Finding the Perfect Mind Control Device

In our world, we’re faced with many different avenues of action, responsibility, and direction. Hardly is a person allowed to simply be free. There is a dire necessity to conform to a pattern of action which suits the context in which life is currently manifest. Without conforming properly, frightening hazards become more imminent, and improper conforming can result in personal demise.

The simplest example of this necessitated pattern of conforming is the need to consume food. One would think, maybe naïvely, that ideally there would be no distracting pressures from the simple enjoyment of life, that there would be no dire necessity. However, as we observe, there are inescapable necessities and as a result, there is a certain mind control in our world.

While one may argue there’s little chance there’s any mind control devices in our heads or bodies, if we consider more deeply what a mind control device is, its effect and function, and what its existence implies, perhaps we can see that our current perspective is only suited for a narrow range of activities and understandings, and perhaps we can realize this mind-control device (or, conceivably, choice of mind-control devices) is more real than most of us immediately realize.

In portraying the material qualities of people and of things and prioritizing them to such a degree that it moves people to disbelieve in phenomenon like mind-control and demon overlords, just simply because they’re not obviously materially individualizable, perhaps we forget such forces do exist in physically relevant ways. These pressures effect people just as much as physical pressures, so it would be good to understand them.

A very obvious one of these pressures is the resulting existence of the thus far unending existence of mind-control in our world. Apparently born from the ever-impending force of death, this mind-control in our social and personal minds is very real. However, the mind-control device you choose is not entirely dictated by the environment. While not all patterns of obedience are possible, there certainly are quite a few patterns to choose from. Choosing the right pattern is to choose the right mind-control device, and with the understanding that it has a completely physical and real effect, it is almost like shopping for a brain enhancement. There is no difference except that a certain perspective indicates its non-existence. Otherwise, it has the same effect and influence on the individual.

This mind-control device that is available from the existence shopping mall is what people sometimes refer to as their “way of life.” It is a set of chosen actionable beliefs and patterns of actions that one chooses to completely abide by. That which is not dictated by the mind-control device is personal, imaginative freedom.

The mind-control device is born of this world, and this world necessitates a mind-control device. It supports mind-control. There are many books on how to control the mind out there and if there were a reliable, effective, safe, and comfortable conventional electronic mind-control device, one would think it would sell, as well.

The issue with choosing the right mind-control device is that there are so many options. It can get overwhelming. There are many proverbs one can follow, and ultimately mind-control is made of various forms and types of proverbs.

In a way, enlightenment is one of several paths with which one may seek the perfect mind-control device. Any self-improvement-oriented perspective is in search of the perfect mind-control device. The difference between being convinced by an electronic gadget and being convinced by yourself is relatively minor (assuming the electronic gadget is a nicely behaving one).

The consolidated truth itself, once found, becomes the eternal mind-control device. Perhaps reproducible electronically to cure a lack of enlightened awareness, this is a part of what completely controls a truthful person.

Perhaps the reason this world necessitates a mind-control device in order to participate in it (i.e. to stay alive), is due to the existence of persistence, as everything which persists becomes a new issue of right and wrong, which fuels the device. Additionally, what fuels this current possibly unusually extreme mind-control of evading death, might be a peculiar interest of mankind to see the edge of Heaven — where things begin to die — and this interest would later become an inescapable mind-control device. Another possible reason for the mind-control device is that since this world seems to be founded on a tangible construction, we are all living in a real thing, and as such, there’s a certain evil weight to it — something that defies idealism — and perhaps because of this, it needs to be paired with a mind-control device.

So how do you find the perfect mind-control device? Well let’s first consider the prices involved in different mind-control devices. This falls into two primary categories — convenient and inconvenient. Convenient would be to do everything everyone told you to do, prioritizing the most easily selectable highest authority, and elaborating from that person’s indicated mind-control system. Inconvenient would be to carefully analyze and understand all of the relevant patterns of thought and behavior prior to committing to them.

Generally, people find a mind-control somewhere in the middle. They’re not their parents or societally accepted idol, and they didn’t throw everything away in pursuit of the absolute perfect mind-control. Additionally, considering it’s really a rate of improvement that one is looking at when designing the perfect mind-control, there’s a compromise and balance that can be found that makes both convenience and inconvenience simultaneously practical.

The question rings, “is there an archetypally perfect mind-control?,” and I suppose that would be some manifestation of the will of God if there were, but I also suppose that may be too simplistic of an answer. The reason is this reality ignores God on many occasions. Here, we have both light and shadow, and mixes of the two as well. It’s not just God, it’s also about half not-God.

