Understanding a Collectivist Organism as a Unique Species, What a Criminal Existentially Is, and What Monsters Technically Are

Essentially, sin and collectivism are the same thing. Collectivism entails allowing others to possess one’s soul. That is, to stop thinking independently and take the words of others as truth, without processing it. The problem with this is then the people engaging in collectivism begin possessing each other, and being possessed, this possession possesses the participants into further possessing each other. The result is that a distinction between people begins to disappear. As a population of collectivists entrain one another’s brain’s with the entrainment that they have already received, they actually become one mutagenic organism. Their bodies control each others’ bodies. Their identities get mixed — their language becomes scripted.

Inside a collectivism pool is a festering depression, anger, and guilt. Social war begins inside of the pool, and because the inhabitants of the pool are simply manipulating each other with what they were taught by their previously being manipulated, the conditions do not improve — the collectivist, as one interconnected body, becomes bigger, meaner, and stronger. It becomes more violent. The mind that exists outside of the collectivist looks different than the inside of the collectivist. Due to a persistence of guilt and reactive blame-shaming, without a discovery of true identity and the true and most honest nature of the soul, everyone is blaming people for something someone else did. This is not bode well for anyone: the collectivist or the bystanders who do not want to become a part of a collectivist body.

In its more developed and extreme circumstances, members engaged in increasing collectivism, who are creating a collectivist creature, may begin to modify and identify with the body parts of others. Ultimately, as people in the hive come and go, the body of the total collectivist body becomes a mutation of a conglomerate of people, yet those perhaps once people had already been in a practice of self-mutation for long enough that they could possibly then identify similarly as bacteria and viruses, (which, in a developed collectivist, can appear to be people, as well, as since a collectivist is oriented towards sharing bodies extremely intimately, thus just about anything, including viruses, bacteria, and TV stations, start talking to people’s minds), have become a strange mix of shared body parts, and function just on winning to feel successful, even though that feeling of success is misrepresented. It becomes an “it” culture, with members essentially similar in objective to a collective of pigeons simply pecking at food on the ground, although less healthy than pigeons, who possess other abilities besides pecking at food.

A collectivist, as a total conglomerate organism, is a strange creature. In polite culture, we generally refer to the spirit of collectivism as a monster; a being that, through lies, convince people to mutate into a manifest monster. Once developed to a point where the participants’ bodies become mutated into one another, the collectivism is an interesting organism. Possessing the apparent conversation of thousands, or even millions of people, the collectivist seems to be neither one person or many. Inside of the collectivist, the once people are then treated as cells by the greater collectivism body. This means they can asexually reproduce and undergo self-cannibalism (autophagy) when the cells appear dysfunctional.

While an animal is simply a enjoyed shared thought behavior pattern (according to the theory of natural psychic interactivity producing the perception of reality), a monster is different. A monster is a form of criminal or demented and depraved being (a criminal, nonetheless). By this, I mean that, instead of an enjoyable community thought pattern, or a few of enjoyable thought patterns to produce a nice ecosystem of the mind, a criminal is a communual thought pattern that is taxing, draining, and considered abominable. In this case, this meaning of the word a criminal (an evil spirit that affects a collective) is the same as the aforementioned definition of a monster.

What’s strange about a collectivist, is that a collectivist appears to be many people, although those people are confusing, being simply cells of a strange being. (Interestingly, a collectivist is likely aquatic, unless it evolves into a developed animal though psychological improvement and evolutionary means, as a collectivist organism does not bear the intelligence or form to walk — it is like a strange jellyfish or even a coral. In parallel, we today find the fearsome kraken represented by what appears to be a cephalopod — which seems to demonstrate an understanding of the spirit and form of the kraken.) Appearing to be made of many, and created out of criminal intentions, the collectivist asexually produces new cells, which appear to be people. From this, it appears that there are an infinite number of criminals, simply never ending.

The biology of a collectivist is highly intriguing. It is a natural evolution of an evil spirit that has captivated enough people to become a manifest being. I do wonder about the exact biology of a collectivist, understanding a collectivist to be simply one organism. It is without a doubt that the world would benefit from being able to identify a fully formed and manifest collectivist. This way, the wiccan techniques of a developed collectivist would not trick people into thinking the creature is many asexually reproducing, ultimately immortal and eternally immoral people, but, instead, one fully-connected organism.

