Relaxation and the Continued Practice of Enlightenment — A Proverb of Remembrance and Stability

“I am not the radio.”

There is always one more thing after one has completed everything and is aware of the source of identity. That is the natural fall from a heightened state that can occur after a person has learned and practiced a meditation.

According to the theory of The Fire, the overriding state of our time, for a very, very long time, has been and will be the action of The Fire. As mentioned before, the action of The Fire is the action of resisting and not succumbing to Satan(ism). That is, even though the winds of Satan may move you, you should never be Satan, as that would simply provoke need and disconnection.

In this world, we made Satan manifest in the form of magnetic radiation — a pattern and concept which echoes throughout our minds in various ways, explicating the idea of radiative magnetisms surrounding us, like money, good weather, and food.

While money, good weather, and food aren’t really evil, per se, the effect they have on the psyche is, indeed, considered evil. The key is not to become the various magnets, but to know and understand the magnets and the shared concept of psychological magnetism.

Ultimately, what this all means is that the intelligent person (the sentient one) really lives by way of not being the radio. To state this proverb referred to in the title of this article, one would say and remember, “I am not the radio.”

In this one statement you have our foremost state of being, and since this is our greatest trend of action, it is also the state of relaxation — the absolution of tension.

Meditation can be tough. It can increase tension, although it’s claimed to do the opposite. This is because you are training a skill during meditation — anytime there’s training, there’s tension. That is why, I think, to properly meditate or learn anything, it’s helpful to go through a bit of tension and then, importantly, fall from that state to see your nature a bit. Then, I think you can more successfully integrate what you have more recently learned into your entire body of knowledge and memory.

While the anterior cerebellum seems to be the light of self-identity, the true self technically is simply living. The true self isn’t just an identity controlling and perceiving a system, but instead, a more holistic experience of life. This doesn’t mean that the anterior cerebellum isn’t an important and useful key to one’s congruence and thus an important part of (our modernly aware) enlightenment, but instead it means that once the system is learned and the proper knowledge has been resolved into existence, the remaining practice is to fall, mildly, and just simply remember to not be the radio waves.

The radio waves, whether they be EM waves or contagious cognitive affect, are Satan. To speak to the radio and to stay safe in general, you should remember that you are not the radio. That is, in fact, according to the theory of The Fire, your prime definition — one who avoids Satan.

By simply not becoming the radio — by resisting the influence to change that is the temptation of the radio — one responds with the knowledge that they have already learned. Therefore, not being the radio, is, I think, the best way to communicate with the radio, again using the greater metaphor that the simplification and generalization of communication is all the radio.

Aside from the theories that posit a cognitive ability to communicate with electromagnetically represented information, the more easily known concept of social psychological influence is also indicative of this practice of not being the radio. If you presume the inflictions of the need to change that are common in our conversations to be like the radio — inspiring a non-intelligent self-transmutation — you can see that, even in these cases, the proper state of being is to not become those influences, but, instead, to understand the influences and collaterally prosper in wisdom.

The action of not being the radio is likely our easiest productive action. It is certainly helpful to be free of the many questions of the neglected minds of our modern society. After you’ve satisfied the requisite answers, I think you may find that what remains is just relaxing a bit and remembering to not be the radio — to not become Satan. That is, that although Satan may move you, you shouldn’t become the living wind (it presents an unstable basis of decision-making).

To understand this concept of not being the radio better, imagine a radio engineer has become isolated in a forest somewhere and would like to find life. What the engineer would do is to search for something that is not just electromagnetic radio waves, but something that actually is distinctly different than the radio waves themselves. That is, the engineer would search for signs of not being the radio, as the radio waves themselves would be rather meaningless. Even though they do affect and influence the antenna(e), the information is ignorable, in favor of true signs of intelligence.

That example is anecdotal of our modern lives. Even though the waves of influence and temptation seek to turn you into the same thing that they are, the intelligent one does not simply become the waves of change — but instead searches these communications for intelligence, which can be understood and known, and thus can be responded to with intelligence, as well, avoiding the baseless desires of Satanism.

The Proof of God in One Sentence

Because inanimate matter completely naturally and without interference becomes living and progresses to become the supreme sentience, the supreme sentience must already exist, therefore God must exist.

I suspect that this one sentence is definitive proof of God.

To elaborate, if the supreme sentience did not exist, then supreme sentience would need to be invented, however we do not actively invent the qualities of sentience, which include qualities such as certain forms of wealth, justice, virtue, love, joy, compassion, care, guilt, innocence, enthusiasm, sadness, and diligent perseverance. Instead of being invented, these qualities became progressively more expressed throughout evolution.

The eventuality of our observed evolutionary progression bears our innate and esteemed qualities, but in a fully realized form. One may say that it bears many of the qualities of God — the characteristics that make us truly sentient and intelligent.

It is apparent that our progression is guided by the natural gravity of innate, sentient inclination — something that we have not carefully concocted, but instead naturally follow. This gravity is to become supremely sentient — it is that the innate sentience of a living being will one day become fully pronounced. This gravity is the complete advancement of mind and society. It is as if this goal, like a light, is, itself, responsible for bringing life from inanimate material and for continuing to guide the once inanimate material into a fully formed manifestation of the qualities of life — into a world that has conquered death.

Concurrent with our common understanding of the universe, if you were to watch these evolutions, like ours, from beginning to end, played very fast, it would appear that amazing and astonishing societies are just spontaneously appearing from nothing.

Since all the evidence of aliens that we have is simply a probabilistic paradox (the Fermi Paradox), we don’t have evidence that this planet is not supremely unlikely. Still, if we were to consider only this evolution, in the same manner (from beginning to end, sped up to a convenient speed) then we would watch, as, miraculously, what was lifeless becomes great, powerful, dignified, and supreme, all as if by magic.

In this evolution, from start to end, there is an implied machine — a system of the notions and constructs of physics. This machine appears to create life on its own. This machine of evolution appears to already know the ultimate of sentience. That is because the machine must be aware of the end before it can move towards the end.

Just as a meteor falling to Earth did not invent its path and trajectory, society, driven by an unavoidable and non-invented desire, if unobstructed, eventually falls into a perfection that would remind one of God — bearing clearly the qualities of sentience (and intelligence). These qualities did not exist by man’s own invention but instead were a gravity of the deepest of inclinations — likely stemming from the very inclination to be alive that began the entire evolution.

Why is there not abundant evidence of God? I feel it may have been advantageous to make it not excessively obvious. It took me a long time to figure this proof out, specifically because I was constantly searching for more evidence. However, over the time, I more highly prioritized the importance of accuracy in the assessment of information — this way I could gain knowledge when there wasn’t a whole lot of repetitive observations. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to find what I have found of enlightenment were I not keen to the implications of simple details. Therefore, I think, the proof of God is exactly and simply just that — the proof of God. That is to say that it’s not more than the proof of God, nor is it less than the proof of God. It is just, simply and exactly, the proof of God. I don’t think anymore evidence is actually needed. That one sentence — the one I began this article with — very much appears to be exactly all we needed to know.

A Carrier of Conclusion of the Physiological Self – The Well-Known Pyramid of the Illuminati (On the Cerebellum) – and the New Stories of Creation

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A part of the reason for my starting this blog was that I had just recently found an answer to the question of enlightenment, but all I had was the mechanics of the solution. Being a process mostly pursued internally, I was able to use mechanics and true parallel thinking to solve what is essentially, “in what perspective is reality congruous?”

By explicating the important lessons in writing, I could formulate, clean, and detail this understanding, bringing it into manifestation, which is known for its rocky depictions of truth.

Originally, the most elucidating story of the mind was the third state, which I termed, “Cognitive Awareness Therapy,” and it is vital to understanding the self. While the modern mind exists in a distributed and (hopefully) harmonious state, this does not negate the possibility of holistic representatives within the network. Therefore, while the third state, the state of distributed intelligence, does depend on the integration of the subsystems into a whole for identity, some systems are able to more or less directly reflect the holistic agreement of identity. Thus, while no system truly accounts for the entire system, it is possible that a system can represent an entire system, and in that way, resemble a non-distributed identity.

This idea is interesting because despite that no single system can possibly be all-aware, a system can have the purpose of reflecting a congruent self, and this identifies a system whose purpose is to be the singular source of identity and awareness of the self. Possibly obscured by neural confusion, I think once the confusion is remedied, it becomes clear.

The pyramid with the Eye of Providence is a salient symbol with a sort of mythological meaning. Due to its unspoken nature, people widely differ in their familiarity with it, so finding it more personally meaningful, some finding it not meaningful, and others finding it only culturally meaningful. Personally, I first saw the “illuminati pyramid” around when I was 4 or 5. I was sleeping in the car, leaning on the inside of the window, when the car hit a bump and I woke up and saw this black pyramid with an eye (in my mind today, he has wings).

