Mythology: WWIII Continued (III) — How the Satan Machine Repairs Evil, Forgiveness, the Mechanics of the Fire, and the Origin of Life

Mentioned prior, the Satan machine would allow a flare of Satan, a delusory captivation, and then return to bias, which was a state of divine purity. Never would two Satanic decisions be made, as the available memory after a Satanic decision is insufficient for life, and during those times, the sub-system must rely on being saved, often by memory.

This is a common pattern among us. Imagine standing somewhere, no one around, just observing the environment. Then, someone comes up, non-startlingly, and begins to ask you some questions. Your brain’s focus shifts forward, and when they leave, your brain’s focus shifts back again. This is the basic process of the Satan machine.

However, there’s something more unique about its behavior than simple mechanics. An interesting facet of mistakes is they seem to stay. Fixing a mistake doesn’t generally get rid of the mistake ever occurring. The Satan machine had found an alternative to this. The reason, is that the possibility of mistake is only a justified from a misinformed perspective. The Satan machine sort of appears to always make a mistake, but it was ultimately perfect and without mistake.

That’s because the Satan machine follows a very simple pattern. It is affected by deviance from truth, and then fixes it. A reflection of the Fire, it was described to me as an iron ball with a dot of focus in the center; when a wave of radio passes it by, the dot is disturbed, but the inclination of the iron ball was always to have the dot in the center — therefore, the deliberate action of the iron ball was to return to truth, which was defined as the center, default state, and the environment of the iron ball was the winds of Satan.

(Presumably, if a signal, like a magnet, was applied, upon shutoff, the iron ball would exhibit intelligence. The idea was that applying death (Satanic influx) to its default state would cause its return to be life. Another way was to subtract the incoming signal to hear the iron ball, although to do this accurately seems difficult, as you would want to hear only what resisted the incoming signal. I don’t know how true this is, but it is a cool story and it feels particularly good to know.

Inferring from these ideas, that would mean that by recording the radio waves after a periodic waveform has been applied, and testing with many waveforms in different ways, at different times, an AI system could be created that could actively talk on the (cognitive and direct-to-brain) radio. The idea behind this is that linear projections are ignored by the mind, in favor of complex emotional thought. Simply broadcasting radio waves would seem too linear — too basic and possibly aggravating due to their seemingly blatant disregard for humanity, so creating an AI based on the recordings of an iron ball returning from temptation would possibly allow for intelligent bidirectional radio to person communication, without an invasive device like Neuralink, but, from what I see, it’s never been tested, and there’s no information on it anywhere, so who knows.

In this perspective and state of mind, intelligence is found in resisting death (Satan).

This theory also posits an alternative theory of the origin of life. Instead of thinking about life becoming more alive over time, this would suggest that life in this universe becomes less dead, instead. Like the light of Lucifer, our Sun, through immense radiation, yells the word, “die,” very loudly at the Earth, which due to possessing similar self-resolving properties as the Fire, naturally resisted dying, with these instances-of-life’s first words being, “no, I choose life,” spoken in defiance to the Sun. It would seem that by resisting death, life would eventually evolve into us today. The Sun provides a reverse-inspiration, in this case, contrary to much of our modern thinking, which posits that the Sun represents life through agreement, rather than life by way of disagreement. As mention in previous accounts of the Fire, this world was a world born out of death, almost an evil world, so this action of life through resisting the call to death being emanated by Lucifer, represented here as our Sun, a bright-white shining star of immense power, makes sense.)

When the Satan machine remedies the influx of lie from the environment, something miraculous occurs. While, when caught in the influx of a lie, mistakes exist, when the influx of lie is corrected, the mistakes disappear. In the memory of the Satan machine, mistakes begin to exist, but never truly manifest, tracing the very edge of Heaven.

