What Are We Doing Here

I discussed reasoning for our unnatural reality (where reality begins with death and miraculously comes to life over time) in, “The Theory of the Fire.”

In that article, it is mentioned that we must be in a big project of some kind. We come down to this place or a similar place (working on the same project) from time to time, spend some time here, and then leave. I think it would be reasonable to think we may spend time in Heaven between the visits (although this has some contingencies).

Today, according to statistics, we’re here for on average of 75 years and then we leave. It may be that that’s about enough time to witness the gamut of what life is like here in this project. We can also contribute as well during this time.

I think our lifespans could be limited, in part, because the world may not really be worth living in for over a 100 years. In a complete Heaven, we would live forever, and we would find it natural and a normal thing to do.

Here though, it’s literally living in a construction zone.

So perhaps that’s why we don’t live for all too long. Even longer ago, people used to live to 30 or so, so I suppose, by this theory, it wasn’t really worth much to see it for much longer at the time.

As mentioned in “The Theory of the Fire,” this project we’re working on will have finished covering every possible topic regarding creation. We will have what everyone thinks about everything, and although there may be new people in the future, we’ll have covered enough that accommodation will be not a problem.

As such, there are a lot of unusual questions here — topics regarding hardship, confusion, and struggle. It’s important that we know the answers to all of these so we can construct the entire Heaven. We’ll have charted the breadth of existence, to the edge where nothing exists.

To sum it up, we’re visiting an important construction/exploration project for a mildly brief time to answer some questions, say hey, witness it, and be a part of it for a bit.

When life gets better, I think we’ll also live longer (it does seem to be correlated). When it’s heavenly, we’ll probably live forever. Unless the project is finished by the time arrives, we’ll continue to work on the project, as there will be more questions to answer.

The questions we’re answering in this project provide us with the material to create things like hip-hop and country music — genres with particular zeal garnered from our current reality. As a part of our exploration, we’re exploring cultural anti-standardization and non-standardization, along with many more topics that will give us full knowledge of the breadth of Creation.

(Like idolatry and violence — both difficult to understand topics. All of the concepts of consciousness and cognition have a role in Heaven — they are like pieces of a puzzle.)

That basically explains why we’re here.

Above, I mentioned that you may not respawn in Heaven after death. The reason is that you’re here for a reason — you had some kind of goal back when you were more aware, and going on this venture is a way of achieving that goal. What if you don’t finish the things you wanted to do, see, or experience in this life? You may return again to finish all of the them. Since your machine will be in the middle of something, it might not make sense to visit Heaven in between lives.

We’re doing some exploring and some thinking, for a bit of time, to develop/discover the entirety of Heaven.

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