Theory That the World is an Oyster and the Idea of a False Oyster

When seeking to understand reality, the environment and context in which one abides is important to consider. Already having an understanding of the theory that everyone lives individually on islands or even planets, it would also be wise to consider a world that was not personally intentionally created but perhaps through some kind of mutant activity — mutating truth to create a world of lies. This world would be exactly that — a mutated paradise, so mutated that it may resemble abhorrence in many ways (if the world was created to be mainly abhorrent, a world of abhorrence could possibly exist).

Trying to understand reality while living in a corrupted realm can be difficult. The apparent observations would prove to be misleading and possibly in a criminally beneficial way, as if one considers who was doing the lying to create a false reality filled with misleading perception (if one were to call misleading information perception, at all, as it’s technically blindness), then one would realize it was the criminally minded — the committed liars who have something to hide, and they need to hide it so seriously that removing the joy from the world is plenty okay in these felon’s books. (I use the word, “felon,” indicating one who has fallen — or more literally, “an evil one.”)

A good way to understand reality, if this theory is, indeed, accurate, would be to understand reality as being a collection of oysters, with each individual living in their own independent oyster. Each person is instantaneously linked in a one-to-many and many-to-one fashion, in a fashion that may remind one of quantum entanglement, although I suppose it’s a bit more specific than is mentioned in our modern science, which is still climbing its way out of infancy, at least regarding quantum physics. Each person is composed of a closed chi-loop, and is affected by the others who are in other oysters. The effects are then rendered in the surrounding environment. This, according to theories presented in this book, is typical of reality. The untypical portion would be to live in a confined oyster.

To imagine how such an oyster would form, we remember the patterns, tactics, and strategies of wiccans. Wiccans (specifically evil wiccans, acknowledging the idea of playing with reality) are those who use cognitive and verbal lies and tricks in order to manipulate people and the reality in which people live. In this place, the world is conceivably composed of a stack of entangled oysters (perhaps paralleling an older theory that the world is a turtle and even possibly a stack of turtles). People communicate to one another about the world, and each person renders it into their reality. If there are enough wiccan liars (who have transformed their brains into killing machines through the mechanical committal of sin — which transforms one’s cognitive being into thoughts which harm or destroy others), then the world would begin to become deceiving, in such a way that the murderers or the otherwise wicked and depraved would find advantage. A common strategy of a wiccan who wants not be to known (sometimes known as a “Nazi”) is to create a false reality, where everyone is an adulterated version of a person, who would allow the criminal to continue to act in misdeed. Through the proliferations of temptations to commit to a life of crime and lies, an entire regime could be born who would destroy the world with wiccan and attempt to enclose all of its inhabitants in an evil oyster, as to disrupt the functioning of society, such that the criminal find themselves free to continue to act out their heinous deeds of stupidity, corruption, and disgust. The naïve would allow the wiccan influence to influence their reality, further propagating the corruption of the environment, which would otherwise be a manifest paradise — which would be Heaven. The wiccans would attempt to lock the environment into what is traditionally known as a Hell, as they attempt to escape the truth, through the use of self-delusion and aggravated attacks that provide only themselves advantage yet are obviously evil, but through the use of adultery and the promotion of lust over knowledge, these naysayers (who object to Heaven, itself, and live a life of provoking animosity) are able to ignore that crimes, whether obvious or concealed are bad or wrong as they continue to act in the others’ disgust. Additionally, through the use of calculated lies that destroy others, they’re able to use the community communication and social protocol system to infect society and to instigate a hazardous tangle that reduces the chance that a world would ever rise from being in a fallen state — a state of Lucifer. Knowing that knowledge is both power over evil and a way to freedom, the world would not unlikely be like an antique — a display of what has been true before, but without the context and awareness that would generally surround a new or modern item. The wiccans would attempt to create a Hell that none could escape, and despite the stupidity of such behavior, the wiccans would think of nothing but hiding their own guilt to avoid acknowledging their lies and personal shame, such that even a pending extinction would be of no concern whatsoever, in the eyes of the committed and wickedly depraved.

With an invisible regime of liars attempting to escape their own personal resolution by destroying everyone else’s experience of actual reality (not an adulterated version of what is otherwise Heaven), how would one manage to find one’s way out of the fabricated oyster?