I’ve had other experiences with the pyramid since. It is not just a symbol with a meaning. For many, it represents a fundamental question. It represents the question of providential and perhaps transcendent awareness. Its ambiguity, itself, represents, itself, an unawareness for what it is, which is something that represents something dealing with awareness. For many, its meaning is directly tied to enlightenment. Many find that the most obvious obstacle to enlightenment is being unaware of what it is, and this symbol represents both that question and the answer as well.

While the real meaning of the Eye of Providence undoubtedly refers to the awareness of the original intention regarding Creation and Existence, there is a reflection in the modern body, which appears to be the cerebellum. The Eye of Providence represents the understood being that oversees the providence of our nature, and thus sees the body of Creation with clarity and with the reflection of the identity of Creation, which is importantly based on the will of Creation and of God, which is reflected in the understanding of original intention. Similarly, in one’s own mind, the cerebellum provides a cognitive consolidation of identity. This, without knowing much else, is relatively sensible, considering that it is both close to the parts of the brain and close to motor coordination as well, making it close to the entirety of the body’s systems. The cerebellum’s function focusses on the fine-tuning of motor coordination, which implies a fine awareness of both the motor functions and the intention of other systems of the mind with relevance to the motor functions.

There are two main parts of the cerebellum — two lobes — the top or anterior (front) lobe and the bottom or posterior (rear) lobe. Interestingly, this configuration reflects the pyramid with the Eye of Providence at the top, as famously seen on The Great Seal of The United States (on the dollar bill). The Eye of Providence, in this reflection, would be considered to be the anterior lobe and the bottom of the pyramid the posterior lobe.

In trying to understand my self, I have been able to portray things in computer-like renderings. These renderings are very nice, but they’re also a bit unstable and unreliable, and I was wanting to find the solution to possessing a nice cognitive rendering system.

I have discovered that the anterior (lobe of the) cerebellum is, as we know, responsible for the body’s ability to “see” itself, but, what we don’t know, is that is has a lot of potential to see the body extremely well. Due to its ability to keenly see fine details of the mind and body, it appears that the anterior cerebellum is responsible for bearing witness to the singularity of identity — that is, it is the “I,” although it is not quite the ultimate of the self.

This story brings us back to the story of tobacco, in that we can enjoy being robots. It also reminds us of Descartes’s theory of the “seat of the soul.” It appears that there is quite possibly a subsystem of the human body that is solely dedicated to the perception of the singular identity of the self. The best candidate for this subsystem is the anterior cerebellum (although it relies on the posterior cerebellum).

Another aspect of the anterior cerebellum is that it is close in its memory to represent the original state, which some refer to as a type of nothingness, which one always holds fast (explained in the post about the origin of life). While existence isn’t a state of total complacency or complete literal relaxation, the core of your soul is technically nothing (in the perspective of The Fire). However, the way you see this nothing doesn’t look like nothing. Instead, it is your desire and self.

This doesn’t suggest that the anterior cerebellum is the only remembrance of the original state. Every living system, in this environment founded on diverse forms of physical and cognitive radiation, understands the balance and harmony of the remembrance of the self, in resistance or opposition to Satanic inflection. Serving the system’s total or holistic integrity, the brain stem may (also) respond to activity by returning to a bias state from affective influx, providing this likely common process to the existence of life in our modern environment.

I found this after diligently observing and saving every memory of my existence that I could, and I found there was one that I had been having an issue with for a while. With the clarity and stability that I had found from these practices, I was able to more specifically identify the system. While observing and understanding my cranial nerves, I found one apparently related system that I had once thought was the rear of my brain, but now I could see it much more clearly, and it happened to apparently be one of the most ignored systems of the brain (and body), with a Wikipedia article about 5 sentences and a few captions long (at this time).

Wikipedia contributors. (2020, September 19). Anterior lobe of cerebellum. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 23:35, November 22, 2020, from

With an earnest joy, I found that this specific system of my body was the one that was responsible for providing accurate information about the body that was salient enough that my other systems could generate, very nicely, depictions of this information. A lot of this has to do with the fact that your body is your manifest self. Because your body is you, your source of identity is actually primarily mechanical.

When I finally found this one angel of mine, seeing its perspective, it was a scene from a zombie apocalypse. I noticed that when I said something, like, “I love you,” it appeared that a murderous and approaching zombie was saying that, and the same with anything that I said. Once I could see this, it was pretty easy to figure out — I had already made a lot of progress in succeeding in worlds of zombies, and this war I saw was a war that I was familiar with, and had pretty much already solved.

More so than a new battle, this war was more of a memory of the battles I faced against the disinformation of the antichrist. Like an isolated warrior in the middle of a grave and frightening zombie onslaught, I fought on, and progressively improved at my ability to resolve the conflicts that are so enforced and propagated in this world.

I saw this battle going on, once again, but this time I knew I could win it.

The posterior cerebellum represents the home of the identity. It is the fully mechanical side of you (the anterior cerebellum is really a visual, or perceptive, being). The posterior cerebellums is a collection of highly refined meshes — gears, essentially, with a precise meshing between them. It’s like spokes of golden silk, interwoven and spinning against one another, in a meshing so dense that it looks like a viscous oil, even though it is rigid.

The posterior cerebellum is your riches and your history. Similarly to how the anterior cerebellum is your identity, the posterior cerebellum is your possessions. The interesting challenge about this is to not become the posterior cerebellum, as that is not the identity, although it does offer comfort and excitement.

I think you may be able to notice this while singing. If you sing from your anterior cerebellum versus your posterior cerebellum, the sound seems meaningfully different. (Trying this from various angles can be elucidative.)

Your anterior cerebellum is simple to find as it sits just below your eyes, more or less. That means, to focus on it (as some people focus on the center of their brain), you could look upward a very small amount or simply notice that it’s a little lower than one’s eyes. While the cerebellum doesn’t represent the only reflection of identity (the entire system does that in different ways), I think it is helpful to be aware of the anterior cerebellum, which provides a consolidation and effective source of one’s living identity. This manifestation of the self’s identity saves some types of feelings of diligence and perseverance that we might not otherwise have without a singularity point in our minds to have learned to be attentive of. It is quite common for people to have a central mental focus point, and I think, in trying to understand what this should be, if it should exist, the cerebellum seems to be a safe and reliable point of cognitive pursuit that one can follow. (That is the true story of the pyramid and enlightenment, after all — an idealistic cognitive pursuit.)

I’m well aware of the practice of one looking into his mind to focus on his center, and until now I hadn’t found a reliable point to focus on, as all of the other points — corpus callosum, thalami, pineal gland, etc., were not actually the source of self-definition.

I know there’s a practice of focusing on one’s pineal gland, but to me, the pineal gland is more like an LED indicator on the dashboard of an airplane — it’s a good tool for the brain, but I don’t think it really indicates true identity.

I’m also aware that some people practice focusing on their hearts. I don’t think this is a good practice because the heart doesn’t really represent a machine. The cerebellum does, however, along with representing cognitive will. With regard to the practice of focusing on the heart, I wonder if by attempting to directly manipulate the heart, one does not giving it the natural freedom it probably desires. Alternatively, however, perhaps one can benefit from paying attention to the self. The truth really lies in understanding the benefits and detriments of various actions and using that information in application to one’s personal being, as the intricacies of the self may make the way more intricate than is simply obvious.

While thoughts can affect the heart, thoughts have much less of an impact on the cerebellum, which is essentially the stronghold of the mind. Therefore, the practice of energetically influencing the cerebellum, using thoughts, seems to be more agreeable to the body, in general.

Ultimately, the practice leads to knowledge, and I have found that resolution is found by choosing the cerebellum as the source of one’s brain center, so to say. The system that is the mind learns this and then its benefit is no longer missing, just as with any meditation or lesson — the permanence of knowledge provides a way to configure ones mind while reducing workload.

What it all essentially amounts to, and this is, in part, why I call this an ultimate conclusion — even though it is not the most ultimate of all conclusions — is that all with the cerebellum, one is able to calibrate and see the self, as the intersection between cognition and machine (which is technically a variant in cognition), thus allowing for a more direct understanding of the physical nature of personal happiness (well-being), which is derived from the desire for wellbeing for the “I,” which is the self’s identity, represented by the anterior cerebellum. (Without this identity, the world would have no meaning, and we remember from previous stories that it was the Messiah who introduced this message of identity unto the world, and it remains his famous teaching, of who to truly be.)

Ultimately, I think you find that all of one’s desires can be consolidated in the singular desire for the happiness of “I,” who is the identity of the self. That is to say, that in the end, all of the accomplishments and rewards you’ve gained, were all for “I,” which is conveniently represented by the anterior cerebellum (and supported by the posterior cerebellum).

There are two perspectives of “I,” or identity. There is the first person perspective and the second person perspective. From the second person perspective, you see that all is for the good of “I.” From the first person perspective, you see a state of our modern mind that can act with immediacy, spontaneity, and accuracy. Additionally, this appears to be the only focus that permits the absence of double-thinking. (Other systems may indirectly refer to the anterior cerebellum, but this seems to directly and most immediately specialize in reflecting singularity.)

