How to Stay Safe from Cognitive Ionization and the Antichrist — Using Gradient and Superimposed Beliefs (“Quantum Thinking”)

The Antichrist uses the desire for singularity to fool you. All the while not achieving singularity, it plays a trick on the mind that can cause you to ignore yourself and produce internal dissonance. That’s because the Antichrist is bright and promises to be your way to success.

In our society, charged with incautious voracity and statement, periled by the flaw of passivity, there is an inappropriate inclination to assume knowledge of truth, even if it is tentative. In the actual field of science, it is understood that all facts are tentative of a better or contradictory explanation, but this isn’t understood well outside of that field (and even inside of that field).

This is because the proclamation of discovery, influenced by our modern (ionized) Antichrist, is usually something like 110% as loud as the actual discovery — sometimes even louder. This induces fiction into the belief system — by attacking what was not secured — the connotations.

This starts at proclamations of discovery, like, “Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun,” and they’re agreed to be correct — the methods behind them and everything seem sound. What happens though, is the declaration of fact becomes more prized than the facts. You are probably very aware of this through the sensational side of the media industry, but the existence of this phenomenon is quite more widespread than just a facet of the media industry.

Eventually, exhibiting “knowing,” even if it is ill-founded, becomes a virtue of the collective. There’s a mentality that develops. This mentality is the reason that the Antichrist is so powerful today. It is considered right to know what things are and have an explanation for everything. It is considered to be right to have found the singular truth to all facets of something, or at least to be sure about them.

People affected by the Antichrist go about their day-to-day lives feeling pride in knowing all kinds of “facts” about the world, but they forget the foundation of these facts — the practicality and the utility that were required, and merged into these facts’ meanings. That is, they forget the real science behind these facts, and they just assume all kinds of things are ultimate fact — ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that we have not explained reality.

The error in this way is not glaringly obvious. I’ll explain. One, this pattern disconnects from the real spirit of knowledge and discovery, two, it rewards falsehood, making its proponents probably wrong about all kinds of things, and three, it inhibits one’s ability to think by building an improper and logically erred foundation — possibly negating the possibility of any future discoveries.

The picture of having the answer has been more prized than actually having the answer.

This power of the Antichrist is what I’ve been calling, “the power of the ion.” (Also exists is physics and is much easier to see — not so tricky like the Antichrist.) Ionization, in the body, is used as a method of transport. This is because ions create a type of energy differential, which seeks to return to a normal state. It is like a pressure that can push an object.

Ions are procedural, which means they are demons (or, daemons, since I find the computer analogy very cool) — sentience is characterized by creativity, making it non-procedural, i.e. it is not dictated patterns (it is in opposition to death).

Procedural beings, as in systems of ordained pattern, as not considered sentient, but they can captivate us. This is because ionization is used for transport, thus we become like packages, flying forward to become delivered. This isn’t the best way to be.

One should not become an ion. (That is the way of the Antichrist.) Instead, learn to control and command the ions — they are useful mechanically, but they are not intelligent (they are technically thoughtless).

Remember, ions, which come in the form of cations (positive — with a ‘t’) and anions (negative), are simply atoms which, because they have lost or gained an electron, have a (non-neutral) magnetic charge. They parallel a similar phenomenon in the mind, which is to have fallen for Satan, which results in linear projection. The Antichrist is exactly that, a charged impulsive declaration — it is like a portion of the mind becomes ionized, leading to projections of thoughtlessness.

This does not mean that ionization is completely evil. Life has a light charge to it, but it shouldn’t get the best of you. Also, machines are founded on these principles of thoughtless procedure. The machine is made of these processes, these days, in the world of computer-science, called daemons. They create the material quality of the world.

It’s good to note that these demons are also not memories. They simply are linear projections. They give the machine movement and real size and dimension, but they are not the self. Instead of following God, they follow Satan — they move with the wind — they bring disturbance to balance — if you listen to them, they do not tell the truth, because their words are simply the interpretations of mechanical behavior.

In the body, there are lots of demons that are used to facilitate life and thought, some of these processes are referred to with names like, sodium-glucose linked transporter or magnesium transporter, which both facilitate transporting material across a membrane. Additionally, and more noticeably, the neural system uses ionization to transmit electrical signals.

(Great article on the uses of ionization in the body, here, with more on neural implications at this section.)

