Escaping the Fall and Returning Oneself to Heaven, Its Perception, and the Flow of Tao or Chi

The fall of man regards the angel of perception to be prone to error. This error would be to misperceive truth, which would lead to an increase in need and thus an increase in Satan. If a world is found to be living and ruled by Satan, then one would find the place fairly chaotic and the blissful sanity of Heaven strangely missing. Likely the word would resound of bringing the world to a place of wonder, a place of prosperity, safety, peace, and Heavenliness. Paradise would be highly encouraged, as well, as it would be what’s missing.

However, in this place, there would obviously be a lot of concealed deceit. People would find hearsay to be powerful, not thinking about its true and long-term effects. With hearsay comes wiccan thinking, which often involves strange and unexplained superstitions that one would naturally feel are a bit bothersome, but may ignore in favor of the advertisement of a type of power, even if the type of power is illegitimate, and even if its harms are not immediately noticed.

The message of Heaven would exist, certainly, as Heaven is the default being, and life, by nature, seeks Heaven, but if the world is in a Hellish turmoil and cannot find Heaven, then certainly there are a lot of deceived people and a lot of ongoing deception. The truth, which is what keeps Heaven together and stable, would be in pieces, in shambles, perhaps. The goal would be to gather evidence of truth and to assemble it such that knowledge of reality becomes, once again, coherent.

Many tools can be used to help, but one must always be cautious of the allure of a device. Since the world is psychically known, communally, the idea of a device, by looks alone, would be deceiving to the user of the device. Additionally, devices often use shared and known thought-organization protocols, and this may present interesting anomalies in the desire to restore true heavenly sanity to the world. Considering that a world that has strayed from Heaven is a world that does not perceive, at least correctly, understanding perception, itself, and the metacontext of the current existence would be quite useful in solving the dilemmas that the world would naturally be facing at the time.

In such a world, which could be quite a whirl of a place, the messages from Heaven would be mixed up and convolved such that they sound or are other perceived as if they were something else or such that bad advice slips through with good advice. That is, truth would be mixed in such a way as to promote falsehood, which is an attempt to thwart another’s mind from recognizing the truth, thus pushing one away from Heaven, which should be discouraged.

The intuition of right and wrong that a young child knows may be ritualistically corrupted as the child grows older, being indoctrinated into a windy beast. Of course, there would be more diligently truthful individuals and the less careful, as well. Considering that the world’s direction would have had a history of spiraling out of control, the majority trend of the society would be hazardous, of lies, and possibly lead to an extinction. The cautious individual must be careful not to simply follow a heard running, as lemmings may, towards the edge of a cliff only to jump off, but must, instead, independently try and deduce what is completely true, in order to attempt to put the knowledge of the world and the knowledge of Heaven back together, to restore the integrity and sanity of the mind, and to bring Heaven to the world, so the world may be free of the terrible beast and entire a world that is caring and satisfactory.

One finding themselves in this type of world would likely find themselves with a lot of questions. These questions are the individual’s mind’s search for restoring the individual’s sanity and security. Each of these questions is technically born of an injury that the world is facing, and successfully answering these questions cures the injuries of the world and of the self, as since the world is psychically made to be known, we all influence each other with good or bad enunciated thoughts (as opposed to personal thoughts, which one does not intend to broadcast).

To find true enlightenment, one must answer all of the questions that one’s mind has. To bring sanity to the world, one should pray to help others, as well as to present the material in a more common fashion to the world (knowing that a world that has strayed from Heaven has also strayed from psychic awareness and likely holds on to a communication and social protocol, a la the fabled Kraken).

A world in an adulterous haze does not technically know what one is saying to one another. Only the clear truth can be heard as the same meaning that was enunciated. Anything else may easily become mutated into another phrase, based on the patterns of committed falsehood that the society encourages.

Knowing that a fallen world has fallen for collectivism, or sin as one may call it, the entire mind is tensely connected in such a way that as one realizes the truth, the realizations echo in an interesting manner, hopefully to cure the world. If there is a mark of the beast in the world, then certainly there would be a difficult puzzle to solve regarding the idea of intentionally being always wrong and damaging. It would certainly be a means of obsession. In our modern world, cannabis could alleviate a lot of the obsessions, as cannabis, born from deviating from the specific truth, which becomes the point in a fallen world, effectively avoids any Luciferian obsession, and can quell the wickedly obsessed.

