The Benefit and Blessing of Automated Profiles, Solicitors, Deceivers, and Scammers, on Social Networks, and how These Entities Improve the Mind’s Immunity to Danger

There is a social trend to find a relatively small circle of often superficially similar people and to stick as close to them as possible. I understand this trend well, having once chosen to participate in it. I, through thoughtfulness and the use of logic, have found a fascinating perspective, which suggests that this social adherence policy is dangerous to the mind, and likely even dangerous to the immune system, as well.

The patterns of behavior that people sometimes vehemently find detestable, which are nothing but the opportunistic scammers and the clever deceivers, are ubiquitous throughout the world. By avoiding the perception of such beings, one is easily taken by surprise by the subtle yet identical patterns of behavior that exist quite commonly in almost everyone’s behavior. Society is facing many social issues, and a symptom of those issues is a more deceiving tactic of using the same methods the social network “fake profiles” or “bots” are using, but, instead of being obvious (and thus teaching the observer proper reaction techniques), they are completely unobvious. These tiny tricks that so many people in society have instinctively learned, even if the tricks are implored in the subtlety of a cunning voice, are very dangerous to the mind.

Therefore, being aware that it is a widely unknown idea, as many people fall prey to a lazy and cavalier collectivist approach, which consumes assumptions without checking the information beforehand, I think it is likely far healthier to allow the bots, scammers, and deceivers to appear in one’s news feed. One may want to maintain the cleanliness of one’s shows of allusions to self-identity, but, as far as what one’s mind is exposed to, it is very helpful that these wide-spread patterns of meanness and hatred are clear and obvious. In fact, when these patterns of deception and trickery are not concealed, the deceivers may be considered less hazardous than one’s own “friends group,” (as evil of a phrase that is, considering collectivism, depression, self-antagonism, and bitterness are all brothers of evil, and the cause of perhaps every war in history). This is because when the patterns of trickery are not so intensely concealed, the methods of deception are clear and open, and the appropriate response is much easier to learn to a level of keen intuition.

This observation, regarding the immunity and awareness of the mind, has multiple important facets, but one of these is similar to the difference between a concealed firearm and an open-carry firearm. It is well known that a concealed weapon is far more dangerous! Hidden in social grouping and isolation behavior is a festering hatred of one another and a collectivist resentment and control system that only damages the mind. The worse criminal syndication is the criminal syndication that appears to be a real friend, while deeply you know something is killing you. Therefore, and quite ironically, in this way, the scammers may be better for you than your assumed friends! If there is something ironic and awfully funny in the world, then it would be this specific observation.

I encourage people to allow their walls to be filled with all of the sorts of people in the world. Collectivism is a dangerous beast and is the cause of any violent conflict and every form of poverty. It is extremely dangerous because it is very easy to believe that collectivism actually encourages love and care for others. Obviously, from the arguments presented in earlier chapters, and what has been presented here, collectivism is mankind’s greatest enemy.

There is no more dangerous enemy than one who destroys your ability to discover your true self, and one who hides his gun while holding it to your back, and showing you a smile to your face. There is not a more dangerous enemy than the secret patterns of a collectivist.

Always be aware of this. I know this is where a lot of the depression in the world comes from. When the internet was first founded, the initial zeal and excitement was likely almost entirely founded on the idea that there was finally a world where collectivism didn’t matter anymore — there was a truly free world where the collectivists would stop their game of hidden stabs and jabs, and people could finally be accepted for the emotion and expression that the people truly wanted to emit.