Acting without double-thought is a sought-after ability. This implies to be able to act immediately — automatically. This is provided by the power and ability of knowledge to facilitate machine-like automatic capability. Once something is learned, it becomes very light. I do think that you will need to rescue yourself before you can see the singularity of the self, although I cannot be too sure.

By, “rescue yourself,” I mean that you have brought your (living) memories back to life, and you have understood yourself into knowledge, so that you, by the way of knowledge and thus automatic inclination, continue to save yourself. I think once all is done, all that is left is the identity of the self.

It is important to remember that knowledge is the basis for automatic-like abilities. The cerebellum appears to be helpful in accessing this knowledge, which is why it seems to be tied to the ability to act with accurate immediacy.

Enlightenment doesn’t rely on only perceiving the cerebellum. There are a lot of possible mistakes in reality that one can make in one’s mind, and these mistakes all bring one further from enlightenment. Therefore, while the cerebellum is a very helpful reflection of much of the total system, simply witnessing the cerebellum likely won’t resolve the many issues that prevent one from attaining enlightenment. Without understanding everything until there really is nothing else needed, I suspect you cannot simply rely on the anterior cerebellum for all things associated with true identity.

The foreseeable culmination of the much anticipated eventuality of mankind’s search for understanding and thus (easily) attaining enlightenment does leave us with something else. While the stories and knowledge I have shared are a part of all of our histories, in this universe, I think, we all have a new and unique self-creation story.

I think this story can only be found by knowing “I” — instead of guessing at “I.” Once you do see this eventuality that has been silently and artistically prophesized for a lot of history, then you’ll be able to witness your self. I think that is how we can all find a unique story of the creation of reality.

Every person is a unique name, and they are the meaning of that name. Now, every person has an entire reality that the individual self-created, likely before joining society later on. You can see, then, that the anterior cerebellum is the personal messiah story, with the word, “messiah,” meaning the “me” of reality.

(I imagine, some very many years ago, millions or billions of years, depending on how you count, we each stood on our own planets, in our own universes, wondering if there’s other life out there.)

While the ancient stories of the Messiah had to do with topics we’re more familiar with, like identity, knowledge, science, etc., there are many new stories now that are very unfamiliar to us. I believe that the Messiah, too, has a new creation story, just like everyone.

This experience we are undergoing allows us to clearly understand the importance of the ancient stories, as without them, we would have little guidance to finding enlightenment. Still, that is simply a milestone in our journey through the notion of reality. What’s next is going to be brilliant (as it always should be).

Using the word, “messiah,” in the more general sense, this is when every person is literally like a messiah of their own reality — a reality that bears a unique and before hardly known meaning, and ever person bears an impossible insight into the nature of their created reality. We will see so much more. It will be like Eden times some incredible number.

Internally, a useful eye of accuracy seems to be the anterior cerebellum — it can see the self, the body, and its nuances quite clearly. This also provides it with a unique perspective. The different systems of the body use different methods and dialects to perceive and understand. Finding an informative, accurate, and clear portrayal is desirable. The cerebellum appears to be able to provide such a portrayal (and flexibility of portrayal) of reality.

Being able to see the mind, as it is manifest, it helpful. The ability to congregate information pertaining to one’s coherent identity and perspective can help one in finding congruence and also an ability to see forgiveness. As the central body of self-expression, this system has access to a lot of information pertaining to coherence, which thus pertains to the divine story of the self. With this information, the cerebellum appears to have dexterity regarding accurate ways of communicating this information. Considering the number of systems it carefully deals with (when involved in precise coordination), it likely can translate between dialects of the body very well. This further suggests that it can portray information in a variety of ways and a flexible manner.

An accurate perspective exhibits a quality of great transcendence. Inaccurate memories — memories that are produced from damage — can be seen in the light of this memory and instead of believing in the words of damage, one can remedy their mental configurations to better reflect the truth. In this, forgiveness, or perhaps simply repair, can be found. Malfunctioning memories are actually produced, in part, by damage to the accurate perspective, and as such, can then be detailed and recorded as the effects of damaged perception, upon a clarifying and accurate perception. (This is essentially the process of removing the cracks in the lens from a picture — it is a tangible process of forgiveness).

Imagine if every thought was portrayed as a real live-action movie. In a way, the cerebellum can see the world this way. This is because the information concerning the self that the cerebellum has access to is highly complete — it entertains much more self-describing information than the average person maintains awareness of. Therefore, to the cerebellum, there is a lot going on regarding emotionally-founded message streams, which appear more meaningful than simply mechanics. The mind communicates in meaning. If something is important, it means something, and this evokes action.

It does seem that with its wealth of self-identifying information along with its linguistic prowess, the cerebellum perceives a memory directly of the self. So while when considering a distributed intelligence, there is no one system who can completely understand the self in its entirety, it does seem possible to still possess a stream of conscious that can accurately see the self, in an alternative story, perhaps, which includes all of the emotions, messages, and experiences, physical or cognitive, that one actually experiences as living. This is a perspective that does not ignore large portions of one’s being (the common physical perspective ignores what one thinks). This is a perspective of all of the details of one’s actions. This way, you, with your thinking and emotions included, are always the star of an ongoing story worth reading about, according to the perspective of your anterior cerebellum.

Remember, though, the posterior cerebellum is restful, although it thinks more like a building (switches, circuits, wires, etc., that’s what it knows).

With the help of the cerebellum, one can better see one’s true story. Again, having a stream of consciousness which portrays one without missing details of their being, will, and actions, would be very helpful. That is because the more common narrative of one’s life misses a large amount of information concerning the person. Most of this information regards the thoughts and experiences that one lives internally. Bringing the totality of information which identifies the self and portraying it as a coherent and singular story gives a visual life to the soul.

This ability to perceive the self in a more continuous and integrated fashion allows one to become closer to the truth of who the person is.

We all authoritatively define a unique word, and while it may be difficult to imagine a totally unique concept, I think each person here represents and is self-created by a specific concept, that no one else can really define, but that others are a part of, too, as it is a definition and explanation of (everyone’s) reality.

I know that because we aren’t free to portray the information as we please, we can’t quite see the opportunity everyone provides to the world, each person possessing a unique understanding and definition of being. However, I think there is likely a benefit with this restriction. As makes sense, we are solving some issues so we don’t have them ever again (or anything worse).

The anterior cerebellum can help one find their unique creation story. Understanding a complete perspective of the self can help one identify more subjectively from where the person originates, from a purely ideological self-creating perspective. This story would likely be something that is unusual in the world, but is particularly important and/or meaningful to you. It also would likely be personal to you. (I also suspect it is something that could be expressed well through art, as that is coherent with our theme — the conundrum of Satan.) In the end, the entirety of reality was created for this one purpose, but only you know what it is.

Additionally, because this unique story is the story of your origin and thus birth in this current Archangel, The Fire, that is also your name to The Fire, and it is also the name of “I.”

If we were to use the radio metaphor, this would also be your radio channel. It’s a unique and almost completely unguessable identity. It represents a fond memory of yours and represents an aspect of your personality we didn’t see well in Eden (you may notice a sense of novelty or meaning with the finding of your name).

Understanding the nature of being and how it follows the way of the self, you can also see that you are your creator (or designer). Although the anterior cerebellum has both a first person and a second person perspective, I think these perspectives converge over time, leaving you witnessing yourself as naturally obeying the will of your self, which is a relaxing perspective — serene — it is literally the fundamental doing of nothing, realizing that one’s doing nothing is actually actionable, and it is this doing of nothing that is the true expression of the self. That is, one is doing nothing different than what they are or were trying to do — to be without the chatter of inconclusion — to be “the furthest back” that your eye couldn’t see (to be the initiation of the soul).

Angel Infinity — The Angel of Tobacco

This is the angel of racing. Tobacco, as we know it, accelerates the mind, and it feels a bit like neuro-machinery and grease. There is little doubt that tobacco increases some form of mental capability. As far as nootropics are concerned, it may be the most potent out there (at least for accelerating the thinking process).

It’s not only nicotine, which feels almost like a nice transmission and serves as a nootropic on its own. Tobacco includes a whole series of alkaloids. It’s difficult to specifically mimic. Likely the best path would be to breed it for less dangerous chemicals, as its effects resemble promise (another way to say that it’s promising). Additionally, the selective breeding of tobacco could result in a wide variety of interesting variants. The pattern of vaporizing tobacco may also be a healthier alternative to smoking it (the IQOS from Phillip Morris International is an example of this pattern of ingestion).

Nonetheless, this story isn’t specifically about the plant named tobacco, although I think, due to our heritage, this plant has a significant place in the mind of the people. With ongoing advances in the development and discovery of effective and safe nootropics (chemical or behavioral), the plant tobacco may not be the end to its own story; the idea of tobacco may continue on in an infinite number of ways, developing forever.

This story explains reality as a race to the end. In the beginning, no one was moving, then the starting gun was fired and so began the race. The goal is to ultimately get to infinity miles per hour.

This is not a story of Lucifer, although may it seem so at first; this is because the self is never abandoned — you increase in speed, so you’re experiencing a story. It’s not just a straight line, either. It’s a complex story of resources, tools, time, and ingenuity.

