The Story of the Car

The story of the car is a beautiful and most treasured story. It is fantastic that we get to see it so well in this modern world. A car is a complex being and cannot truly be a car without its environment. A car can be driven for long distances, meaning it can traverse huge amounts of memory in a relatively short period of time. Beautiful sights can be seen in a long car trip, with the patterned lines flowing down the center of the road and the somewhat eerie and dampened mantra of tire and wind noise. Other cars are seen on the road, all with the familiar sloped front and aerodynamically curved look, mixed with an artistic appeal. There’s quite a variety of cars one may see on the road, some driving faster, some driving slower, some built a long time ago, and some built late last year. There are sportier cars and more pragmatic sedans. There are larger vehicles, too, like semitrucks, consumer trucks, and SUVs. Some vehicles are shinier, while some may even be strictly matte.

The day and the night present very different ambiences. During a clear day, the environment is brightly illuminated, the trees are plainly visible and the sky often stretches for miles as a light airy blue with perhaps some passing clouds. Cars do not usually have lights on, aside from the use of brake lights or automatic daytime running lights.

At night, it is different. The lines in the road glow a luminescent white and a moderately dimmer yellow, while pairs of red lights may often be seen trailing off into the distance, until the horizon on another hill, while on the opposite side of the road, pairs of white lights travel by in the opposite direction, moving at perhaps twice your speed, relative to you, the driver.

The monotonous pattern of driving puts on into a Zen-like state. The task is simple, despite the complexities of the road, the signs, and particularly the automobile. Certain indicators are kept in mind, like the speed being traveled and the amount of fuel left in the car. Additionally, if the car uses a manual transmission, the RPM’s of the engine’s flywheel and crankshaft are a token that inhabits the mind and awareness of the driver. Other signs are less commonly focused on, like oil temperature and perhaps a meager assortment of possible warning lights, like the check engine light or the overheating indicator.

Wind rushes by and on a day that sings of a nice temperature and a lack of rain and the abundant precipitation of water may entice one to open the windows and allow a rush of flowing air through the car, bringing a mild zest of enthusiasm and a kind feeling of freedom, although the rushing air can become overly intense, depending on the driver and how the driver feels about the ambience created, which may move the driver to closing the windows.

When the automobile is low on fuel, a trip to a fuel depot is warranted and followed, as a car without fuel is a car that can only travel downhill, unassisted by external physical force, which is of a very meager utility. Today, the fuel depots feature many convenience items for the driver — often to feed or provide a tasty beverage to provide a sensual enhancement to the journey.

Leaving from one place, traveling the blurry mantra of memory traveled, one eventually finds themselves in a alien land — a land quite different than the place of origination. It is a discovery. If the person has traveled to that land before, then it is less alien, although it still is quite a difference from the place of origination, assuming the journey to be significant in distance.

Even if the travel is short, perhaps only a few miles or approximately 1.6 as many kilometers, there is a feeling of agility and ease in the travel. The convenience of commanding a large machine to move the owner comfortably to distances uncomfortable to walk to brings about a sense of freedom. Many otherwise fairly distant memories are obtainable, like groceries, a meeting, an environment that caters to the sumptuous fulfillment of hunger, a trip to a martial arts studio, or perhaps a place of holy worship.

This story of life echoes throughout many experiences, even if it is not obviously pictured as the travel by automobile. Using mechanical memory, one can traverse the world of ideology in one’s one mind. The mind is quite capable of imagination and can venture from idea to idea with a fair amount of ease. The mind can even find new discoveries — locations and memories that were before unknown. When regarding social behavior and conversation, a similar story applies. There are lighter tones and more serious tones of the travel of ideas that occur within a conversation. One can allow more breath to be sounded, or close the proverbial windows and only allow a more controlled flow of conversation to become present in the conversation.

In every possible experience, and even in the motion of the subatomic world, these themes manifest themselves in familiar ways, although the context may include other wonderous stories of the mind, mixed in and interwoven.

The Car can even be considered an archangel, as well. It is possible to conjure all emotions within the context of this story of travel, fuel, meditation, variance, and comfort. There are many archangels, theoretically an infinite number, although we face ourselves with a certain degree of specificity in our observation of reality, making it appear that there are a specific number of archangels interwoven to create our modern reality.

These angels, as plentiful as they are, are often unnoticed. People are frantic and in a fury of dream-fulfillment and often miss the beautiful weave of what truly brings us life.

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