Collectivism is shallow and is extremely mean. It is enough to drive a man or woman of truth insane; it is very proactive while assuming a sense of false innocence. Collectivism truly is the purest manifestation of evil. Common are phrases to remind people to be who the individuals, themselves, truly are, and to ignore the hatred. To ignore the hatred is to realize that collectivism is not really there for you. In fact, it is not necessarily any single person’s fault. It is the susceptibility to propaganda and how well it can hide, feigning to be “good,” “righteous,” and “friendly.” It encourages lying to one another in very mean and deceptive ways. Comparing a collectivist mob’s control over one another and its ubiquitous back-stabbing nature, very carefully concealed and hidden, to the nature of scammers or obvious deceivers, one will find that a collectivist, being a hive of people who have mutated into one another, at the careful learning, responding, and practicing of concealed threats, is like an actual disease, while scammers are just plain and obvious, and may even be fun to play with, and may be more similar to toxoplasmosis, a relatively harmless pathogen sometimes contracted from playing with cats, who are of the most adorable animals in the world. There is nothing worse than a virus that pretends to love you while forcing you into a culture of festering hate, sadness, and agony. A typical “bot” of Facebook is nothing but obvious. There is no real danger with them. In fact, by knowing the various personas in the world, by allowing oneself to be exposed to the actual world (instead of a fictionalized false-security system), one develops a mindfulness and awareness, as well as an immunity to slippery-slope thought-tricks. One should always practice kindness as well as awareness, and both of these qualities are qualities that are shunned by a collectivist (machine).

Therefore, a “friendly” collectivist that harbors its members and circle-stabs one another in a haze of concealed hatred and hazardous unawareness, is more dangerous than random bots on Facebook. There is a large fear of bots on Facebook and there is no reason for this. I suggest, if one is stuck in a form of crucifixion by a collectivist, then let the collectivism exhibit the disease as it would like, or even separate people into groups (if you have the time for such a tedious task), and go ahead and accept any friend request (knowing that one can freely remove or block anyone that the person wants to), and feel the freedom of seeing and experiencing the world. (If one participates in Facebook groups or the like, then one surely has many, many friend requests.) It is far healthier to find one’s true self than to slowly kill one’s own love of life for the sake of a proliferated falsehood, which may also be known as a proliferated adultery, and this latter saying may or may not be more or less familiar to the reader. (I hope one does connect these lessons with what one is already familiar.) As one develops awareness and remembers to stay kind, in contrast to the action of becoming a bigot and taking advantage of another’s lowly state, which is certainly a way to learn to harm one’s own happiness, one will become more immune and less affected by patterns of deception. Additionally, there is freedom if one can escape a collectivist mind-game. This is the game a collectivist secretly plays, where every member is to learn to destroy the mind of every other member, until the group is so removed from reality, if you were to see them from afar, you’d be aghast at how extremely differently the collectivist machine sees itself, when compared to how the world sees the collectivist machine.

This gross separation, out of a very paranoid fear of “bots” or “scammers” is insane and inane (and prevents one from finding others who are not bots and scammers, as well). I do advise, you, the reader, that you see what is going on in these situations. It is simply a paranoia mixed with a round-robin gluttonous punishment and pride system. (Excuse my possibly perverse language, but I think the phrase, “big face, big ass,” may save someone’s life one day. It is the sign of a collectivist, and I believe it to also be a serious sign of a pending violent eruption.)

Don’t fall for a collectivist control mechanism. In the end, all the collectivist (machine) becomes is a mutant shared-body being, having lost any sense of separating skin, whatsoever. It is disgusting and is considered statue-worship. This is the event where a group of people give their souls to an inanimate and dumb statue, so that no one is in control of themselves anymore, and all that guides the group is the erroneous winds of Satan. When the Muslims tore down the statues at Mecca, to eradicate the obscene and errant patterns of paganism, they likely eradicated the hateful patterns of collectivist cultures, which, from a societal perspective, are like yeast cultures bubbling up and releasing gases and possibly even alcohol (for who knows what real reason — perhaps it is a desperate need of sanitation in what has also been known and called a “prostitute” or a large group of people living “in bed,” or in a “cesspool,” with one another — it has been referred to as the Hydra, Cthulhu, Medusa, and the Kraken, and there are stories after stories about the horrors of collectivism, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the rather general political ideology of, “communism”).