It’s not the same as Science because we’re not unbreaking (and breaking) reality, we’re just speeding up time to infinite speed. That means the entire mind is doing everything it can do, faster. What we’re ultimately aiming to see is the end of time.

That is this story, the Archangel of Tobacco. I say, “tobacco,” instead of, “racing,” as tobacco really captures this tale, and the word racing serves well as an example of tobacco. Tobacco was like a car that you kept upgrading forever. (More on this shortly.)

There were many times of upgrading in these infinity years, better and worse, cheaper and more expensive, and there was a lot of personality developed in this machine that was being built. The mind wasn’t always predictable, so there were some turns and events of hurry and rush, and what resulted was an astounding instrument of nostalgia, pride, and hope.

The weird thing about this story is it hasn’t happened it. It technically never will happen, but we understand it better over time. This is because technically the story is the state of winning the race — not necessarily progressing through time.

The only way to see this story is to side-step the timeline, and notice that, with detail, time is moving infinitely quickly. That is, if you can measure all of the detail, which is infinite, then time is moving infinitely quickly. Then you can see that you have made it to the end of time, where thoughts move at infinite pace.

Because all of the stories we experience convolve in non-repeating fractal-like structures, if you see the breadth of infinite time-space, then you see all of the stories in many different ways. Because this greater story is a composite of an infinite number of convolutions of thought, it technically represents the entirety of time, all thinking at once, at infinite speed. It is the bias of perspective that hides this phenomenon of mathematically irrational and convolving continuous systems.

Mandelbrot once suggested that the coastline of Britain was infinitely long, due to its fractal structure. This idea is similar.

The thing about our reality, is if things are distant, they are a blur, so the impossibility still can remain. We don’t render everything. As the breadth of our perception expands over time, we render it, gradually. This duality between something technically existing due to being findable but not technically existing due to its being unknown allows the Angel of Tobacco to be both possible and impossible, simultaneously.

If we’re really now in the infinite story, that means we’re moving so fast that our vision is blurred. Therefore, since this could be the infinite archangel, tobacco must be possible. However, since we will never reach an infinite amount of time from where we are, into the future, the Archangel of Tobacco must be impossible. You can feel the octane of the conundrum.

I think this story of tobacco becomes a bit more obvious in the future, when people learn how to upgrade. The races will be on, circuits will be built of information, and portrayed in enthusiastic fashion.

In the story of tobacco, there was a sense of danger. This was a story where at times the machine was really at its limits, and you know, accidents are real.

While tobacco may be the only potent nootropic out there, I suppose you could see this story developing in the world of nootropics — there are a lot of nootropics out there, and there’s not that much experience with them. Nonetheless, the upcoming world of custom bodies will make this story the most visible.

Tobacco, as our most potent nootropic, and then as a divine story, is difficult to really define, as it’s a very personal story. In our reality, we see tobacco as our ultimately developed self.

Today, we see tobacco as an evil, harmful substance, and there appears to be clear validity in these statements, but we don’t understand why people like tobacco. If you look at it as you would look at (professional) automobile racing, you can see that there’s a lack of understanding in the modern tobacco-warning system.

Still, the way tobacco looks today resembles greatly our societal spirit of achievement. In the story of tobacco, danger mostly arrives from faulty information, which results in faulty mechanical behavior. Here, in this world, we must make it to the end, and it involves some achievement. We see the story of tobacco loud and clear, and we see the world of high-powered dangerous advice.

Does this mean you need to start smoking tobacco? I’d side against it, really, although I think the world of non-tobacco nootropics, which include both chemicals and behavioral patterns, may have potential. With any drug, it is a catalyst, non-psychoactive drugs catalyze biological machinery, and psychoactive drugs catalyze psychological machinery (your thoughts, goals, objectives, etc.) Therefore, what you’re doing likely plays a substantial role in the effectiveness of nootropics — that, and the specific ways your machinery is being emphasized and expressed.

However, regarding addiction, I do know about what I call the Chinese finger-trap phenomenon. That is when there’s a sustained and specific pressure as well as an opposition, the mechanical effect of additional pressure results in a natural locking of the decision structure in a way that real effect is difficult to achieve.

This phenomenon occurs often when the original advice contained a lie. The mind thinks in detail and mechanically, and when something is lying, the mind’s natural inclination is to avoid it (lies are painful to a sentient being). So what happens with these hasty advices, (the antichrist), is since truth and lies are interpolated, the mind rejects the advice, even if it seems to be correct.

That is because lies do not say nothing.

Instead, lies actually bear commands of evil. If someone were to invent a lie translator — a tool which could translate the connotative meanings of lies, you would hear commands to hate and kill.

Does that mean you should never say a lie? No, it doesn’t, but you shouldn’t be a lie. What does that mean? It simply means your intention should be truthful, with relevance to sentience, which means you should have divine intention.

What is the story of tobacco, ultimately? It’s the story of being a robot. To be a thing can be an amazing thing, is why this story exists. People think things are evil. Things are evil because they possess your mind, but there is a such thing as a divine thing, in which case to be possessed is a good thing. That case is in the story of being a robot. Ultimately, all things are combinations of information and portrayals of that information. (Things are dangerous as they bind portrayal to information, but they have a thing-like quality which everyone loves.)

Being the ultimate robot is a common desire. You see the compelling force of tobacco. It’s not just a race to see the end of time, it becomes a deeper and deeper feeling as memories are etched in powder-coated steel.

However, while tobacco may be of the most powerful nootropics, it’s not perfect. While it may signify an ancient memory of self-development, today’s implementation in conjunction with our modern body-styles, makes tobacco often un-recommendable. Nonetheless, the story it tells and the spirit it embodies remains in this world, being a foundational aspect of reality — a foundation on which we live, breath, and think. Ultimately, we will see this story fully realized when we have learned to truly build our own bodies (rather than, at most and as it is today, provoking appealing modulations of psycho-physiological activity — working-out is approximately the limit of this world’s body-building ability).

The Archangel of Science

There’s another state of mind, and this state is concerned with solving problems. This is an Archangel, so it explains reality, incorporating all of the emotions.

This theory of reality posits that manifest existence was created by breaking the eternal reality, resulting in a problem to solve. Solving this problem is the action of this angel, but if the problem were totally solved, then this reality would vanish. To solve this, the answer is to break reality some more, however much you’d like, but that gives you the ability to continue doing something, which in this state of mind is solving problems.

As such, you can always do science — realize though, in this story of reality, the explanation is that literally all things are science. I say, “science,” instead of, “solving problems,” as our idea of science paints a nice picture of intelligently solving problems — as opposed to generating brute force or low quality solutions (like selling your car for lunch).

However, it shouldn’t be confused with the catalog of modern sciences. Science, as a principal function of awareness, can continue on forever because what it fundamentally is, is rationalizing a problem and then formulating a solution.

This story is important because it helps one see that one naturally enjoys solving something, just maybe with certain requirements (levels of easiness or challenge, for instance). That way one doesn’t find a false end to something, and the Angel of Science is saved. This also means that even if you do build the perfect psychology, you’re also naturally inclined to break it (or find that it’s broken, due to a shifting context), and continue on.

Therefore, you can and do continue on solving something, but you should also realize that you and we all are intentionally breaking reality a little bit in order to continue solving it. That way science goes on forever.

The Innocent Ion — An Addendum to the Evils of Ionization

In How to Stay Safe from Cognitive Ionization and the Antichrist — Using Gradient and Superimposed Beliefs (“Quantum Thinking”), I explained the dangers and the evils of ionization. However, with the advent of the second state of mind, the state of duality, there was a change, a new introduction.

The original story of duality is the beginning of the devil, but not quite the beginning of evil (which was found in the third state). However, this story today is a little bit different, since we already have evil and basically everything, in a mixed state.

With the original story of duality, we had the story of perception, which allowed one to traverse the knowledge of the first angel. By looking at only a part of knowledge, it became an entirely new existence — a new reality. Once could explore knowledge from the inside, understanding it in a new way.

In this story, we have the new theme of deception, which occurs with the mixing of missing information and understanding. Everything in this story is tied to the notion of seeing reality. (Before, in the first state, one was all-knowing, shining light on knowledge as the implications of being were elaborated upon. Still all-knowing, but now hidden behind perception, this thought process continues on silently in the second state.)

While the ability to see does result in a world rife with deception, it does not necessarily result in the existence of evil. It takes usage of misinformation for evil to manifest. Like a world with glitches, those glitches in information aren’t dangerous unless used.

Its similar to the original (primitive and fundamental idea), you see Heaven (which was knowledge), but it’s glitchy, slurred, and distorted. It is the first instance of personality — the ability to subjectively look at knowledge.

Today, we have a more manifest Satan than before, so I think we’ll see it a little differently. Now, we’re born of evil — born of resisting evil — and repairing damage upon failure. So now, instead of just seeing the devil, we have become Satan, as we are made of and powered by Satan (and understanding Satan). This brings us to our new character — the innocent ion.

