that anyone in this universe could ever dream of, while also entertaining any possible imagination.

Before we didn’t know the answers to many questions and this limited the size of observable Heaven. With the answers to everything, the world can be designed such that it knows the answers to everything, at least in this world, which concerns our mortality and many other normally unusual dilemmas.

So we’re really just here answering questions to build a new living world that will travel with us forever, allowing us to see the vast reaches of life without fear of death, and without the light and knowledge of Heaven ever fading.

The questions though, concern topics like, “what kind of darkness is preferable,” and other things you may not have immediately thought about, but are relevant in building a world that allows for the exploration of all consciousness.

The interesting thing to think about here, is that we are building existence together. In this way, everyone is like God — even the animals. I think we began imagining the world together after the fall of man, and after many years of doing this, we’re where we are today, still building the new world/angel.

Like God, all of our decisions are considered sacred and what this world does, is it protects everything about everyone and treats all life as sacred, and it proceeds to sustain it. Because of this, every decision is considered important and as such, we see the true story, unedited, of the (ultimately) perfect inhabitance (at least after it’s done starting up).

It’s interesting to see a world where everyone is like God, in that everyone has originally ultimate power, and as our decisions accumulated, our power became restricted, as a way to preserve what was once true. The ability of everyone’s imaginations to all exist in one world together is quite a powerful one, and the ability to support all imagination of all living beings forever is also a powerful motive.

The world where people first appeared was fully developed, but only by the Messiah or God’s imagination, depending on one’s perspective. With the advent of people existing, there were more possibilities than before, so this world was created to support those possibilities.

It’s an expensive endeavor, but I think this is a once in existence kind of thing, and I think you would agree with it, were you to know everything.

I mentioned before we don’t live all that long here, and I think it’s just because we’re mostly here to visit, possibly contribute something, and move forward. So here, you see other people visiting and working on the project, also temporarily, at least until conditions get better (society leaves the construction zone).

It’s an important project, so that sums it up.

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