Remember the beginning of the internet. The only reason people truly loved the place was because the people were finally free from the terrifying collectivist. Over time, “communism,” or, more accurately termed, “collectivism,” has taken over every social engagement in the world. Don’t support the continuing poverty of the mind and the trend toward global warfare and extinction, due to an aggressive form of covert and shallow interpersonal control trends. Facebook, itself, chooses, very wonderfully, your favorite posts to see on your wall. It is wonderful, and even if someone were to have only one hundred friends and ten thousand random bots and agents of deception, then the person would probably hardly even notice the ten thousand random bots. I do acknowledge that one’s “wall,” a display of their pinnacles of life, may need to be kept maintained, as should a nice lawn with large sculpted plants should be, and Facebook should consider that, and we should also consider the foibles of Facebook’s accidental entertainment of collectivism and the greater trend of the entrainment by a malicious collectivist spirit, such that the internet can be improved. To truly improve the internet is to understand why people truly love to interact with one another. To truly love begins with the perception of one’s true self — that is where one’s love arises. Collectivism destroys that and desperately seeks to fool others into thinking that the “big face, big ass” mentality is: 1) accurate, and is 2) helpful, while both are lies, and harm everyone involved. Of the greater points is that the collectivist spirit — the metaphorical losing of one’s skin — harms everyone involved, yet exhibits a dangerously powerful temptation to force one into bondage and confinement, and to fight oneself and to antagonize oneself. Jealousy exists for both sides of the mirror of society. Those who are keenly primp and aware of one’s image, always looking sideways out of their faces at the judgmental people that surround them are jealous of the crazy, half-naked, and extremely “funny” people, and this occurs vice versa, as well. Both sides of the mirror often wish that they were the other side (which is why moderation is considered healthy — it is of neither extreme, and often encourages thoughtfulness). Interestingly, if one were to assume the theory of portrayal as discussed in an earlier chapter, those two sides may actually be the same exact people, and the viewer is simply seeing the ego and the alter-ego — the display and the desire, as two distinct identities. (I have seen references to this type of idea before, although I cannot remember too specifically from where. It is, nonetheless, not a new idea that a prominence of ego and alter-ego may appear as two different people, antagonizing and hating one another, while also exhibiting jealousy of another.)

I should reiterate a greater benefit of allowing oneself to perceive the world as one intuitively feels, through the safe distance of a social network, as the tricks are then quite obvious. These tricks are fundamental to human nature. The tricks are used by all kinds of people, but the tricks are not always blatantly obvious. If one is used to knowing how to appropriately respond to the tricks, then one is logically far less likely to fall for similar methods of deception when engaged with people of greater levels of concealment and deception, and the immune system, itself, is less likely for fall for the tricks of viruses or the mistakes of dead or dissident cells.

Therefore, if one recognizes the collectivist and choses to respond in a way that is not simply to be a fool for a propagated face that hides a true agony, then one can stay safer and be happier in life. This is a lesson that our highly fallen (and awfully hateful) society should very well learn. It is clearly a shame that people are not more aware of the dangers of collectivism, how it can ruin a world, how it can ruin a society, how it can separate people, how it can force people to hide their true emotions, how it can choke people half-to-death, and how it can literally lead to events such as the Holocaust and even the entire extinction of the entire planet.

Considering how important this topic is to everyone’s happiness, health, and fate, I do consider it awfully saddening that society is avoidant of understanding this topic well. While the United States of America clearly has claimed to be afraid of the effects of “communism,” the people of the country are clearly being seriously the quintessential problem with communism, making America a lot less afraid of communism than the CIA would have you believe. While maybe the CIA understands collectivism (or maybe they don’t — maybe it was just one smart guy they decided to temporarily agree with), the world, as a whole, does not understand it. Additionally, if the CIA, as seems to be their motto, truly understood collectivism, which is why “communism” may be considered dangerous, then that organization, so famous for being the most afraid of the effects of “communism,” would clearly know that it is paramount and obvious, as well, for the people to be aware of such an enormous and quintessential threat to all that is important and nuclear to humanity. Obviously, the United States of America is deathly deep into statue-worship, idolatry, self-abandonment, self-antagonism, interpersonal deceit, throwing a lying face, and perpetuating a secret hate-filled social control structure that ends people’s happiness as empathetically as a medieval dungeon, which are all effects of collectivism. It is not only the United States of America, but the entire world. A large problem with the United States of America promoting a “big face, big ass” culture is that other countries look up to the United States of America and think that the face is real, and other countries begin to make the same mistakes. (Again, the same mistakes I believe the Minoan civilization made, which created a festering pressure of lava that one day erupted into the stratosphere.)

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