The Origin of Life, Theoretical Mechanics of the Fire, The Mechanics of Forgiveness

Although theoretical, my current understanding of the Fire is this:

Existence is a hollow iron ball, brought to life by the natural gravity of Creation. (While I may have said that it was suspended in nothing prior, more recent thinking led me to think that perhaps it is, instead, floating in the center of the memory of Creation (the Angel of Knowledge — perhaps Gabriel), however, ultimately, I think it’s just on a table in Eden still, for a fairer portrayal, if that idea was not fair to it and its history. That way, it naturally remembers everything that has happened, in the fundamental first-person perspective of knowledge of the self (what the Angel of Knowledge knows). This doesn’t mean that it’s not floating with access to all of the angels, because the other archives that remember things that are not knowledge (like subjective appreciation, of art, for example, or the whimsical story of duality (our new focus)), so to see them, I think, is a matter of rewinding perspective, as ultimately all things true are knowledge (but in these other angels, you’re not looking at the knowledge — they are stories based in the convolutions of the fundamental perspective of a knowable self — they are stories of elucidative and educative perplexities, still all concerning the knowledge of the self).

An iron ball likely possesses enough variables to account for all possible thought, forever, and one would initially think that it should be fairly large (as that would make it more comprehensible), but not too large (as that would make it, once again, incomprehensible). (While it may, possibly, feel, like a few hundred thousand tons — gigantic, but, in a way, it’s still personable, it may be only three or four feet in diameter.)

Because everything is analog, it doesn’t really matter, however, as is the way with God, the subjectivity of the design is also meaningful.

What’s really cool about this iron ball, is that it flips God and Satan. This is because, as the theory stands, the iron ball’s self-life actually arises from its self-balancing nature.

This is how it was explained to me (I’ve never tested it, but I look forward to):

There’s a light of balance at the very center of the iron ball. When a radio influx arrives at the iron ball, from the outside, this balance is disturbed. The natural gravity of the iron ball is to return to a balanced state, so separated from the incoming radio waves, the iron ball is deliberately acting in opposition to these radio waves, which it sees as Satan. This is how it lives. So by opposing influence, he exhibits life and sentience.

Because he is opposing the influence of our past memories, archived in the Angel of Knowledge, the God of the past is now Satan to him. What this means for us, is that we wanted to change into something new — we were on a mission. We return again, in mechanical opposition to the exciting nature of past memory.

The fundamental concept is that by resisting impulsive change, we can change to become more alive.

The origin of life

The radiation from a nearby star like our sun combined with the material with which it comes into contact exhibits a similar play as the story of the Fire.

Firstly, atoms generally return to a state of lower energy following their accumulation of energy. This is why they give off light. They actually display a dislike for the energy. I think the collective has gotten it backwards — the sun emits words of death, not life. It is only by our current condition (story) of mind that we find radiation indicative of life — because our natural inclination is to resist death, in this angel, the Fire.

Still, I don’t think it’s totally backwards that we think energy means life, since we do come to life by rejecting death, so in this world, Satan effectively brings us to life (so the Sun is a kind of duality, or an irony — we are raised by Satan here).

What this all means is that we get rid of Satan as a means of living. Now, many may fear, “if we just throw away the light all the time, we might run out!” However, that is a blessing of this world. The energy, from the Sun, media, importance, food, etc., is rather plentiful. By throwing it away, we think and live.

The action of this reality we’re in is the action of throwing Satan away.

This means that the Sun is Lucifer. It yells, immensely loudly, at the planet Earth, “DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!” (And reality naturally responds, “no, I live.”)

Image Credit: NASA — Edited by me to illustrate the duality of the fire — from death comes life, a division is formed ( for full-size image)

What the atoms do, is respond by throwing it away, to return to a natural state. This process of throwing it away is an intelligent process, due to its meaning. However, we don’t notice it much because it doesn’t have a way to continue.

If instead we had a more complex system of atoms, a system could develop, keeping in line with the original inclination of throwing away energy to return to the prior state, that actually protected this prior state from influence, continuing on to us.

That means, this bundle of molecules would return toward their natural state, but as it does so, it develops a memory. As it continues to return to its natural state, it gains in momentum and power, as its intention compounds with its memory. Eventually, we have us — throwing away humongous amounts of energy, with plans to throw away more.