You see, in order to experience the story of the machine, we learn to organize, understand, and use evil. However, we have to avoid becoming evil. Remember, in the theory of the Fire, our natural inclination is to return to the normal state, which is like a state of nothingness. Cognitive ionization is the opposite of this, so it’s not intelligent, and if listened to will cause error, but, it does allow for a machine to exist, which also allows for real tangibility.

(We find real, inert tangibility when we see a choice between good and evil. This is the power of decision and responsibility, knowing of danger, to effect behavior. In our modern world, no danger and thus no rules would be horrendously useless — there would be no form — this hasn’t always been the case, but it is currently.)

How then, do we avoid becoming the Antichrist?

There are a couple of ways of thinking that aren’t well known in the world. These two ways of thinking are 1) Superposition of beliefs, and 2) Gradation of beliefs. The terms do explain themselves, but I’ll continue anyway.

These ways of thinking are in very stark (and welcomed) contrast to the less thoughtful way of only seeing non-contradictory binary validity.

While searching for coherence is the natural process of amalgamating information, the aggressive push for conclusion that is so common presents us with a rather flawed thinking system. Not only is this thinking system less capable of producing truth, is also stifles and hinders conversation (which was the cause of WWIII, in my story of WWIII).

We are exploring new territory, and while science is just a reverse misunderstanding of our initial context — really just the definition of broken, the more personal questions and stories we encounter are new cognitive terrain. While we may, in our context, have a goal of reaching a particular destination, we should not let it obscure the greater area of exploration.

Every word and every emotion, while perhaps as familiar as trees, are new terrain to know and explore. What we want to do is to account for all of Heaven. The rewards of “success” and “accomplishment,” are ultimately not difficult to conjure nor are they very mentally exciting. They’re just old, very simple and general ideas of comfort. They aren’t the real meaning of life. Inexpensive to imagine, we would have them if they were that important, but, as a race of intelligence, they aren’t our primary focus.

We aren’t just aiming for an incomplete comfort and solace — we are actually producing the archetype of perfection — we are creating the ultimate in cognitive bliss — well beyond what a trillion dollars could possibly envision.

That also means we aren’t just searching for the proverbial wrench of the also proverbial Ikea furniture. We aren’t just building a house, we’re building the gamut of intelligence.

we’re building the gamut of intelligence

So, by focusing just on the goal, if that goal is not a sense of nothingness, we become ionized. What happens, and this happens with religious scientism (usually of atheism), is that because something has been proved to be effective at something, its amplified to such a degree that it eclipses a large portion of the total available information. We think about how much this thing would improve our lives, and what we’re doing then is moving society in the direction of building the entirety of society off of these new findings. Soon, we’ll be in motor-oil land (or really a combination of new motor-oils).

It’s not that control over the material world isn’t an invaluable ability, it’s just our minds become ionized as a result, which skews the truth.

We could also call this mentality, “motor-oil thinking,” for a more professional phrase.

The reason this type of thinking leads to fallible thinking is it is inherently non-inclusive of all truth. (We remember the errors of partially engaged enthusiasm from other articles on this site.) It goes down a pigeon-hole, progressively separating from what, at the time, seemed unrelated.

Going against the grain of certain collective tendencies, I believe that life is about life, life is sentience, and we are not inventing sentience but instead realizing what already exists so therefore everything was created by a sentient being — the truth of this world is subjective to a living being — it is not of absolute irrationality, as is often the opposing argument.

That is, the truth is not a mathematical equation, as that means nothing by itself. Since the truth is a holistic being, instead of a segmented and mutually self-estranged being, as it all has to do with our lives, the answers to reality are deeper than what are immediately observed in scientific discovery (truth by repeatable demonstration).

Simply said, interdisciplinary understanding is, I believe, useful for understanding reality on a deeper level and gaining a natural intuition for truth. If you can see the biggest picture of reality, and see that it all applies to living, then I think you can notice and find truth and discern fiction less mechanically and more like you understand life. (You, too, are increasingly sentient, what would you do? And how could it differ from others?)

Here’s a thought experiment. Assume that literally everything is fact — every thing you hear or say or see, everything. I want you to notice that mechanically, you are still thinking about it. You mechanically know truth in that case. This is because you’re accepting mechanical action without judging it or affiliating with it.