Let us first examine, a bit, how the oyster would function in such a scenario. Because a person is receiving the message of the world and parsing it into a portrayal, if the messages of the world are often corrupted, then a lot of the world would be anomalous, or even worse, invisible. One can conjure the greater emotions more easily than the more detailed emotions. Thus, the world would be more generic than a person would choose if the person were choosing a perfect representation of the world, from the perspective and being of a healthy mind. Obviously, there would be feelings of disease and poverty — both feelings that wiccans inspire, in addition to hate, unfair discrimination, policing debates, social anxiety (as the words spoken are not heard the same way or by the intended audience, in many cases), personal isolation, and warfare. A world that has been sanded down into a generic variant would not visibly possess the solutions to many problems, and knowing criminals hide personally relevant evidence, there is a chance that the more paramount of problems wouldn’t easily be visibly able to be solved (the phrase from the Rammstein song, “Morgenstern,” “Mensch is nur ein Augentier” — or man is only an eye-animal, or an animal of lust — highlights that man would find blindness regarding solving issues that stem from the effects of wiccans, who use cognitive corruption to make facets of reality invisible).

Therefore, living in an oyster, created by a hive of perverts who seek only to avoid the truth, much of the world would actually seem invisible. Thus, solving the problems of a wiccan hive (a beast), would prove to be illusive if one is guided by simply lust, which I define as the favoring of what is perceived over what is truly knowledge. Conversations could go bland, as could much of the world. In fact, new scientific achievements could even go missing, as the idea of scientific achievement represents an advancement in the understanding of truth, which the criminally and wickedly depraved run from, as a vampire runs from the light, and they run in a manner which cares absolutely minimally about any form of life, whatsoever. Similarly to vampires, using imitating other people’s personal signatures, the wicked suck up the proverbial blood of their victims only to imitate them in the world, bringing danger ever the closer, and promoting a cautious attitude towards society, which unfortunately brings about strange forms of isolation. (In the natural world, which is Heaven, one is simply nearer to those one is more familiar with and further from those who one is less familiar with. The alternative world, a manifest Hell, indeed, is more reminiscent to the allusions of the Kraken — a heavily controlled, walled, and filtered order, in order to reduce the effects of evil on the world, and ultimately overcome the evil and restore Heaven to the world. In fact, the idea of living after being consumed by a Kraken may resemble this idea being presented, of living in an oyster. Seeing the possibilities from Heaven makes what could happen very obvious, but from Hell, everything is chaotic and quite uncanny of a person’s real desire. While one would think Heaven would have known enough to avoid such an apocalyptic scenario, the current angel is largely pantheistic, although with resolution by God, so it can fall — it chooses that people truly understand why Heaven is the way it is and why it should not fall, while ultimately allowing it to remember the fall a bit and adding some buoyancy to Heaven, which it did not entertain before, at least regarding buoyancy to escape breakage or failure. The apocalyptic scenario that one would desire to avoid is one where if a certain evil pattern continues, existence would be wiped out in a permanent extinction, as hate, avoiding truth, and violence festers in response to the resounding wiccans, who seek to continuously make Heaven more difficult for the world to find, out of an evil, hateful, and careless covetousness of the mark of the beast — the mark of sin.)

Firstly, if one is to find themselves in what could be termed, “a Nazi oyster,” or, if one isn’t too afraid of misinterpreting historic allusions, “a Kraken,” the first thing one would need to realize is that much of the world is invisible, even though it should not be. Additionally, what is invisible is likely related to truth and ultimately to Heaven, since the wicked criminals (or “felons”) ultimately kill Heaven, as their number one attitude is the attitude of a killer. Therefore, one is born inside an evil oyster that is a combination of evil spears and jabs and forms of mitigation to stop or otherwise avoid the effects of the dark and wicked wiccan plague (this concept may also be fundamentally and importantly related to the dark ages — we know a lot of history contains much in the way of metaphor, due to certain biases as well as security concerns that regard living in a Lucifer).

Therefore, in such an oyster, the divine truth — the word of God — would be invisible. This entails that the advice one finds in life is mixed and nothing truly resembles God, except with perhaps the exception of the very infant, who haven’t quite met the collectivist adulterer quite yet. In this life, one must find ways of teaching truth. Ideas like the scientific method and the rigors of math help one become familiar with truth. Learning to write and communicate well — to read well and to have understanding — can be quite helpful for one seeking to understand truth, while so much of the truth is clearly inevident.

