Carpe Diem and the Experiencing of All of One’s Own Emotions

Included in the context of modern life is a daily interaction with the feeling of day. In this feeling of day, we find the feelings of work, congratulation, and friendship. This is our interaction with the external world.

This is ultimately a type of relationship and involves a bit of a developing understanding. Without the feeling of day and the sun-filled life, the individual may miss the feeling of motivation.

A part of the feeling of motivation is the intrinsic reward of experiencing life. In this way, just as it is important to take care of one’s psyche, it is important to personally experience one’s psyche as well. It is possible to become removed from one’s emotions regarding the experience of life, and with this, the intrinsic reward of living becomes missed. Therefore, to truly seize the day, one should not only accept all of one’s emotions, but also actively experience and live those emotions.

Much of my discourse on enlightenment presented in this archive is focused on introspection and the curing of the ailments of the internal self. This topic is different, in that it is clearly focused on extrospection.

What’s interesting about this topic, is it seems to be the most obvious topic, with regard to the collective knowledge of society. Through the experience of daily life, we see displays of the exuberance of the sun and the joy and dance of extrospective life. Therefore, because of this, this topic is not much of a mystery.

The exterior world can be a bit wild, and certainly entertains Satan, who can be enjoyed without losing the integrity of the self. (Without Satan, we wouldn’t have the plays on desire that we feel in movies, stories, art, and music — and certainly, with irresponsible Satanism, we can lose the initial joy of life; this occurrence is the danger of Satan.)

What is not very obvious is that the key to truly experiencing the extrospective perspective of life is to truly feel what life feels like. These feelings are the foundation of personal motivation, and they are naturally intrinsic to a person. These feelings occur with every action the person does. With the active experiencing of life, and the active and purposeful experiencing of all of one’s emotions, then one becomes a part of the world, moved and inspired by it.

The extrospective world can be particularly enthralling. It is warm, courageous, bold, happy, and friendly. It can be a great gift. Since it does entertain Satan, it can also cause damage. With the understanding of truth, one can stay safe from Satan. With the total incorporation of one’s self, and the acceptance and active experience of one’s emotions, one can stay a bit more stable in the face of the tumultuous winds of Satan, which are exciting, bright, lovely, and brilliant. We should take care to remember that Satan is an effect on reality, so these lights that he displays to us have a deep connection to truth that may not always be evident. Again, one should exercise caution with regard to losing the fundamental understanding of truth and meaningfulness, as this is when Satan becomes meaningless, dangerous, and illusive.

As long as one can always stay true to what is truly true, then the whim of the context of need will not destroy the person — a lie will not be inflicted, but instead would be seen with accuracy and understanding, thus ultimately representing truth in the midst of tempting illusion.

Another facet of truly seizing the day is self-acceptance. Self-acceptance can be found through the understanding that whatever you do, you wanted to do, even if you changed your mind later. If one can see life as a continuously true series of actions, which can experience change and alteration in the future, then one can understand that they have always loved his or herself.