Welcome to my site, Enlightenment Explained. Enlightenment is a key interest to both individuals and to societies. This is because enlightenment suggests that there is a way for the mind the function that leads to satisfaction and comfort. Unfortunately, our collective understanding of enlightenment is fragmented and sometimes shaky. I spent many years trying to answer these questions, and eventually, I found that many of these questions can be answered, and also that it seems that many more can be answered as well.

These questions are the common questions one finds while they’re young and curious about the world. These all ultimately amount to the questions, “what is reality?” I think we seek to understand reality, in part, because understanding it would bring our minds comfort, and a sense of security and stability. There’s a common headache that exists with the confusion of what we’re navigating in, and it is in a lot of people’s interest to possess a real solution, in a way that is suitable for the modern way of understanding.

The work I have done, which I present in this site, does, as far as my experience, sufficiently cover enough about how the self, reality, and the experience actually work and why they exist, such that it does, to me, seem fairly clear and without any serious ambiguity. Hopefully the reader finds the same thing.

Ultimately enlightenment is the way out of suffering. In the modern world, we identify psychological suffering with labels such as: depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and mania. With a good understanding, which comes from an understanding of how one’s mind works, from a personal perspective, which can be observed if one knows what one is looking for, relief from these conditions can be found, even if these conditions are not considered clinical. That’s a part of its real-world benefit.

Additionally, enlightenment is the ability to understand reality in a logical and real fashion, without simply escaping the question with a statement of unknowability. There are only a finite number of answers to every question. By combining all of the questions together, I have found there is only one possible answer. This can be found logically, through the common ability to observe. This makes enlightenment very logical and truthful, which is wonderful for society. Having a common understanding of truth results in a great sense of knowability. Unfortunately, today’s religions have left people wanting more answers. Ultimately, the only religion is enlightenment, and I hope we can bring its understanding into the 21st century.

This is a bold statement, but I do believe that if you understand what is written in this site, then you will be able to see what enlightenment is, and you’ll find there’s actually no alternative answer or way. To actually see it allows it to prove itself, and I hope you can find what I have found.

Ultimately, I think if you can truly understand enlightenment, then you have found enlightenment.

I intend to present a very straightforward explanation of enlightenment. Little of this material is dedicated towards physical practices, like meditation, but instead towards providing the necessary information, realization, story, and knowledge, to see enlightenment very clearly. The goal is to bring the topic of enlightenment out of mystery and into clarity, so it can be spoken of, with concrete and mutually understood information. It is, essentially, formalizing wisdom.