Obviously, the wind of the world would be headed straight for extinction. Therefore, it would be good to remind people to avoid evil and to be good. There are many ways to describing good behavior, and these are good to promote. Nonetheless, the wiccans are keen to what people know is good behavior, and through their mechanical brains that they programmed through the (full) committal of sin, which causes the brain to always emanate messages of hate, violence, torture, and various hideous behaviors, and the wiccans find new ways to be evil, and society has to keep up with what is good behavior. Of course, the wiccans would have the lesser problem be the louder problem while the main problem be off to the side — this is a natural tendency for a hive of minds in sin, which do any brute-force tactic to find an advantage, as the aware are knowing that they’re simply running from truth and causing harm in the process.

Since the general wind of society would be headed for extinction (if reality is an oyster or a Kraken), one would have to cautiously think independently and search out primary information, as well as to connect information for greater understanding and collective review. Additionally, since the world would be essentially falling down or in the process of toppling over, one would have to find a way to bring truth to the world, so the wiccan plague would finally end. However, because the world is stuck in an oyster, meditation work would be needed since communication may be hindered. Additionally, careful practice at speaking exceptionally well would be a benefit to overcoming such an evil land. A well-spoken word is more likely to make it to the intended recipient with no to minimal corruption than an easily spoken word.

Understanding that the world may very well be an oyster and can easily be portrayed as such can help the individual who is otherwise lost in a vampire’s dungeon in figuring out the mysterious place often called, “Hell,” and also known as, “Lucifer.”

What this implies is that the individual is the center of their own world, as is natural — every individual is the center of their own perspective. However, the map the individual is using is corrupt. The people who show up are not the people that one is familiar with, while otherwise they normally would be. Instead one gets bastardizations of the true word, which hinders the integrity and proper function of a world and a society. Additionally, destroying the truth — the true reality that is free from lies — damages the body, as well. The actions of the wiccan hive are widespread and sometimes the source is hard to see. Ultimately, it’s a collections of committed sinners — self-created felons — using tricks they learned from others to get away with misdeeds and all sorts of ill behavior, through carelessly destroying the reality that the otherwise non-harmful were attempting to enjoy and discover. By coercing naïve people into stupid activities, the wiccans destroy reality even more, by getting those who are simply unaware to inevitably participate in heinous acts of murder, torture, sabotage, stalking, human trafficking, and depravity. (Those who are unaware shouldn’t be unaware. Being aware of the invisible, which can be then felt as good or evil, is important in remaining good while much of what one does goes invisible to the eye. Certainly, one’s mind has the potential ability to realize what one has done and is doing; it is up to what the individual, who may be largely affected by demonic possession, chooses to do from the perspective of Heaven, rather than from a perspective that apparently sees a bit of misinformation regarding the truth of a desire, leading to unfulfillment and blunder.)

In this case, it is largely a personal journey. While there are many conversations to be had, if the environment is too heavily influenced by wiccan spells, then people may be hard to truly know, as the wiccans chaotically threaten people in order to filter speech such that one can not meet another, and even worse, due to a strange and bizarre murderous sexual perversion, many of the wiccans want their victim to perceive a replacement for the person the victim would know, if the person were to be accurately represented, so the wiccan can pretend to engage in a hate-filled “romantic” intercourse, which since it triggers alarms of rape, causes a violence, which the wiccans then promote and provoke since the wiccans run away from the truth, avoiding self-redemption or correction, thus escalating the violence infinitely, as the wiccan blindness leads to the most inane and stupid of resulting actions, on the side of the wiccans, who brute force a sustained guilt-addiction. (This may be the result of the end of Nazi regime after WWII was declared as ended, where the wiccans found a new way to anger the world, leading to the two quite famous nuclear detonations on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, after the wiccans created an instigated attack on the sanity of mankind.)

The world would be in a state of havoc. The mind could not be at peace, and there would likely be a war somewhere in the world. Of course, every knowable person who is outspoken about matters of behavior considers it beneficial to find a mind of peace and serenity. This is clearly different than the wiccans, who find a way to never cease their trouble-making. (The felons truly bear an obsession with hate and destruction — they attempt to remain invisible, so they aren’t known as much in society — their language is of the language of disease, a weird secret that they have gotten so far into that it’s unintelligible from the outside — this is also how they trap one in an oyster — by perverting the language being used to communicate to one another, leading one to have heavily filtered communications arriving from the outside.)