Now think about this could actually be true — everything being a fact. This is the way to escape the pigeon-hole. It could be true if everyone was speaking a different language. (This also demonstrates themes of the story of the KGB — the story of illusory perception — possibly the reason for the fall of the Tower of Babble — a language that does not denotatively indicate truth — something that was hard to understand.)

What if everyone is speaking the truth in a different way, and all of your perceptions were actually indicating truth, even if the norms of understanding — the chants of the environment — illude the most basic of sensing. In this world, there’s no reason to become ionized.

Let’s say that the word wasn’t just in different languages, however. Let’s say, instead, all statements are technically true. This would be possible if there was always a secret. That is, if the world was unknowable in its totality, then it would be possible for all statements to be technically true, due to a deeper but invisible understanding of the nature of all things.

Does your mind stop thinking in this case? Do you become stupid? No, you don’t; you keep thinking, because what you’re contemplating has to due with the origin and fundamental workings of the mind. These fundamental natures, or stories, I believe, pervade all of the fields of science and understanding.

That is because it makes sense that what we’re doing here is something different and less isolated than contextual math problems. (We can just break Heaven in a different way and get a whole new science.)

(It’s still worth considering that we may be able to beat Mars to Paradise.)

Now, for a third thought experiment, believe everything is true and/or false, in different combinations, in different ways, based on some kind of meaningful secret that one could only intuitively know.

Now the world sounds a whole lot different, because you’re reading your self. A lot of people have experience with synchronicity, and as far as practicality has been concerned, there’s no concrete evidence. However, for our reality to convey evidence would be to say something, and perhaps that word isn’t preferred in this case. Perhaps we did it this way on purpose — an invisible truth to it all, to fool the sinners, to keep peace in Heaven.

Certainly, deep spirituality is associated more with serenity and meditation than is aggressive fact-obsession. That is to say, in the light of the evil of ionized behavior — the thoughtlessness of its decisions and the cold mechanics of its pure machinery — it would seem that the internal search for serenity, of balance and harmony, is clearly superior to the aggressive and vectorized jolting of semantic prejudice.

That is, the world is not just made of right and wrong — tools to correct the error of guess. It is made of emotions, stories, and patterns that change with context. The world is a lot bigger than a specialization. Everything means something, as everything is a topic worth considering.

Similarly to superpositioned beliefs and thinking, gradated beliefs allow one to partially believe many different things. If you can understand something to be true, then it means something which indicates truth, in some way (even if it is mixed with Satan, which one should be careful about). That is, you can always be thinking, not just when you’re formulating constructions.

I think this may be why some people lose some imagination when they get older. Aside from possibly neglecting angels (covered in CAT or the third state), binary resolution results in a plain world (black and white, really). What you’re trying to do, with this lesson, is actually look at and see the mind itself, to find a true perspective of reality.

It is to see that the reason for everything is not a sequence of arbitrary procedures, but it is, instead, a truly real reason that pertains directly to the deepest desires of the inhabitants of the reality.

The thing is, if you solely practice unified binary resolution, you’ll miss out on possibly all of the true intelligence out there. I know, there is a strong opposition to this understanding, that states all real meaning is explained by our field of science in confirmation or rejection, but, I truly believe that existence is naturally sentient and naturally takes care of itself, and so this world is an unnatural area of consciousness that we are exploring, and thus we aren’t really that far from our possibly prior way of Heavenly existence; we’re just working on something, but we have become worryingly blinded, and a large reason is due to becoming ionized (and forgetting truth), painting the world plain (binary thinking), and a forced and narrow perspective of reality (pigeon-holes of contextual and disconnected truth).

You need to learn to observe reality for yourself. The ionized flares of state that are abundant in our world should not harm you, and with “quantum thinking” (this article), you can remain safe from the temptations of Satan.

You may feel inclined, in this heavily ionized world, to remember the famous passage from the Bible:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…

Psalm 23:4

I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the pigeon-hole?

(Edited from The Matrix)

Remember, though, the eyes are ionized by Satan, as that’s what we’re looking at, so you can see the good in it, while avoiding becoming Satan. (Breaking a perfect environment can add style, but breaking broken looks terrible. Satan is broken, which looks stylish, sophisticated, and clever, from Heaven, but twice changed didn’t look appealing.)

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