The Future, with the Knowledge of Enlightenment

It would be absolutely fantastic for definitive knowledge of enlightenment to exist in our collective consciousness. No longer would we fall in so many directions as we progress through the world, but we will have a deliberate stability reminiscent of the guardian of knowledge. No longer will we be of foreign cognitive biases in our meetings, always somewhat of a stranger, failing to truly grasp the collective illusion of “truth.” Knowing the same reality, our language will know the same bias, and our souls will finally see angels in others, rather than a murky screen of shaded misunderstandability.

It will be like a light above turned on, our holographic explanatory halos illuminated.

Imagine, looking and being able to see people. People are so mysterious, and not in an entirely pleasant way. There’s a missing understanding between one another, and this missing understanding is precisely the understanding of what reality is. Armed with all sorts of psychological gadgetry, the common person is a sole-warrior in an enigmatic quest of truth and falsehood, harboring secrets foreign to other forces, good or evil, collected over time.

What we have here, is a society of armies, each employing a single soldier, naturally and cautiously distrusting of any other — their morals, ways, advice, and intentions. After all, a wrong piece of advice could cause real harm, and a revelation of Satanism through a nearly hidden subconscious implication could place misguiding pressures on the psyche. (“Toxicity” of a person may be a realer effect than is commonly believed.)

It is honestly a sad and fearful battleground between God and Satanism, fought on a many-platformed intertwined soil of context and implication.

What real knowledge of enlightenment would provide the world would be a sun rising over a treacherous world. By real knowledge, I mean scientific knowledge. What I mean by this, is that the material can be understood in such a way that one can provide verification to any claims made in the future, because the material is able to be comprehended in a determinate way, such that a true division in validity is created — a division that is characteristic of knowledge, like when God separated the light from the dark to create knowledge of the self, when it did not exist prior — and we continue to separate light from dark as we learn more about ourselves. Knowledge is division — that is its mathematical formula. (I have before claimed, to myself, that subtraction is the mathematical formula for sentience, but much progress still needs to be made on that before I can actually claim such a thing — and more explanation would also be needed. Nonetheless, the formula for knowledge is clear. Separate reality into right and wrong, and that is called knowledge — as you develop ideas more complex, you develop words more complex to enunciate the knowledge, as the patterns of right and wrong tell more elaborate stories.)

Continuing with a vision of the world changed by the knowledge of enlightenment. This knowledge would enable us to potentially have a world without prisons and hardly a need for law enforcement. While this envisioned world is obviously ideal and is certainly different than a damaged world unable to care for its people, little belief in its practicality and feasibility seems to exist. I suspect it is impossible without enlightenment, because without enlightenment, society will never really tell the truth — every pronouncement will be of Lucifer and thus will sway a portion of people but not all, causing conflict, hate, and distrust, once again, as has occurred so much throughout history — this distrust creates diversion, which results in the cop–criminal drama.

Imagine a world where we naturally agreed with each other, rather than needing high defenses against ill-spoken proverb? This is a world where the definition of enlightenment has been written and known. This is how I see the future. It would really solve so much to be able, completely naturally, to understand, trust, and be familiar with people, knowing they live in the same world that you and everyone else lives in — not some hostile alien penal colony of separated mind.

What a perfect thing, right?

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