It should go without saying that a fallen world would use idols and mislead the idea of true success, as well as ignore important issues, and develop wiccan tactics like selective deafness, blindness, various logical fallacies, appeal to hearsay, and even appearing as a manipulative front. Obviously, what is brightest in a fallen world is not what is truly brightest. This is because a fallen world has obviously followed a pattern of deviating from Heaven and cannot be expected to be on its way back. There would still be the temptation for the society to remain broken. Again, obviously, evil deeds would be learned as providing a prideful advantage (pride as in during the deed, one ignores a portion of oneself in order to feel justified, while the other portion of the self is clearly frowning at such behavior). Many evils would be intertwined in the world and even made to seem good, such that a population who is not careful would fall for traps and tricks, and may even learn to follow suit in the pursuit of power.

The first angel, Gabriel, does not fall. However, with the second angel, Perception, or the flow of knowledge such that it can be perceived and navigated rather than simply known, is made of a type of energy commonly referred to as, “chi”. I would like to suggest there is both good chi and bad chi, or true chi and erroneous chi. In order to perceive, there must be a flow of communication. This flow of communication contains the knowledge of Heaven and the Divine, and is required for life to live in a perceived environment. It is required for the movement from one angel or facet of knowledge to another angel of knowledge. This allows knowledge to be subjectively explored. However, the stream of information is what is required for Heaven to be perceived. Thus, finding this stream of information and finding it clearly is required to return oneself to the full health of Heaven. The body, itself, can be understood to be composed of a closed loop of a string of chi. However, if the chi becomes corrupted or its flow is misguided, the body would lose the sight and experience of Heaven. The environment technically comes from the portrayal of the information received through an instantaneous transmission with other people and angels.

In finding enlightenment, one must find the feeling of cognitive coherence. If one is not cognitively or psychologically coherent in understanding, then the perception one is receiving would become corrupt by misinterpretation, leading to false perception and a need to find Heaven and clarity in this confusing world of phenomena that don’t make much sense from a humanitarian or ideological perspective.

Once one has resolved the feeling of cognitive coherence, then one begins to perceive the clear flow of perception from Heaven — the fountain of youth, or the river of life. This would be considered a pure and uncorrupted flow of chi, or life-energy (it is the truth that supports and sustains life).

Once finding this pure and uncorrupted flow of life-energy, one must, as one naturally would at this stage, continue on the same path that led to the initial observation of a river of truth. Ultimately, one realizes that there’s a windy drag to the society that may be pulling the individual’s psyche down. At this point, the individual begins to notice the evil beast, itself, using invisibly communicated trickery and terrorism to prevent the world from finding Heaven — a beast that only desires extinction, itself.

As far as the psychic understanding is concerned, imagining the perfect world is a good exercise to help people psychically repair the world and bring it closer to Heaven. As one imagines the perfect world, that imagination inspires the collective consciousness, on a psychic level (so long as one intends for that imagination to be presented to others), and helps the world move in a beneficial direction.

Nonetheless, if one continues on this path, one will eventually find a resolution and will find the sea of truth that is known as the Archangel Tao, also known as the Light, or the Way. One may have to teach the world to help alleviate the ignorance that is causing the downfall of society. There is no need to live away from Heaven; it is only due to a blunder that society had fallen — there was never a need to live away from Heaven, at least not in a puzzling death prison that is lied about in order to be made to seem to be a wonderous place. (While positivity is often helpful, it is because it reminds us of what is good and what we can follow to help us, but there are times when positivity may be exaggerated to the point of lying; in these cases, it is harmful, simply because there is a lie.)

I personally have followed this path, and it is fairly clear. I hope by reading this book, you, and I, myself, if I are to be born in a strange world, will find the way and understanding of enlightenment to be quite wonderfully clear, easy to discuss, and elaborate upon.

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