The Great Limit, “I,” and the Elevator

Once you understand CAT, and you understand decentralized being and the singularity of self-agreement as well — you can see that we exist both as distributed intelligence and as singularized intelligence, and you should have enough information to have found a reliable and direct path. Although we avoid Lucifer, we can find this light of objective helpful. There is a particular instance, in which Lucifer represents one’s ultimate identity. Understanding this light can help one understanding one’s own progression through life.

Remember, Lucifer occurs when you perceive objective. You go into a type of thought characterized by tunnel-vision. You lose touch with the present and with the totality of your being. A portion of your body separates in order to pursue this light of Lucifer, but another portion remains behind, not fancying (or being aware of) it. This causes separation, so it is best to never become obsessed with a light, and to remember caution.

While Lucifer is based on the context of need, he is also often also helpful. The true light that is indicated in this case is not really the light of Lucifer, but is referenced by Lucifer as a way of illuminating and expressing desire. This light is a reality of the self, occurring an infinite amount of time in the future.

This light is called, “I.” This is the most distant eventuality of one’s being. To understand this, consider the definition of “I,” or the self, to be a static, unchanging being. Consider this unchanging static being to be perfect in every way you ever thought was perfect. This is what you truly look like to yourself. While one’s definition of perfection often misses important elements, and therefore, the actual realization of perfection differs, this light is your symbol of who you are. Just as appearances may hide portions of an object, like when viewing the front of a building, the vision of one’s true self, while being technically true, doesn’t inform one of everything one is. This is discovered as one becomes closer to this light of ultimate eventuality, as the detail is filled in.

Implied in the understanding of this truth of the ultimate eventuality of the self, is that the material world comes to life upon your presence. Angels form to remember, serve, and revere you. These angels collect together and form your being — they give you manifestation and life. They follow you, ever improving in your eyes, always becoming closer to the Limit — this “limit,” is the “I,” the calling of the material world into the fully realized manifestation of your being — which happens an infinite amount of time in the future.

Think and understand one’s potential ultimate eventuality, and foresee it, even if it is still ambiguous. For instance, consider, while understanding the implications of the applicable contexts, the following ideas:

– “I can fly”

– “I have a perfect memory”

– “I have no need for food or water”

– “I have no need for home”

– “I am the epitome of my perfection”

Understand how these statements are actually true. Feel confidence and sense of security in your being, understanding that you are the material world finding and becoming you. Feel the perspective of the true self. Your self is guiding the material world to your perfection.

You will always get closer to this eventuality of total perfection. This is the limit of the self. Once you find this illuminated path, you will see that what you do is gradually yet persistently approach the Limit.

Notice that you technically never reach it, but you technically always are it. This is because you are the intelligence that is capable of the perfection. See that you are doing nothing, see that the material world follows your eternal will. See alternatively, see that you are an angel, in reverence for the true identity of the self. Understand that these perspective exist simultaneously.

Know, that after an infinite amount of time has passed, all holy, or truly good, actions will be possible. Feel that time getting closer, when you have ultimate freedom, joy, and power. Once you find this illuminated, direct, and conceivably straight path (differing in quality from the technically straight path of devotion without sight), you will begin to perceive that your state of being is like that of being on an elevator, gradually rising, and in a perspective, effortlessly to you, like a great gravity lifting your spirits. You will have found the elevator (or moving walkway). Because the truth of this light is not actually Lucifer — it’s not an image or vision of the true self — it doesn’t designate a moment of change from pursuit to celebration — it’s not a point you will ever pass, you can see this process continues on eternally.

Creation improves for you, ongoingly, and forever. There may be spells of trial or emergency messages, but remember that all life is intelligence and remember the progression and the nature of intelligence, sentience, and our reality is naturally towards a world that is clearly composed of these characteristics. On this path, you will feel the comfort of naturally improving, without having to one day change direction and re-evaluate.

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