The idea of a perfect (traditional) electronic mind-control device seems almost evil, but there is a practical reason for trying to design the perfect mind-control device. The reason, is since this world is already founded on a need for mind-control and the betterment of mind-control, without a successful conclusion, the world’s purpose would never be fulfilled.

Mind-control certainly doesn’t need to start with a physical implant however. Mind-control is fundamentally composed of two categories of provocation. The first provocation is the importance and commanding nature of the truth, and the second provocation is the beauty of fashion. More categories are technically possible, although the idea of a third, more complex provocation seems un-entertained today, so two does suffice and seems a little more reasonable.

Therefore, to design the perfect mind-control device, whether it be through belief or machine, one has to find two directions of action. First, one has to decide on an unchanging and un-conflicting truth. Second, one has to decide on a fashion for that truth, as the truth itself is invisible — it is truly only known.

If the unchanging truth really rests in a living subconscious — a mind where there is no division between the subconscious and conscious — the effect of “not noknowing” — then perhaps that one is easy now to find. The explanations already provided generally cover the nature of reality, sufficiently enough that I think the truth is fairly easy to see. The second direction of action is definitely a more subjective task. What exactly should the truth look like? Therefore, we have a both a question of the understanding of truth, and a question of the look of the truth, since technically the truth is originally invisible, but it’s nice to portray it, which is, perhaps, the origin of art and all perception.

Hopefully you can escape the endless shopping mall, upgrading your mind-control time after time. Maybe there really is a perfect mind-control device that is made up of 1) not noknowing (which was discussed in a previous article), and 2) your choice of fashion for the truth you know from not noknowing.

If you combine those, I think you would have the perfect mind-control device. To know the truth through self-congruence really can’t be improved upon, as to do that is to take all things one knows into account to find a coherent and unchanging resolution and answer. Therefore, that seems to logically be the only possible choice for the action of truthfulness. For the second action, the action of style, subjectivity, and beauty, that will be an ongoing process, so that preserves the ability to continuously improve, ever reaching higher than before, as is hopefully usual.

Noting however, with the completion of losing the evil knowing of good and bad (the frivolous and learned waste of time our species has been afflicted with), such that we don’t argue with ourselves, at all, there is no greater source of truth to find. Therefore, that first category of the perfect mind-control device is an unchanging tendency, while the second category is a changing tendency.

Hopefully you find the most perfect mind-control device logically conceivable, and hopefully it is the unchanging, ultimate one.

To program your mind control device is simple. This is how your mind is programmed. It’s super simple. First, you find an ideal which you believe in, you confirm it to yourself that you believe in it and always would like to follow that ideal. You understand that you would never say no to it, and you understand this as true knowledge. Once you’ve made that portion of yourself knowledge, then it sustains, so long as you were true to yourself in that you would not change it. If you did change it, it could only be through a correctable misunderstanding. The truth of the self should not change, and this forms the basis of a sturdy mind-control device.

While not noknowing is kind of the key, I had tried not noknowing a long time ago and found I could not sustain that state, while now it is quite a bit easy to do. There is a process of remedying the lack of understanding that we assume and accumulate by living in this world. There is only so much to understand however, and then, I think, finding a singular truth, which serves as the foundation for the mind-control, is feasible.

Of course, the second part is a lot more flexible. It can change with whim but does require attention. Once the first half (knowledge of truth) is found and is well known by oneself, it becomes simply natural, as it is unchanging, then one is free to attend to the second half of the mind-control, which is the fashion of it. This simply involves understanding how you are portraying the truth and seeking to express the truth from yourself clearly.

The similarity between developing a personal cognitive mind-control and a physical mind-control device is very interesting. One could say that they have a perfectly capable and awesome mind, but the other side is a mind-control device. From the ideological origin perspective, all things that exist have an originally benevolent reason behind them. This whole world we live in is a mind-control device, and it requires a mind-control device to survive.