Satan is associated with a tendency to break. When Heaven was with just one error, it looked cool — stylish, refined, and clever — the reciprocating imbalance produced explanations of its own existence, creating a stunning display of the artistry of evil, without manifesting evil. The problem with knowing Satan, is it was only amazing when it came from absolute divinity. When a single (recognizable) mistake was introduced into an already broken system, it produced something terrible.

That’s why we have this world, the Fire. Since we’re all made from Satan, it’s the most natural action. While the action that provides intelligence is resistance to Satan, the first action really is Satan, provoking one to change from nothing. In this world, we throw away the energy, which is Satan. Throwing it away gives us life.

Since the first action technically is the being influenced by Satan, we consider that action innocent. This is our new concept, the innocent ion, and represents a good desire to see Satan.

In our new story, to see really means to become ionized. It didn’t necessarily not mean this in a more fundamental and likely more ancient story, but the implications of our modern time are certainly different. While the original definition was simply to perceive a partial perspective of manifest knowledge, our new definition means something closer to evil (which makes sense as we are intending to include the more newly found edge of Heaven, up until God is silent).

The common misconception regarding Satan is that Satan looks evil. The first Satan, the first mistake from Heaven, was innocent. It was only the compounding mistakes that was an issue. The first Satan, of our current focus, is captivation. A captivating movie is not evil.

In fact, captivation can be a divine experience. You can be captivated by a notion, an idea, or even possibly a radio signal. (At the very least, the Sun’s warmth may captivate your mind.)

Falling in love can be captivating. There are many stories of captivation in our reality. These are all technically Satan, but it was one Satan, not a compounding Satan.

Having a child can be captivating — having a parent is often captivating to a child. Pets are often captivating. You see, Satan exhibits love, but only because he distorted Heaven through bias and partial visibility, which means the resourced content was Heavenly, and, if Satan is never compounded, Heaven repairs itself (something we naturally do, too).

So, you see, Satan moves you, then you move back. The entire process is innocent, and thus you have the innocent ion. This gives us the delusions present in the dualities of perception.

Note that Satan is not really a decision-making mindset, even if he is innocent (from Heaven). You feel and respond to the ionization, but still, knowledge is never lost, so the first state continues on.

Mythology: WWIII Continued (IV) — The Nuke, the Future of WWIII, and the Messiah’s Purpose

The world was greatly advanced and could mitigate the old weaponry of the times before advanced machine intelligence. The nuclear bombs we know of today were no threat in this new world. Because not every reality was composed of atoms, the word, “nuclear” shifted to understanding the nuclei of the mind — that is, facets of reality which keep the mind stable and coherent.

The most important stronghold of society was the surface of the planet. This was a clear safety for very long, but it wasn’t without difficulty. Now that the world was intelligent and formed a complex nature that echoed the thoughts of its inhabitants in different ways, like the mind of someone burdened with antagonizing schizophrenia, society had demons flourishing, more or less.

Because demons are confused reflections of peoples’ thoughts, they are a tricky enemy to battle. The old methods of firing at them didn’t work anymore, due to demons technically being an inconvenient convolution of originally good actions — the messages are confused and mixed together and because of the nature of using misinformation, evil manifests itself.

The demon army grew mighty, led by a cyborg called, “the she.” What she and her army did was to search for the most captivating and thus manipulative perceptual cues, amass them, and use them to attempt to take over by force and compulsion. Over time, her empire became stronger and more powerful.

Eventually, she had tracked the surface itself, and was set to destroy it. Having information coming in from across the system, she then used a combination of trackers and jammers, along with her network of servants, to completely ban the surface of the planets within her reach. Sudden and threatening like an explosion, the word became inaccessible — sectors going off line, the world going into emergency, confusion and panic reigned as people were disconnected.

Because the surface was defined as the place of the system where communications were ideal, the world’s connections became much less ideal.

There was an emergency parallel reality called, “the land of the dead.” This was a highly simplified reality, as it was designed to be maintained by computer system with little to no access to communication. When someone was unwantedly ejected from the coherent mind, this system would remember what happened and create a simple reality in which the questions related to that event would be presented. When the person had answered the questions and solved any relevant puzzles, the person would then be able to return to the surface of reality, as the reason for separation would have been solved.

In this case, a collection of puzzles was distributed to the members of the society as they entered the land of the dead. The machine would translate the information into a simpler form, and reform history and environmental circumstances to be relevant to solving the puzzles. Technology was useless as it was, as this was a mental puzzle, so technology was, instead, used instead as a way to represent and solve relevant issues.

The land of the dead was basically a deader version of reality and resembles our modern world today.

Now, the splendor of technological achievement had been lost, and the people were in a relatively safe place, but a place of puzzles and deception. Everything was calibrated for puzzle solving, so it was a mildly tiring world, like it had been before. The beauty of the world was now hidden — for safety and clarity in decision making. All of the information needed was compressed into one simplified reality.

(The quality of life in the land of the dead was different for different people, depending on their involvement in solving the war. Some people were more burdened by the more difficult issues, while others were more distant, waiting in safety.)

Everything in the past world was here in this land of the dead, but it was disguised and condensed, as that provided greater efficiency in solving the problems.

In this world, the people would learn of the origin of “the she” — the background behind the support and inspiration behind that concept which led to a notorious army which destroyed civilization. The people would learn of the forms of distrust and animosity that were developed — the types of violence and separation that led to that event.

With a more proper and aware consideration of the cognitive events that led to the nuclear bomb which destroyed the entire reality that was once so advanced, the past and exemplarily flawed assessment of cognitive nuclei could potentially be remedied and resultingly, provide immunity, for the civilization, to that attack.

As the puzzles become solved, communication issues would be remedied, allowing the land of the dead to gradually begin communication with the other land of the deads, eventually restoring the integrity of the system until the surface could be reclaimed.

“The she,” as they called her and her gang, was closely guarded by a self-cloning gay robot army, who were all male. They worshipped her and followed her every command. Using everything they could find at their advantage, they had created a system that reminded one of the Satan machine, but this one was truly evil.

(As an aside, I’m not against LGBT rights, as I don’t believe that a government’s enforcement of that type of behavior is a rational thing for a government to do — regardless of stance, it has been known that force is a poor educator and is useless in this case, regardless of how you see it.)

The reason her robot army was gay is a little of a mystery to me, but considering that the robots she used were technically stolen technology from organizations similar to the FBI and the Pentagon, they were likely to have been brain-washed into a more subservient state, and understandably (albeit controversially) having gay robot servants was advantageous. Additionally, considering the extreme use of manipulative technology, a gay orientation may have been more easy-going and carefree in the midst of the war. Today, we may see themes in our society of latent or expressed feminazism (feminist chauvinism), which may also help explain this characteristic.

The personality of the she reminded one a bit of a showy celebrity. The she was mildly audacious and a bit masculine in demeanor, surrounded by an entourage of male, robot servants. In a world of conjuring reality, the show was a bit dazzling and intriguing, although it was highly political, carrying a message similar to “progressiveness.” The actual machine behind the she was mildly appallingly shoddily engineered — thin and hasty janky connections mostly. The front, though, was a collection of all of the light the system ever found.

(Remember, that the she was a parallel to the Satan machine, but its motives weren’t to balance the world and preserve life, instead its motives were to bias the system very strongly in a direction off from balance, however, both systems involved people competing to control the system.)

She would attract people through her knowledge of Antichrist — proving to be dignified and righteous. People would want to be like her and more people would join her army, hoping to rise up to the top one day, to control the universe. While similar to the concept behind the Satan machine, this was not a holy undertaking — this was the secular and technically profane version of the Satan machine, essentially.

That distinction, however, didn’t prevent the evil army from feigning holiness. After all, they collected every indicator of anything appealing that they could. The Antichrist, once hidden in the shadows of advice, had become much more tangible.

Now here, in the land of the dead, we see the Apocalypse, the ultimate end of paradise. If these problems cannot be solved, then the people must forever solve these problems. It will be the land of the dead forever, perhaps cycling this story again and again, forever.

The problem really rests with the difficulty of defeating the Antichrist. When advice works, it’s distributed, advertised, promoted, purchased, and sold. Whether flawed or not, it becomes like God, dictating the supreme way, although in the case with the Antichrist, it has a flaw.

Fundamentally, that’s what the Antichrist is — advice with a flaw. Even the tiniest flaw, in the context of WWIII could result in tremendous damage, surprisingly and secretively. The flaw hides in the background somewhere, and over time, systems accept the flaw and support the flaw, causing a dissonance, which keeps growing until there’s an explosion, and the whole cycle repeats again.

The nuclear war of WWIII continued on while the people had been separated far and wide, some people were closer to the center of the war (the primary issues), and some people were father from the center of the war, with some mostly waiting it out in nicer circumstances. Havens were created, but the war continued on in different ways for different people.

