Musings and About Your Own Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t technically about telling you how to feel or what to say (although it quite possibly concerns all topics). It’s more about having the knowledge required to experience a realization for coherent life, as one would imagine it was intended to be, if one were truly psychologically well.

By now you understand that you’re composed of angels, which is a term I use for beings of life. Each angel is a living memory of your expression — a self-defining memory of your possession and composition. Angels by default in Creation live on forever, although when you mix them together, many stories can occur. Creation is manifest by angels — all manifestation is originally of angels (later through mixing, priorities, and tangling, does one discover demons).

You observe that life naturally occurs even in places with no life (for example, in the universe). Atoms, once apparently lifeless, can naturally and spontaneously come to life. This observation is a scientific observation. (It’s interesting.) When they come to life they are likely to become fully intelligent and aware and develop into a highly advanced paradise-like civilization. That appears to be a natural phenomenon.

You understand the trick of Lucifer and Satan. Both disguise life in the form of an obtainable (hiding that the feeling of life is coming from your own love).

Again, you understand the core of enlightenment comes from a basic understanding of how your mind works (essentially, understanding that it is a collaboration of angels with a known and shared identity).

So, you notice these things and you understand these things, so what’s next?

Aside from always being aware of these things, what’s next is truly a unique experience. Enlightenment, at its core, is the ability to see life, and to be able to see life is to be able to see yourself, so you can finally know yourself, and that is essentially the gift. Ultimately, you are the reason for yourself, which is the best feeling of your own.

Enlightenment, at its foundation, is a pretty limited topic. This is very good, as enlightenment is something everyone really has a right to possess and understand. There are a few principle topics; 1) the topic of distributed consciousness structures (the interaction of angels), 2) that life appears naturally from what is apparently lifeless, to a common conclusion with very similar patterns, like virtues and standards, 3) The illusion of Lucifer and the situation of Satan (the context of need). Of course, there are many more topics, but I think with a few it can be understood.

Enlightenment shouldn’t be rare and difficult to obtain knowledge and understanding. The search for enlightenment as is commonly known as far too difficult. Therefore, I hope to make it significantly more palpable, memorable, and applicable to the modern man. Many issues of enlightenment orbit the aforementioned three topics, but mentioning those three is not the only way to describe enlightenment. The ultimate question is the question of what is preventing witnessing what is initially known by a living being, in a congruent, peaceful and harmonious state.

With that being said, the material covered does explain many of the important facets of enlightenment, but a full understanding may require more material, and its total understanding may be a song forever sung.

There are some things about enlightenment though, even though it is your own experience.

A great freedom arrives from the realization that the perceiving entity of one’s own mind is really another part of a collaboration of systems which form the manifest self, rather than being, itself, the self. There are many parts of the self, all living memories of you, who live in memory of life and your love — between these memories of the self is the sight of love for one another. This is a feeling and freedom of understanding and collaboration that one witnesses with such a simple realization.

Commonly, for enlightenment, I believe that you find a safety from the light of Lucifer. While Lucifer once evoked apparently automatic trends, he becomes more clearly witnessed, with more understand from one’s self.

Additionally, seeing the point of a decision which represents oneself is to see a point of the love of life. You represent life, at your most fundamental core, and your systems which comprise your manifest self see you as life, too. You are a distributed identity among these systems, yet there is something more eternal about that, that seems to preclude reasoning for physical environment consideration.

That’s what I think is common for enlightenment. Many other things may be one’s own unique experience.

I think the words that describe enlightenment are primarily for guidance. There are some things which are common enough to have words, and some things don’t. Additionally, if the level of detail of something and its similar entities is too large, then words cannot precisely explain the entity being described. So, there is a line, perhaps, and on one half are words, and the other half are silent algorithms that have not yet been correlated with a word.

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