In a wiccan environment, like the oyster environment being discussed, a fundamental criminal strategy is often used. This is called, “the it.” It is the sign of a beastly obsession — a mark of mindlessness and demonic possession. What the shallow wiccans do not realize is that “the it” is just a sparkle. Heaven has infinite numbers of sparkles going further than the eye can see. Taking one single sparkle out of the infinite number of sparkles is, indeed, called covetousness. That’s like buying a buffet and eating one thousandth of a percent of a french-fry and then declaring oneself to be to most fed person on Earth. That’s the wiccan idolatry agenda, essentially. To make the world so extremely poor that one doesn’t even see Heaven anymore, just crumbles of cheap sodium chloride, which the wiccans use as their source of pride and sleazy exuberance (the zing of salt is enough to remind one of Heaven, although more in the style of the emotion of a thistle than a true experience; perhaps in the story of the fall of man, God may have also said something to the meaning of, “due to your desire to experience a manifest death, you will crawl the ground and be quenched primarily by salt” — maybe even “Morton’s Table Salt,” as I jest with a hint of humor at the word “Morton,” and how it applies to this understanding).

One of the ideas that keep wiccans in their wicked jackets of knives and diseases is the strange adherence to the mantra that if one grain of salt could be obtained, then the world would be in a manifest Paradise. As with all wiccan ideologies, this is obviously stupid. They believe that collecting grains of salt would place them infinitely high, when all they would truly accomplish is being truly “salty.” This reminds me of a time in history when sodium chloride was placed as the most splendid of spices and sold for a high price. These are tiny zings that remind one of Heaven. Clearly, in our history, there is little mention of Heaven, and it may be true that when Heaven fell to the state of Lucifer, history mutated as well to represent our current state.

What is missing from the oyster is awareness. What is also missing is an ability to communicate awareness. Religion would be of utmost importance in this case, as the habitat is a land of adultery — a fictionalized environment where evidence of crime is misplaced in strange labyrinth of an evil hive’s hate-powered imagination. Religion restores one’s psychic ability, allowing people to share awareness of Heaven and the Holy Truth, which would be required for escaping a wiccan trick and trap. However, a world that is so naïve as to actually fall for wiccan lies may not find religion, or may not find truth in religion (as some do not think, but only participate in hearsay — here it seems the religious word was mildly concealed in a envelope that could only be opened by sincere and truthful thought, in order to receive the Holy Blessing of found truth from Heaven — an entity that may be difficult to explain to someone who has no knowledge of Heaven and has forgotten the individual’s original knowledge of truth, which was present at birth). This would indeed be an even more hazardous situation, as when one loses the connection to the divine, they are dead on the communal psychic space. It is as if they’re keeping a secret from God, so then God and the communal psychic space respects this intention. Saving a sinner or one in sin is an interesting ordeal since they have to learn corrections to misinformation that was garnered. (Essentially, misinformation stems from a type of injury to one’s body — from Heaven, one’s composition and awareness is of no misinformation, only truth, but when one hides one’s mind in a secret, then certainly the truth is not heard any more. A lot of what wiccan does is it tries to put everyone in a world of inuendo. While this may seem fine perceptually, it actually is a horrible thing to do, as there is no guarantee that what is being said is what is being heard. Additionally, if society is in an inuendo, then society can be considered to be “in bed” with one another. Inuendo does not overtly mean anything, but is instead considered a fairly intimate secret or possibly an “inside joke,” and it does not represent communication of truth, per se, as one would communicate in a more formal manner, to members who aren’t a part of the marriage or knowers of the “inside joke.”)

Therefore, understanding the context of finding life to be within an oyster, one may find the way more understandable and lucid. This can help avoid the tricks and traps of living in a wiccan oyster (or perhaps a, “Kraken”). One must take care to avoid speaking aloud in inuendo — of course, if one is married or there is an inside joke, then there are exceptions — but it should be remembered that inuendo is never a way of communicating truth — it is, at most, simply a funny way to talk, and it is generally used in intimate contexts where one is married (although rapists and every sinner uses inuendo perpetually, since it makes them inaudible).

Thus, I have presented an understanding of a worldly context in which one perceivable lives in a wiccan oyster, and I have presented the various facets of this type of world. (Interestingly, I think the natural mitigation may tend towards being more of a conch in this type of world, as a conch is escapable, and we, for the most part, all remember hearing the sound of the ocean — the sea — in the sound of a conch — perhaps it was a allusion for escaping the grasp of Lucifer and eventually being truly born, in Heaven, healthy as one could ever be — as the wiccans seek to perpetually eliminate the possible of being fully born into a fully realized state, where one experiences the breadth of who the individual very truly is, from the eyes of God and the eyes of Heaven, where the truth is complete.)

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