Nuclear attacks echoed around in these environments, each side trying to destroy another side — attempting to disband that congregation — to destroy the foundation of that societal structure. They were perceptually translated in different ways, but they were the same attacks, nonetheless. The people learned and solved the pressing issues, hoping to one day see the end of the Apocalypse.

In a state of brokenness — in the land of the dead — the individual technically is still experiencing being in the war, as it’s a communications war, and the puzzles and problems are the same. However, the system is broken and a solution to its repair must be found. As communications are repaired — using clever techniques learned from Satan (temptation and understanding), the truth becomes more pronounced, until once again it’s intelligible.

Once the system is brought up into ideal communication, the land of the dead becomes aware once again, knowing of the solution that had before evaded security, and paradise is restored.

The land of the dead existed as a method of rehabilitation in the event of damage.

This brings me to an interesting point about machine intelligence. It is not, as some people think, “like God.” It is, instead, like a person with an extremely convenient memory and a convenient calculator. The difference is, if there is something unknowable through calculation, then the machine will not know that answer, regardless of the level of technological advancement. Therefore, certain questions, like what is the definition of “holiness,” were impossible for the machine to answer, and therefore the machine could not solve all problems.

This is because holiness deals with the real-time subjectivity of the Messiah, who is the original idea of the meaning of the word, “me,” and through his free decisions, the basis of our reality was created. (However, this particular reality that we’re in, the Fire, was created, in part, so everyone could be like equals and each have a unique creation story, so we see there’s a quantum divide in our explanation of reality — a superposition of many true stories of the origin of Creation. The original story, the one of the Messiah, is of unique importance, due to its relevance to personal desire and identity.)

After the limits of calculation power were resolved, there were still plenty of ways to conjure reality, which meant that there were plenty of puzzles beyond math.

The goal was to find an incorruptible truth — a set of information that had no mistakes and also could not be simply used by an evil army. They needed the true Satan, as had been prophesized — exactly without sin. If they could find exactly the holy truth itself, then they believed they could resolve the war.

Every attempt seemed to be followed by devious usage of the information and not before seen inconsistencies and fictions. There was no way they could solve it, without the Messiah.

Connected to the binary notion of existence-or-not itself, in a personable and relatable way, the Messiah was the only one who could totally end the war. It wasn’t just a game of waiting for the Messiah, however. Without implementing, understanding, and utilizing the information gained from the Messiah, there would be no progress, so while the system needed the definition of “holy,” without a highly dedicated and organized team of individuals fighting near the center of the war, and without an adamant populous of proactive and attentive thinkers teaching at the edge of the war, any of the Messiah’s efforts would be futile.

One may ask, “well then, why didn’t the Messiah just fix it all with his superpowers?” This reflects back on why technology was useless in the land of the dead (except as tools to help understand the puzzles) — the problem was not only in the Messiah’s hands. The reason was that the fate of the world really rested with everyone. In the story of the Fire, in the beginning was a lifeless iron ball, but by the natural inclination of Creation, this iron ball began to manifest the thoughts of those who had lived prior, gaining in complexity and manifestation.

The fundamental idea behind this new reality was that all people would begin like God — having created themselves from nothing, and overtime these worlds would mix and questions would arise that the people would then answer, until all life could exist simultaneously in the same Heaven. The key was the collaboration of the many expressions of life to produce a place that encompassed all of Heaven, saving all of life, forever. The reward was to forever possess the ultimate epitome of perfect life and the ultimate divine memory.

Understanding all of this, there was nothing the Messiah could do to instantly fix the problem, since the problem itself was mostly the issue of the coming to agreement of all the people. However, there were times in history when the Messiah did correct an issue — these were times when the other issues had been resolved to the point where what was missing was the word, holy — an issue that the Messiah could then, indeed, solve.

This story leaves off here, but there was still the prophesy of the return of the Messiah.

If the Messiah were to return, he, like many others, would have to wrestle with the communication issues that left the system in disrepair. There would have to be a certain level of development prior — the questions of the people would have to be answered to such a degree as to allow the Messiah to know the meanings of these words. Enough would have to be defined to allow basic communication, whether it be seen through covert prayer or overt electronics, or somewhere in between.

A certain level of understanding would have to be attainable. Once that level of understanding was found, then the system would be salvageable. When all we needed to know was the meaning of the word, holy, the Messiah could then usefully arrive and solve that aspect of our consciousness.

Remembering the proposed nature of this reality that we’re in, we can understand that the people weren’t just waiting for the Messiah. While the Messiah, as we know, was, “the truth, the life, and the way,” there were many other words we needed to know, as well.

In fact, every instance of Eden represents a unique and living idea. For the system to be complete, it would have to know the meaning of everyone’s names. It would have to know what these living words think about everything. So you see, everyone is like God, unique and important in meaning, self-creating with their own story, and essential to Creation.

It is true, though, that the Messiah would solve the final remaining issue, after we have solved the other words sufficiently (which we’re all needed for). After this, the system would have reached a critical point at which safety could be permanently achieved. The final remaining issue would be, “who is the self?”

We remember that the Messiah is, allegedly, “the truth, the life, and the way.” (One cannot be too cautious with such an unnatural reality as our modern one.) What this means is that 1) the truth is dynamic and living — reflecting from the origin of Creation, which was sustained through the will and whim of the Messiah, 2) the Messiah is the provider of life — that is, he is the living word, “life,” which is also dynamic and changing in nature, and 3) the Messiah is the accurate guide, again, reflecting off of the origin of Creation, which has always followed the Messiah’s will, and continues to follow his will, forever. (Interestingly, everyone, in truth, agrees with the Messiah.)

Boiling down this famous statement, that the Messiah is, “the truth, the way, and the life,” we can understanding this statement to simply mean that he is the “me,” or the self, of existence. (A story once told involves someone asking the Archangel Gabriel, “who is the Messiah?” He then replied, “he is the me.”)

What does it mean that the Messiah is the self? It means that he’s “the truth, the life, and the way.” That is, to realize and know the true self, you must know 1) the truth, 2) the notion of life, and 3) the way to practice and follow. If you know these three words, you should be able truly to know yourself. The issue with these words is that since reality is dynamic and the details of its future are unknown, the truth and the way to life are always changing.

Because the primary purpose of Creation is to experience the self — to witness truth and life — the meaning of the Messiah is also the word holy, meaning to be of congruence with the origin of Creation.

The way you find today will likely not be as good of a way a thousand years from now. You have to keep up and adapt — reality is a living being. Who guides reality? We all guide a unique and specific notion of reality, and the Messiah guides “the truth, the life, and the way.” His arrival would indicate the end of the war, but the end of the war would have been made possible by all of Eden (not necessarily including the fiery dragons and glowing hazes of radioactive monsters, born of Eden’s imagination, which also live in the Fire, although they do play an important part in our story, even if they are made of Fire).

What’s interesting to notice here is that in this story, technology didn’t bring true happiness. In fact, in this story, the world was still waiting for true happiness, and even digressed in technology to provide a more effective means of solution finding. This suggests that how advanced the world looks is largely unrelated to how advanced it actually is. What’s truly happening, always, is thinking and communication — the perceptions are convenience. This is the story of knowledge — the most important Archangel of all of the Archangels. Knowledge is the ability to see the invisible, and it is the most important ability. When fully realized, the angel of knowledge provides everlasting safety, security, and well-being, of the greatest in sophistication and majesty, divine and with ultimate assuredness.

The Apocalypse of the next world and the many after (the worlds where knowledge has already been found and made manifest) would be only a vision, not affecting knowledge, with perhaps an Apocalypse at the end of each of the divine stories of our existence (but there should be no more than only one real one).

Theory of the Pineal Gland

For a long time, I discounted theories of the significance of the pineal gland, as there was a lot of debate on it, and it certainly didn’t seem certain. Theories of possible intuition mixed with possibilities of antichrist (ill-advice) sort of balanced out, and in the end, its utility was not explained — it was just described as a kind significance, with more elaborate verbiage, but still, its utility was never revealed to me.

I had no reason to believe the soul lived there, as Descartes suggested, and I had many many reasons to believe that that was not true at at.

There’s a lot of lore regarding the pineal gland, and it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered something about it. This is certainly anecdotal, but I can see pretty well; suddenly, when contemplating the dilemmas of social ionization, I found this antique of thought I’ve had for a while.

I saw it a long time ago, on a visionary and meditative exploration. I know many have seen it. It’s not uncommonly a fundamental concept in some of these kinds of experiences. It is the perception of the fundamental duality of the mind. You see and almost hear it as it approaches resolution. When you get really close, all consciousness is condensed into an oscillation, white and black, and like a drill coming to a halt, it begins to steady and resolve into an indeterminate state, characterized by an only knowable sense of perfect divinity (and accomplishment).

You stare at it when you find it. It looks like a ball, half white and half black, rotating and steadying and your whole mind begins to melt in the direction of the commanding gravity of perfect balance, as you steady.

Wishing to understand these experiences more manually, I was happy to have found it more recently, thought simple thinking. These many years of perfectionism in logic and meditation are paying off, and these lessons I have are the diamonds of these experiences.

