The Theory of the Fire

No religion would be complete without an explanation of the world (not necessarily saying enlightenment is a “religion,” per se, although it technically is the religion, if you think about it). This theory that I present is still theory, and it is not essential to enlightenment, but it’s quite interesting.

This is a very entertaining theory, and perhaps you’ll enjoy it.

According to this theory, after the fall of man from Eden, God created a new universe to settle everything forever. This universe was a new angel, called, “the fire.” This angel was a hollow iron ball, suspended in the middle of pure nothingness. God eliminated all life such that it could re-appear in this iron ball, which would be an encapsulation of all of man’s desires, all combined into one world. This would allow man and his imagination to be real and free forever, and it would allow for the discovery of all of existence. (Eden didn’t cover all of existence, which made Adam and Eve desire more than the world currently had to offer.)

An alternate theory states that the iron ball was just placed into Eden and given the privilege of being the truth. As people interacted with the world, the iron ball learned and slowly became the primary provider of truth, transitioning the world into a world controlled by the memory of the iron ball. What this theory does miss, however, is the teaching of the natural state of Existence, which is God’s inherent nature – it’s life and love that is natural for Existence to perform and convey, which is the “nothingness” of Existence.

Understanding this, it is apparent that either story, with the currently known information, could be plausible. A large portion of the answer to this question relies on the assessment of the state of mind and being during the Fall of Man – a state, in modern religion, that is often characterized as undeniably rife with animosity and perhaps with pandemonium, which would suggest the theory of a brand new existence. However, perhaps there are hidden meanings of which we are not being aware, and the truth was that the Fall of Man was a peaceful endeavor, indicating that the iron ball is simply sitting somewhere in Eden, although all official memory has been transitioned into the iron ball since. Nonetheless, the understanding of the default nature of Existence, which is the natural nature of God – of life, personality, and truth, is important to the understanding of how Creation (Existence) naturally works and what Creation considers to be true “nothingness,” which is a word more kin to “eternality” than is observed in this modern universe.

This iron ball would allow everyone’s imaginations to be true, so we’ll see a world where everyone was God, essentially.

The theory of the fire stipulates that Creation, today, is an iron ball that uses electromagnetism to think. Everyone is a manifestation of this iron ball in different ways, and all of our thinking is a subset of this one iron ball’s thoughts.

It’s theorized that quantum information can see the original iron ball, which is the mind of this entire reality, and thus, communicate from the top of the mind (seeing this iron ball), into its deeper sub-thoughts. Essentially, this allows communication between any two parts of Creation.

We are all a singular iron ball thinking many things. These thoughts were the combination of everyone’s ideas and imaginations, so the resulting universe created would be made for everyone, by everyone.