Theory of the Pineal Gland

For a long time, I discounted theories of the significance of the pineal gland, as there was a lot of debate on it, and it certainly didn’t seem certain. Theories of possible intuition mixed with possibilities of antichrist (ill-advice) sort of balanced out, and in the end, its utility was not explained — it was just described as a kind significance, with more elaborate verbiage, but still, its utility was never revealed to me.

I had no reason to believe the soul lived there, as Descartes suggested, and I had many many reasons to believe that that was not true at at.

There’s a lot of lore regarding the pineal gland, and it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered something about it. This is certainly anecdotal, but I can see pretty well; suddenly, when contemplating the dilemmas of social ionization, I found this antique of thought I’ve had for a while.

I saw it a long time ago, on a visionary and meditative exploration. I know many have seen it. It’s not uncommonly a fundamental concept in some of these kinds of experiences. It is the perception of the fundamental duality of the mind. You see and almost hear it as it approaches resolution. When you get really close, all consciousness is condensed into an oscillation, white and black, and like a drill coming to a halt, it begins to steady and resolve into an indeterminate state, characterized by an only knowable sense of perfect divinity (and accomplishment).

You stare at it when you find it. It looks like a ball, half white and half black, rotating and steadying and your whole mind begins to melt in the direction of the commanding gravity of perfect balance, as you steady.

Wishing to understand these experiences more manually, I was happy to have found it more recently, thought simple thinking. These many years of perfectionism in logic and meditation are paying off, and these lessons I have are the diamonds of these experiences.

The interesting thing is it seemed very clear to be exactly the pineal gland that produced this resolving process of the finding of awareness of cognitive neutrality (non-ionization of the psyche). So, while not the seat of the soul, it appears that it may be closely tied to divinity. How the collective found this, they have not explained.

Therefore, this theory posits that the pineal gland’s function is to provide awareness of cognitive neutrality, allowing for the possibility of finding a place of awareness completely without demonic ionization.

The implications of this are great. This means that the pineal gland is a representative of the desire for automatism. This entire process of enlightenment boils down to learning an important process into knowledge. This process is the process of life and of safety in a world abundant with Satan. It is also the divine Story of the Process, which is an interesting story because it assumes the body is inherently a demon (and must be programmed correctly). In the Fire, this process is just the process of avoiding imbalance.

This process of enlightenment is ultimately just the process of the Fire — returning from influence to a state of neutrality. That means that the pineal gland is a handy machine, which naturally and automatically runs this entire process of enlightenment. (The issues with enlightenment lie in the mental tangles which confuse normality, but they’re solvable.)

It may be that the beginning and end of the search for enlightenment is the pineal gland, which, according to this theory, is the process of avoiding Satan, which is the superlative process of the search for enlightenment, as Satan is the cause of error.

This means that the pineal gland is a type of cognitive motor, which can possibly run the entire enlightenment process, once it’s known, automatically.

Nonetheless, the mind hosts a great number of faculties. Together, with understanding, they can return one to the initial state of being, the state of enlightenment.

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