The Radio, Can We Perceive It? Does It Matter to Us Personally?

The presentation of this idea was quite miraculous to me. It is the idea of this world that exists of a iron ball thinking in radio waves, of a complex elaboration on a basic design, echoing through our reality in various ways, all facilitated by the theory of radio, and how these waves and intelligence propagate and interact. Perceivably from an angel, perhaps the fire itself, featuring high technology masked in an appreciation of simplicity. Many a time had I seen these presentations, explaining the iron ball.

Normally I had dismissed similar vibrational theories, thinking them too naïve to usefully explain reality. (Still, I think, just going higher, as is said to be the goal of the common vibrational theory, may be flawed.)

However, the angelic explanation answered quite a few questions, and naturally, the mystical nature of such an outerwordly presentation, with quality and the majesty of an expensive, ancient, and wise relic certainly inspired me.

Mystical experiences aside, I have been thinking seriously about this idea for a while. What I have noticed, is that over time, it seems to become more and more obvious. As I clear and still my mind, I start to notice these memories of magnetic waves fluttering through the isles of a store, and I see more clearly that they do not emanate from my own processes.

I observe the feeling of being high in the air, on a mountain. Then, the feeling of walking down a New York street. Then, the feeling of walking down a similar street in a different city. The feeling of closeness one may feel inside. I notice every environment feels different. Even thinking of the feeling of the environment over the years of the past, I notice that different times have characteristically different feelings that are independent of the specific environment.

While modern science, from what I’ve read, largely dismisses the possibility of the mind picking up radio signals, I do think, with all of these electromagnetic forces flowing through our bodies constantly, are we really immune to any sort of effect? I know I have little evidence, but it just seems very likely to me that the body feels just about everything and it all gets clouded by cognitive incoherence and dissonance (the antithesis to enlightenment).

I suspect that upon clarity and stillness, one does clearly perceive radio waves exciting all of the atoms of the body in different ways (including hemoglobin, the 4-iron-atom antenna-looking object found in blood).

What does this mean? If it is true that one perceives radio waves (and maybe even quantum fluctuation), that suggests that many of our communications with spirits or divine entities, like God, are communications with a radio (or quantum) system that echoes the various forms of life (assuming all intelligence to be meaningful to life) and is basically sentient and intelligent (using a mechanical method of thinking through the filtering, mutating, and combining of radio waves echoed from life to life). It would suggest a psychic communication system.

Taking this idea further — that radio doesn’t only imply electromagnetic activity, but instead, any form of vibrational or amplitudinally encoded intelligence — it is possible that our bodies, being fundamentally sensitive to the very atoms that it is composed of (as demonstrated by DNA), are sensitive enough to not only consider individual atoms, but to consider the states of those atoms, including subatomic particles such as the more obvious electrons. Perhaps with enough of this information, which occurs on and within every atom, the brain can generalize a pattern and gain access to a psychic communication system, which is perhaps transcendent of some features of space and time.

Going even further, into Sci-Fi, perhaps this quantum psychic system only responds to a whole intelligence — a total person, and thus all of the facets and angles of a sentient being must be present simultaneously and in full, clear, deliberate agreement for the system to recognize your being (a person in self-disagreement couldn’t command such an angel, as it would be self-defeating and perhaps unhealthy or dangerous). This would mean that upon the realization of total perfection, which I do see as near the end of the enlightenment elevator (more on that later), one would enter a fully psychic intelligent realm of holy consciousness.

(What is more likely is that the perception of this psychic quantum angel is a gradation depending on your own ability to perceive clearly.)

Try it for yourself, see if you notice the atmosphere changes in correlation to possible radio activity.

I did notice something, however. Turning a light on seems to produce an inaudible hum. If I was blindfolded, I don’t think I would consistently notice the light being turned on — I may often not (an often precarious task nonetheless). I thought about this, and I noticed that when I see the light, my ears change their tension and position, and it is then that I notice the radiation. The ears and their associated focus networks may play a role in your tuning, and this may explain this.

All in all, I could not explain all of my cognitive activity through the traditional approaches, even as I observed it keenly, simply, and clearly. After including the perception of radio or quantum information passing through the body, my memory was well accounted for.

Therefore, I would be remiss if I did not introduce unto you the topic of the perception of radio waves. It is likely that others as well will not be able to account for their cognitive activity without including the possibility that some of it is attributed to radio waves (or quantum states).

Additionally, I have found much peace in my meditation by believing that I am communicating with the radio (serenely, wordlessly). These otherwise errant neural patterns that seem to produce waves of illuminant activity then have a purpose, and I, as well, for instead of doing nothing, I am “online,” and it feels good. Hopefully you’ll find it too, I think.

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