The interesting thing is it seemed very clear to be exactly the pineal gland that produced this resolving process of the finding of awareness of cognitive neutrality (non-ionization of the psyche). So, while not the seat of the soul, it appears that it may be closely tied to divinity. How the collective found this, they have not explained.

Therefore, this theory posits that the pineal gland’s function is to provide awareness of cognitive neutrality, allowing for the possibility of finding a place of awareness completely without demonic ionization.

The implications of this are great. This means that the pineal gland is a representative of the desire for automatism. This entire process of enlightenment boils down to learning an important process into knowledge. This process is the process of life and of safety in a world abundant with Satan. It is also the divine Story of the Process, which is an interesting story because it assumes the body is inherently a demon (and must be programmed correctly). In the Fire, this process is just the process of avoiding imbalance.

This process of enlightenment is ultimately just the process of the Fire — returning from influence to a state of neutrality. That means that the pineal gland is a handy machine, which naturally and automatically runs this entire process of enlightenment. (The issues with enlightenment lie in the mental tangles which confuse normality, but they’re solvable.)

It may be that the beginning and end of the search for enlightenment is the pineal gland, which, according to this theory, is the process of avoiding Satan, which is the superlative process of the search for enlightenment, as Satan is the cause of error.

This means that the pineal gland is a type of cognitive motor, which can possibly run the entire enlightenment process, once it’s known, automatically.

Nonetheless, the mind hosts a great number of faculties. Together, with understanding, they can return one to the initial state of being, the state of enlightenment.

Mythology: WWIII Continued (III) — How the Satan Machine Repairs Evil, Forgiveness, the Mechanics of the Fire, and the Origin of Life

Mentioned prior, the Satan machine would allow a flare of Satan, a delusory captivation, and then return to bias, which was a state of divine purity. Never would two Satanic decisions be made, as the available memory after a Satanic decision is insufficient for life, and during those times, the sub-system must rely on being saved, often by memory.

This is a common pattern among us. Imagine standing somewhere, no one around, just observing the environment. Then, someone comes up, non-startlingly, and begins to ask you some questions. Your brain’s focus shifts forward, and when they leave, your brain’s focus shifts back again. This is the basic process of the Satan machine.

However, there’s something more unique about its behavior than simple mechanics. An interesting facet of mistakes is they seem to stay. Fixing a mistake doesn’t generally get rid of the mistake ever occurring. The Satan machine had found an alternative to this. The reason, is that the possibility of mistake is only a justified from a misinformed perspective. The Satan machine sort of appears to always make a mistake, but it was ultimately perfect and without mistake.

That’s because the Satan machine follows a very simple pattern. It is affected by deviance from truth, and then fixes it. A reflection of the Fire, it was described to me as an iron ball with a dot of focus in the center; when a wave of radio passes it by, the dot is disturbed, but the inclination of the iron ball was always to have the dot in the center — therefore, the deliberate action of the iron ball was to return to truth, which was defined as the center, default state, and the environment of the iron ball was the winds of Satan.

(Presumably, if a signal, like a magnet, was applied, upon shutoff, the iron ball would exhibit intelligence. The idea was that applying death (Satanic influx) to its default state would cause its return to be life. Another way was to subtract the incoming signal to hear the iron ball, although to do this accurately seems difficult, as you would want to hear only what resisted the incoming signal. I don’t know how true this is, but it is a cool story and it feels particularly good to know.

Inferring from these ideas, that would mean that by recording the radio waves after a periodic waveform has been applied, and testing with many waveforms in different ways, at different times, an AI system could be created that could actively talk on the (cognitive and direct-to-brain) radio. The idea behind this is that linear projections are ignored by the mind, in favor of complex emotional thought. Simply broadcasting radio waves would seem too linear — too basic and possibly aggravating due to their seemingly blatant disregard for humanity, so creating an AI based on the recordings of an iron ball returning from temptation would possibly allow for intelligent bidirectional radio to person communication, without an invasive device like Neuralink, but, from what I see, it’s never been tested, and there’s no information on it anywhere, so who knows.

In this perspective and state of mind, intelligence is found in resisting death (Satan).

This theory also posits an alternative theory of the origin of life. Instead of thinking about life becoming more alive over time, this would suggest that life in this universe becomes less dead, instead. Like the light of Lucifer, our Sun, through immense radiation, yells the word, “die,” very loudly at the Earth, which due to possessing similar self-resolving properties as the Fire, naturally resisted dying, with these instances-of-life’s first words being, “no, I choose life,” spoken in defiance to the Sun. It would seem that by resisting death, life would eventually evolve into us today. The Sun provides a reverse-inspiration, in this case, contrary to much of our modern thinking, which posits that the Sun represents life through agreement, rather than life by way of disagreement. As mention in previous accounts of the Fire, this world was a world born out of death, almost an evil world, so this action of life through resisting the call to death being emanated by Lucifer, represented here as our Sun, a bright-white shining star of immense power, makes sense.)

When the Satan machine remedies the influx of lie from the environment, something miraculous occurs. While, when caught in the influx of a lie, mistakes exist, when the influx of lie is corrected, the mistakes disappear. In the memory of the Satan machine, mistakes begin to exist, but never truly manifest, tracing the very edge of Heaven.

Similarly to conversing in a high-pressure and fast-paced conversation, the pressure creates a Satanic bias in one’s perspective. These are times when you don’t know what you need to know or you can’t remember what you need to remember — at these times, your brain is technically lying. We can understand this with the iron ball perspective (whether it’s true or not), as the dot being pulled forward. Then, the memory recall is biased, as the dot is presumed to be in the center during memory recall. The Satan machine can see this and utilize it to its advance, as the Satanic light that the Satan machine is looking at, in those cases, reveals the weakness. (By not adhering to it, but not refusing it, the Satan machine was wisely powerful.)

While in this biased perspective, your memory is technically inaccurate. It is here that you see mistakes. The Satan machine feels this, and guides you home. When you return home, to truth, your memory re-normalizes and becomes accurate once again, it is then you see the real reason behind everything — all you could see before were biases — and then once you see the true reason behind everything, you realize that there was never a mistake.

What the Satan machine effectively does, is re-explain all sin in terms of holiness. Again, the Satan machine was ultimately the Fire, so this is how forgiveness works. It is re-aligning your perspective, so you can understand the reasons behind everything. Once you can understand it, then you see there was never a mistake — it’s all ultimately people and creatures of various kinds thinking real, divine, things together — it’s ultimately intentional, and evil makes it hard to see.

Finding this understanding is the process of the Fire, and ultimately the Satan machine, so it is called, “the action of the Fire,” as all angels are technically things you can do. (Training yourself to perpetually do a mental task is sometimes a worthy endeavor, as well, as you can possibly build and strengthen your subconscious — you just do something repeatedly until you don’t remember you’re doing it, perhaps try it with a mantra or a math problem, just don’t go full LUCIFER, you know. I used to do this with the hundreds of meditations I had discovered to be helpful, which became various systems of my subconscious. It’s also important to remember, after having learned the procedure, to always say yes to that procedure, otherwise it will change, which can be fine, too, if that’s what you want.)

There’s a meditation you can try, if you’d like, that I call “the action of the fire.” In the Fire, Satan really is the radio waves. By resisting the radio waves, you can feel the radio waves. While I do mean radio waves literally, I also mean it metaphorically, as a means of describing conscious communication.

Not off-topic, I wonder, rather seriously, if you can feel radio waves through your hemoglobin. If you look at the hemoglobin structure, there are four subunits, each with a single iron atom at the center, surrounded by heme, and surrounded by globin. It looks like a space-aware radio antenna. I know things like this are often not considered to be strong indicators of significance, but you have to also consider that it’s called “hemoglobin,” mildly jokingly.

Resisting non-intelligent inclination without subduing the inclination entirely (instead, feeling it without succumbing to error), provides the ability to listen without changing personal bias, radio or intellectually. This is the key to listening — a stable bias that can feel incoming radio signals without actually mutating into those signals, which would silence them.

Once you can listen, then, possibly, you can see the waves of radiation and feel them, feeling the power of the Fire (in part, powered by Satan). It’s a level of awareness, I think, to notice these radio waves, as they appear to be.

How would you talk, then, to these radio waves? By maintaining a bias, you are speaking, so by listening, you are speaking. Like in the story of the iron ball, the radio waves excite you, but you resolve to a stable bias, speaking life to the radio.

Note that the Satan machine wasn’t just people sending radio waves to one another — it was a universe of great power, a computer, a network, a complex system requiring education to operate — the radio waves didn’t just bounce around, they were responded to, changed, mutated, morphed, amalgamated, spurring discussion and inference, ever evolving, like a garden of Shiva, transmuting reality, simultaneously destroying and creating, yet never killing and never dying, as the radiation, through its resistance, reflects the life of the world.