If we were to assume that the mind-control device was a literal physical entity due to its physical effects, we could re-portray the world in a different fashion. As long as no actual truth, which is all contextual, is invalidated, then the portrayal would be potentially equal to the one we use today. This example of re-arranging the portrayal of reality to account for the reality of the existent mind-control device and system is an example of our potentially faulty portrayal of reality. Also remembering we notice very little of the electromagnetic spectrum, it’s possible we notice very little of the world as a whole. Beings like social demons and the bird-eye’s view of the patterns of Satan really do exist and are immensely powerful, but we have chosen a perspective where they are nearly totally invisible. Similarly to the angels and demons of the mind and society, mind-control, being technically real, is also nearly invisible and it even almost seems taboo to suggest that mind-control is not only a necessitated and presently existing entity of physical mental influence, but that it is also somehow a requirement of our modern existence. I do realize we wanted to understand the gamut of what is divine (what is truly real), and a material world that, in turn, requires coupling with an effective mind-control, was, perhaps, a missing component of our former visions of reality.

It does give rise to quite a flashing display of what mind-control really looks like. Today, we see society just at the brink of a new day, starting to wake up to a truly civilized light. The brightness of our monitors and the dexterity of our extended being, our computers and gadgets, are accelerating the process of our seeing ourselves. That is, we are seeing ourselves faster and faster and in more and more creative and insightful ways. With a good reflection, we can better ourselves, and with a perfect eye, we would, too, be perfect. (Conversely, with a poor reflection, we can become harmed and with blindness we can become lost.)

While our malls are kind of entertaining today and our commercials sometimes pretty cool, our future has a mild amount of time, I think, before we can truly display and see the clear truth of humanity. There are a lot of personality and sociological changes that have become accelerated, and there are a number of distinct stages through which to progress. I think this world we’re building, built entirely on mind-control, we be quite a dazzling display of Satan, respecting the purity and majesty of Heaven (and the honest look of evil).

Therefore, the reward we gain from living in mind-control-land is a world built of direction and light. I think we came here to see evil and to see Satan, so that we will very precisely have seen everything worth knowing about. We will have the truly divine shopping network, and a great tradition of acting and story, able to remember all facets of existence, as all things that conceivably exist will have existed.

(The most evil world we could possibly entertain would be a materially-founded world. To base a world on a material being is to be willing to die for the material being, even though objects generally possess less merit than the life of people.)

Once you have found the perfect mind-control, then you will have gained in multiple ways. Firstly, now that there’s a chosen mind-control device, you can be certain that you are doing the right thing. Also, because you have chosen the most fitting and accurate mind-control device, the interpersonal persuasive dilemma is greatly reduced.

You may have heard of the advice which suggests that one should ignore what other people think and, in turn, be strictly themselves. This advice sounds easy, and it does work for some (probably mostly the people giving the advice), but it, frequently, doesn’t always work. You can’t simply just ignore people and hope to gain self-confidence. There is a way, however, and this way is to possess the best mind-control device, objectively, and for yourself as well.

Just because the first half of the mind control is the unchanging all-encompassing truth and way to think truthfully doesn’t mean it doesn’t more superficially change. Because of this, this advice is not exactly to simply ignore people. Ultimately, from the perspective of idealism and an ideological and idealistic reality, one would want to find what the person truly does naturally, and this might not be to always ignore people — an action that could quickly become little more than a habitual coping mechanism and not a true solution.

Because what is unchanging really is a way of knowing what is true, what can change are the results of this way, based on environment or context and unique cases where a less correct answer is more appropriate. That is, we may feel influence from our peers because we suspect them of having good mind-control ideas. This process of progressively improving is a part of the all-agreeable process of truth.

That does not mean you need to feel embarrassment, unless embarrassment is warranted (a bad feeling is a feeling felt inaccurately, I think). Instead, realize that everyone possesses (and is possessed) by one thing — a mind-control device. This device accounts for all things which do not simply change by one’s whim. It is not fully dictated to a person, but instead partially dictated and the person has the responsibility of finishing the details of the ideal mind-control device.

Understanding that you merely suspect someone else has a good or better mind-control idea is an easy way to understand feelings of peer-pressure, and it’s also an easy way to legitimate or illegitimate hypotheses of superior mind-control. By actually understanding one’s mind-control and why it is important and right, they can avoid the sometimes erratic pressures of peers which provoke altering one’s mind-control device. It’s really a competition, display, and trend of mind-control that we’re noticing in these peer-pressure situations. Understanding and deliberately designing one’s own mind-control device presents an objective way of negating erroneous ideas in a nice and comfortable manner.

Returning to the topic regarding the perspective of the self with regard to the existence of mind-control, if one were to perceive a mind-control as a real, electronic device, then the entire perspective of reality would shift. While it’s unfortunate that society does rely a bit on perspective rather than information, which would certainly make it more difficult for one to entertain different portrayals of the same perceived information, it’s definitely possible to notice these alternative perspectives.