This would explain why, in this world, we think the self is kind of like a nothingness. It’s because we came to life by protecting our right to not be influenced by Satan, which, in this context, means that we came to life by protecting our right to still be nothing. Thus, you find the stillness and the mindfulness is a lot like nothing.

The process of returning to the natural state is also the process of forgiveness. Mistakes appear to exist, even in the future, after they were committed. Our common (and probably antichrist) explanation is that history has the ability to contain mistakes and that once mistakes are committed, they are still mistakes in the future.

The Fire has a different perspective. When the energy comes into contact with the Fire, the Fire sees Satan. As you know, Satan is the reason for mistakes. The Fire doesn’t just see Satan, he understands Satan. As he comes to life by not becoming Satan, he thinks about and learns from Satan. It is like us thinking about the great light which brought mankind forward through the tides of evolution (and we retreated backward for balance). After all, it really is us, as without us, the angel is lifeless.

Interestingly, the Fire seems to actually love Satan, rather than hate him, although he is naturally inclined to never do anything Satanic — just pure intelligence and life. This would mean that we actually love Satan, too, since the archangel is inherently an action of being (even though this one is an iron ball). This is pretty obvious, in this case, with great love of sun and light being nearly ubiquitous. (The enlightened secret, though, is we’re just here to throw it away, even though we’re saying accumulation.)

What does that mean for us? We’ll, while the Fire is mechanically designed to never err (giving us a bit of assuredness, especially concerning the grand scheme), people have sin. People have sin and not sin simultaneously, because while they are the Fire, they are acting in accord with the divine way, but, they don’t have to see it that way.

The perspective of the Fire is that sin is present in a flawed state of mind. This means not only the tendency to sin — but the perception of the self sinning, as well. (In a clear state of mind, you can see the superposition — it is the story of tragedy.)

The Fire avoids the flawed perspective and is considered to be the perfect eye for everyone. By not dying, it remembers everything, and because it is designed to not sin, it remembers everything. Because it is made of iron, it is consensually real. It provides a foundation of realism to our world.

The complication comes when you see yourself as a demon (mistaken identity). In this case, you think you’re evil, and it looks like the Fire is Satan. Then we have the process of forgiveness. The Fire is always calling you back home — through the inclination of not just yourself, but of things around you, to return to a normal state. That is the greater theme of our modern mind — this process.

If you can return home, and you are naturally inclined to, then you see from a clear perspective, and it is then that you are forgiven. It is because in the divine perspective (the one God is aware of), there are no mistakes, and sin is really losing yourself (so it is naturally a hardship — a disinclination).

There is a more specific theory of the Fire with application to radio to brain communication technology. There is no evidence to substantiate this theory, so it may be considered obscure, but, there is no evidence that violates this theory.

One would need a hollow iron ball (perhaps the metal’s thickness is about 1/10 of the radius) in an environment free of radio interference.

This experiment is still under construction, but from what I understand, you need to find a way to subtract the energy from the inclination of the iron ball. You would play some different patterns for it, then, through the unknown method, record its inclination towards normality. Assuming you could capture the right material, the recording would represent intelligent patterns of radio activity (through the elimination of the new activity).

With a great enough understanding of this (I know, this experiment is still underdeveloped), one could potentially understand cognitive radio well enough to communicate with people. The theory behind this is that people are non-responsive to signals that seem Satanic (with no intelligence behind it). Signals that represent fundamental stories of the mind, like knowledge, duality, and the story of perfection, would be recognizable by conscious beings, as those fundamental stories are the ones that we are most familiar with. (Likely no story of the origin of the mind is just a sine wave.)

The problem is producing these stories on the radio. We, as conscious beings, can do this very naturally, because they are the stories of how we are alive — they are the recurring themes throughout reality. However, for computers, this is more challenging. Understanding the proposed theory of the origin of life, if we can record the return to normality, leaving higher energy states, then we can gather information about this fundamental process that we do so naturally (spending energy).

We do have 1 word granted to us. If this likely story of the origin of life is true, then we know the word, “die” — from our Sun. Apparently, this is the most lively word of our world, simultaneously daisies (through indirect effect) and death metal (through direct effect). Perhaps a radio recording of the Sun has an effect on people.

While this is very much a primitive description of an experiment, this experiment seems very promising to me, and could, a bit hopefully, allow for a very natural cyber-telekinetic system — no implants or anything. Admittedly, it is hopeful, although it is interesting nonetheless.

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