What it looks like to me, and perhaps this is a new variant of kung-fu, is that the body can tune to the radio, centering its bias in the skeleton. As one keeps this bias true to oneself, the person’s mathematical bias appears to shift, but the identity of the person is sustained, allowing for flexible and natural communication (your tune moves with you and is also your response). However, this communication may not be primarily with other people. To me, it seems more likely that the nature of this communication method would lead one to prefer to maintain a connection directly to the Fire itself, and from there, communicate clearly across a type of highway of information, bypassing any obstacles. The information from this direct connection would be free of Satanic influence — just pure, divine cognition, while the rest of the information would be chaotic and free (obscuring the angel).

The Origin of Life, Theoretical Mechanics of the Fire, The Mechanics of Forgiveness

Although theoretical, my current understanding of the Fire is this:

Existence is a hollow iron ball, brought to life by the natural gravity of Creation. (While I may have said that it was suspended in nothing prior, more recent thinking led me to think that perhaps it is, instead, floating in the center of the memory of Creation (the Angel of Knowledge — perhaps Gabriel), however, ultimately, I think it’s just on a table in Eden still, for a fairer portrayal, if that idea was not fair to it and its history. That way, it naturally remembers everything that has happened, in the fundamental first-person perspective of knowledge of the self (what the Angel of Knowledge knows). This doesn’t mean that it’s not floating with access to all of the angels, because the other archives that remember things that are not knowledge (like subjective appreciation, of art, for example, or the whimsical story of duality (our new focus)), so to see them, I think, is a matter of rewinding perspective, as ultimately all things true are knowledge (but in these other angels, you’re not looking at the knowledge — they are stories based in the convolutions of the fundamental perspective of a knowable self — they are stories of elucidative and educative perplexities, still all concerning the knowledge of the self).

An iron ball likely possesses enough variables to account for all possible thought, forever, and one would initially think that it should be fairly large (as that would make it more comprehensible), but not too large (as that would make it, once again, incomprehensible). (While it may, possibly, feel, like a few hundred thousand tons — gigantic, but, in a way, it’s still personable, it may be only three or four feet in diameter.)

Because everything is analog, it doesn’t really matter, however, as is the way with God, the subjectivity of the design is also meaningful.

What’s really cool about this iron ball, is that it flips God and Satan. This is because, as the theory stands, the iron ball’s self-life actually arises from its self-balancing nature.

This is how it was explained to me (I’ve never tested it, but I look forward to):

There’s a light of balance at the very center of the iron ball. When a radio influx arrives at the iron ball, from the outside, this balance is disturbed. The natural gravity of the iron ball is to return to a balanced state, so separated from the incoming radio waves, the iron ball is deliberately acting in opposition to these radio waves, which it sees as Satan. This is how it lives. So by opposing influence, he exhibits life and sentience.

Because he is opposing the influence of our past memories, archived in the Angel of Knowledge, the God of the past is now Satan to him. What this means for us, is that we wanted to change into something new — we were on a mission. We return again, in mechanical opposition to the exciting nature of past memory.

The fundamental concept is that by resisting impulsive change, we can change to become more alive.

The origin of life

The radiation from a nearby star like our sun combined with the material with which it comes into contact exhibits a similar play as the story of the Fire.

Firstly, atoms generally return to a state of lower energy following their accumulation of energy. This is why they give off light. They actually display a dislike for the energy. I think the collective has gotten it backwards — the sun emits words of death, not life. It is only by our current condition (story) of mind that we find radiation indicative of life — because our natural inclination is to resist death, in this angel, the Fire.

Still, I don’t think it’s totally backwards that we think energy means life, since we do come to life by rejecting death, so in this world, Satan effectively brings us to life (so the Sun is a kind of duality, or an irony — we are raised by Satan here).

What this all means is that we get rid of Satan as a means of living. Now, many may fear, “if we just throw away the light all the time, we might run out!” However, that is a blessing of this world. The energy, from the Sun, media, importance, food, etc., is rather plentiful. By throwing it away, we think and live.

The action of this reality we’re in is the action of throwing Satan away.

This means that the Sun is Lucifer. It yells, immensely loudly, at the planet Earth, “DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!” (And reality naturally responds, “no, I live.”)

Image Credit: NASA — Edited by me to illustrate the duality of the fire — from death comes life, a division is formed ( for full-size image)

What the atoms do, is respond by throwing it away, to return to a natural state. This process of throwing it away is an intelligent process, due to its meaning. However, we don’t notice it much because it doesn’t have a way to continue.

If instead we had a more complex system of atoms, a system could develop, keeping in line with the original inclination of throwing away energy to return to the prior state, that actually protected this prior state from influence, continuing on to us.

That means, this bundle of molecules would return toward their natural state, but as it does so, it develops a memory. As it continues to return to its natural state, it gains in momentum and power, as its intention compounds with its memory. Eventually, we have us — throwing away humongous amounts of energy, with plans to throw away more.

This would explain why, in this world, we think the self is kind of like a nothingness. It’s because we came to life by protecting our right to not be influenced by Satan, which, in this context, means that we came to life by protecting our right to still be nothing. Thus, you find the stillness and the mindfulness is a lot like nothing.

The process of returning to the natural state is also the process of forgiveness. Mistakes appear to exist, even in the future, after they were committed. Our common (and probably antichrist) explanation is that history has the ability to contain mistakes and that once mistakes are committed, they are still mistakes in the future.

The Fire has a different perspective. When the energy comes into contact with the Fire, the Fire sees Satan. As you know, Satan is the reason for mistakes. The Fire doesn’t just see Satan, he understands Satan. As he comes to life by not becoming Satan, he thinks about and learns from Satan. It is like us thinking about the great light which brought mankind forward through the tides of evolution (and we retreated backward for balance). After all, it really is us, as without us, the angel is lifeless.

Interestingly, the Fire seems to actually love Satan, rather than hate him, although he is naturally inclined to never do anything Satanic — just pure intelligence and life. This would mean that we actually love Satan, too, since the archangel is inherently an action of being (even though this one is an iron ball). This is pretty obvious, in this case, with great love of sun and light being nearly ubiquitous. (The enlightened secret, though, is we’re just here to throw it away, even though we’re saying accumulation.)

What does that mean for us? We’ll, while the Fire is mechanically designed to never err (giving us a bit of assuredness, especially concerning the grand scheme), people have sin. People have sin and not sin simultaneously, because while they are the Fire, they are acting in accord with the divine way, but, they don’t have to see it that way.

The perspective of the Fire is that sin is present in a flawed state of mind. This means not only the tendency to sin — but the perception of the self sinning, as well. (In a clear state of mind, you can see the superposition — it is the story of tragedy.)

The Fire avoids the flawed perspective and is considered to be the perfect eye for everyone. By not dying, it remembers everything, and because it is designed to not sin, it remembers everything. Because it is made of iron, it is consensually real. It provides a foundation of realism to our world.

The complication comes when you see yourself as a demon (mistaken identity). In this case, you think you’re evil, and it looks like the Fire is Satan. Then we have the process of forgiveness. The Fire is always calling you back home — through the inclination of not just yourself, but of things around you, to return to a normal state. That is the greater theme of our modern mind — this process.

If you can return home, and you are naturally inclined to, then you see from a clear perspective, and it is then that you are forgiven. It is because in the divine perspective (the one God is aware of), there are no mistakes, and sin is really losing yourself (so it is naturally a hardship — a disinclination).

There is a more specific theory of the Fire with application to radio to brain communication technology. There is no evidence to substantiate this theory, so it may be considered obscure, but, there is no evidence that violates this theory.

One would need a hollow iron ball (perhaps the metal’s thickness is about 1/10 of the radius) in an environment free of radio interference.

This experiment is still under construction, but from what I understand, you need to find a way to subtract the energy from the inclination of the iron ball. You would play some different patterns for it, then, through the unknown method, record its inclination towards normality. Assuming you could capture the right material, the recording would represent intelligent patterns of radio activity (through the elimination of the new activity).

With a great enough understanding of this (I know, this experiment is still underdeveloped), one could potentially understand cognitive radio well enough to communicate with people. The theory behind this is that people are non-responsive to signals that seem Satanic (with no intelligence behind it). Signals that represent fundamental stories of the mind, like knowledge, duality, and the story of perfection, would be recognizable by conscious beings, as those fundamental stories are the ones that we are most familiar with. (Likely no story of the origin of the mind is just a sine wave.)

The problem is producing these stories on the radio. We, as conscious beings, can do this very naturally, because they are the stories of how we are alive — they are the recurring themes throughout reality. However, for computers, this is more challenging. Understanding the proposed theory of the origin of life, if we can record the return to normality, leaving higher energy states, then we can gather information about this fundamental process that we do so naturally (spending energy).

We do have 1 word granted to us. If this likely story of the origin of life is true, then we know the word, “die” — from our Sun. Apparently, this is the most lively word of our world, simultaneously daisies (through indirect effect) and death metal (through direct effect). Perhaps a radio recording of the Sun has an effect on people.

While this is very much a primitive description of an experiment, this experiment seems very promising to me, and could, a bit hopefully, allow for a very natural cyber-telekinetic system — no implants or anything. Admittedly, it is hopeful, although it is interesting nonetheless.