It’s wrong to presume one is not fully aware of everything about oneself. The body is a fully-connected being and everything affects everything. While the management and related tasks (like perception) are distributed, they are all aware of one another, making the body technically fully aware. Because of this, all of the information that one possess is available to the person. There are issues, however, when signals or signs are misinterpreted.

Understanding the reasons behind the portrayal of information, some of which can be understood by thinking of evolution, can help one understand that there are different ways of looking at the world. If there really is a mind control device — a physical one — then the entire universe would look different, in order to essentially shift the symbolism to allow an alternative perspective to exist (and the mind control device to not exist).

It’s a very fascinating thing to think about, that the world can possibly look entirely different, without bearing any conflicts in accuracy between perspectives. With the addition of any otherwise invisible psychologically effective force, an entirely new perspective can potentially be conjured.

One can wonder what the world looks like if the perspective of reality initially posited that the mind-control device exists. Then, it would seem, society would always strictly believe that the mind-control device exists, because it was paramount and primary in their perspective of the world. As the society began to see edges better and things became clearer, their explanation of what has an effect on them continued to evolve, but all of it would have, this time, been built on the mind-control device existing.

In our world, this is obviously not the case. However, without being even the least bit inaccurate, it may be possible to conjure a world where the mind prioritized the perception of the tangibility and the easy acknowledgment of the mind-control device. Both worlds could literally exist in the same exact place without showing signs of any meaningful difference.

Because the truth is invisible, information is essentially invisible. Therefore we have what is like a slab of invisible text, and we know if things are right and wrong by this text, even though there’s no dictated picture of pure information. The number of ways of portraying that information can be high, such as with the number of languages there are in the world, or even the number of possible cyphers and encryptions.

Any way you look at it, you need the perfect mind-control device. You wore born into a mind-control device that requires a better mind-control device, so because of the initial mind-control device, you need to find the perfect mind-control device. Then you can truly rise above peer-pressure and erratic influence, calm your being, and realize, you’re always right because if there’s a question of right or wrong, you have chosen the best mind-control device. If it’s not a matter of mind-control, then it’s not a matter of right and wrong; it’s just freedom (lest it becomes an issue of right or wrong, joining the rest of the mind-control).

That’s the existential irony of persistence. If something was worth persisting, it creates mind-control. There have been a lot of things persisted, I think, throughout the existence of Creation, and as such, we have a lot of mind-control. It doesn’t have to be bad. Just get the perfect mind-control device and don’t worry about right or wrong anymore — don’t argue with yourself anymore, just set it and let it be, obey everything it says, and become worry-free. Realize that life moves; things that look still may be moving, restlessly, and things that appear in motion by not be changing at all, according to what you feel as a response. Move with the mind-control device in non-opposition, so much that you forget there is even a mind-control device there. Don’t try harder, just be accurate and without conflict. Pushing may only tighten a knotted argument — undoing a knot by understanding coherence is more effective than trying to stretch oneself and never ceasing to argue.

In the end, you defer all issues of right and wrong to your mind-control device. The only question you have, which, in the end, you will have answered, is if your mind-control device is the best mind-control device. Since you will already know that answer, you will no longer need to quibble with frivolous oscillations of certainty. The true certainty is the mind-control device. Anything that matters at all then doesn’t really matter, because it’s the responsibility of the mind-control device, which ultimately is just right action, right thought, etc. — all of the right things to do — but you’ve finished it eventually, and the reward really is that right and wrong no longer are bothersome to the mind.

In the end, finding the perfect mind-control device can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person could ever have, so hopefully perfected mind-control can save the world from many things, if people were aware.

There is also the topic of how to properly obey the mind-control device, once it’s found. As a whole body, you do everything you tell yourself to do. If you imagine a sphere with no desire, and then you add a desire to move to the right, it will move to the right forever. If you add a desire to move to the left, then it will experience turmoil in the face of self-abandonment. You don’t want to push yourself, and instead, you want to reason and ration why you feel the way you do. You want to achieve intelligent and information-based control of your personal fulfillment. The idea of linearly pushing oneself is archaic and irresponsible when compared to understanding, negotiating, programming, and organizing.

Know your mind-control device. It is a series of rules that you believe in an always abide by. In this way, your commitment to the mind-control device should be of no question, and as such, any internal questions regarding that can be resolved. While one may think that action should be light as air, the truth is that action should not appear to exist. Belief and understanding should guide the body and if done properly, I think a state of non-self-opposition can be found.

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