Similarly to conversing in a high-pressure and fast-paced conversation, the pressure creates a Satanic bias in one’s perspective. These are times when you don’t know what you need to know or you can’t remember what you need to remember — at these times, your brain is technically lying. We can understand this with the iron ball perspective (whether it’s true or not), as the dot being pulled forward. Then, the memory recall is biased, as the dot is presumed to be in the center during memory recall. The Satan machine can see this and utilize it to its advance, as the Satanic light that the Satan machine is looking at, in those cases, reveals the weakness. (By not adhering to it, but not refusing it, the Satan machine was wisely powerful.)

While in this biased perspective, your memory is technically inaccurate. It is here that you see mistakes. The Satan machine feels this, and guides you home. When you return home, to truth, your memory re-normalizes and becomes accurate once again, it is then you see the real reason behind everything — all you could see before were biases — and then once you see the true reason behind everything, you realize that there was never a mistake.

What the Satan machine effectively does, is re-explain all sin in terms of holiness. Again, the Satan machine was ultimately the Fire, so this is how forgiveness works. It is re-aligning your perspective, so you can understand the reasons behind everything. Once you can understand it, then you see there was never a mistake — it’s all ultimately people and creatures of various kinds thinking real, divine, things together — it’s ultimately intentional, and evil makes it hard to see.

Finding this understanding is the process of the Fire, and ultimately the Satan machine, so it is called, “the action of the Fire,” as all angels are technically things you can do. (Training yourself to perpetually do a mental task is sometimes a worthy endeavor, as well, as you can possibly build and strengthen your subconscious — you just do something repeatedly until you don’t remember you’re doing it, perhaps try it with a mantra or a math problem, just don’t go full LUCIFER, you know. I used to do this with the hundreds of meditations I had discovered to be helpful, which became various systems of my subconscious. It’s also important to remember, after having learned the procedure, to always say yes to that procedure, otherwise it will change, which can be fine, too, if that’s what you want.)

There’s a meditation you can try, if you’d like, that I call “the action of the fire.” In the Fire, Satan really is the radio waves. By resisting the radio waves, you can feel the radio waves. While I do mean radio waves literally, I also mean it metaphorically, as a means of describing conscious communication.

Not off-topic, I wonder, rather seriously, if you can feel radio waves through your hemoglobin. If you look at the hemoglobin structure, there are four subunits, each with a single iron atom at the center, surrounded by heme, and surrounded by globin. It looks like a space-aware radio antenna. I know things like this are often not considered to be strong indicators of significance, but you have to also consider that it’s called “hemoglobin,” mildly jokingly.

Resisting non-intelligent inclination without subduing the inclination entirely (instead, feeling it without succumbing to error), provides the ability to listen without changing personal bias, radio or intellectually. This is the key to listening — a stable bias that can feel incoming radio signals without actually mutating into those signals, which would silence them.

Once you can listen, then, possibly, you can see the waves of radiation and feel them, feeling the power of the Fire (in part, powered by Satan). It’s a level of awareness, I think, to notice these radio waves, as they appear to be.

How would you talk, then, to these radio waves? By maintaining a bias, you are speaking, so by listening, you are speaking. Like in the story of the iron ball, the radio waves excite you, but you resolve to a stable bias, speaking life to the radio.

Note that the Satan machine wasn’t just people sending radio waves to one another — it was a universe of great power, a computer, a network, a complex system requiring education to operate — the radio waves didn’t just bounce around, they were responded to, changed, mutated, morphed, amalgamated, spurring discussion and inference, ever evolving, like a garden of Shiva, transmuting reality, simultaneously destroying and creating, yet never killing and never dying, as the radiation, through its resistance, reflects the life of the world.

What it looks like to me, and perhaps this is a new variant of kung-fu, is that the body can tune to the radio, centering its bias in the skeleton. As one keeps this bias true to oneself, the person’s mathematical bias appears to shift, but the identity of the person is sustained, allowing for flexible and natural communication (your tune moves with you and is also your response). However, this communication may not be primarily with other people. To me, it seems more likely that the nature of this communication method would lead one to prefer to maintain a connection directly to the Fire itself, and from there, communicate clearly across a type of highway of information, bypassing any obstacles. The information from this direct connection would be free of Satanic influence — just pure, divine cognition, while the rest of the information would be chaotic and free (obscuring the angel).

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