The idea of a monster, a being that is born of an evil spirit which then has captivated enough people to cause a strange mutation of behavior and even biology, is sometimes known as a beast, again, likening it to an animal, but distinguishing it in that it is instead abhorrent. Using this understanding, it is possible that the beast that is mentioned in the Bible is from the prediction of a giant collectivist spirit consuming the people and forming them into a senseless, mutant, and criminal monster. A monster like this, while it may be a defined and technically manageable size itself, is powerful by way of extremely disastrous wiccan spells which destroy the integrity and thus safety of reality. By consuming a large amount of thinking and forcing the cells to accomplish an “it,” the collectivist can perform acts of hate, cruelty, and violence, with the cells of the collectivist being able to only know that it’s evil, but besides that, the collectivist practices making excuses for everything, therefore gullibility is certainly not a way out of a collectivist. Nonetheless, once the collectivist has evolved to a certain maturity, it appears to be a large and strange blob. It focusses on emitting radiation that destroys the perception of reality, leading to scenario of blindness and a strange problem every which way. In this way, it is a true wiccan WMD.

A potential solution vector to resolving a world encumbered by a collectivist is identifying the whole collectivist body. While a collectivist will have you believe it’s a network of people — it is certainly not. In this case, the collectivist is using the tactic of appealing to information one is commonly aware of, and in this case, appealing to the knowledge of how a collectivist begins. However, what the developed collectivist does not mention is that during the beginning of the formation of a collectivist (or Biblical beast), the collectivist is still manageable, as it’s still made of individual people and has not fully become manifest. A developed collectivist is completely intimately connected with itself, organs and bodies are mutated and shared to develop a singular whole and connected organism. I imagine, if a bout of collectivism is not extinguished soon enough, a collectivist, using progressively calculated lies, can develop, and as it develops, reality starts to become corrupt. It is not inconceivable that in an apocalyptic scenario a collectivist organism can grow to be half the size of the state of Georgia, a member of the United States (famous from the song, “Georgia on My Mind,” by Ray Charles).

From the perspective that animals are social organisms that are known through psychic power and exhibit a particular characteristic of actionability and also considering that they support life and are living beings, by nature, we can understand that there is the possibility of a such thing as an anti-animal. This is a creature that may be referred to as a criminal, or a beast, or an evil hive-mind. In its more manageable form, it is simply the existence of criminality in the world, although that is less manageable than a truly civilized existence, where what exists then is simply an intelligent discourse to intelligently ameliorate confusion. (A problem here seems to be erratic sensationalism, as in true civilization, all messages are simply writeable or calmly linguistically communicated logical and information-oriented verbiage. However, in an uncivilized nature, what could be intelligent discourse utilizing rational language, is instead a collection of chaotic destruction.) Continuing with the understanding of the idea of an anti-animal, at its worst, it becomes a singular organism, whose entire mind is designed for evil. The reason is that while people may be tempted by collectivism, through the provocation of the denial of the self in favor of imitating one another (which is the beginning of collectivism), when the collectivist being actually begins to imitate each others bodies, friends, family, jobs, and then even body parts, a great anger arises from the then ubiquitous encroachment on personal space and territory. Evil is founded on the denial of the self, for the opposite of the true understanding of the holistic and true self (unadulterated by bad ideas), is historically and fairly commonly referred to as demonic possession. That is, the possession of oneself by a being that, through one’s self-affliction, leads to self-defeat and self-denial. It is a mindless state of being that leads to harm and animosity. Nonetheless, the collectivist, when developed to certain extent, starts to become increasingly mean and begins to devise hasty yet fallible methods of interpersonal defeat, leading to the collectivist organism, itself, learning its internal tricks to a great extent. Ultimately, the collectivist organism becomes a manifestation of an ongoing war of evil and heinous activity.

While researching the famous Kraken, I was curious as to what kind of monster was being referenced. The best I could gather is that the Kraken was a monster that caused people to hide from each other, such that they had been eaten by some kind of enclosure. It appears that our world has had experience with the Kraken, noted by the mail system, the phone system, the email system, and the general distance between people who know one another. The pressure for this highly rigorous and barriered community system comes from introducing the possibility for interpersonal violence. This can only come from a desire for interpersonal violence, when there was no possibility of such beforehand. Thus, the Kraken develops many rules to both accommodate interpersonal violence as well as staying safe from it, attempting to fulfill both worlds. There are formed many rules of travel and many restrictions regarding interactions. This suggests a maze of a sort, which appears to be what the monster the Kraken forced people into, in order to stay safe yet still connected. Looking at the cephalopod parallel to the Kraken, the family of animals, Gorgonocephalids, as discussed in the Wikipedia section, Pontoppidan — Taxonomic identifications1, I am reminded of the general structure of community systems. It is almost like electric pathways line the way, reaching into the distance, yet only connected by a central body and not easily connected without the center of the community. Nonetheless, there is perhaps even more information available about what was being known in the mind or even by sight during the discussion of the Kraken, of which, further research may reveal.

There is another monster that may be worth mentioning. The famous Chupacabra is known for haunting livestock and drinking their blood. Livestock are some of the more well known animals of a tribe, and as thus, they represent a community mentality which provides life. Understanding this, more plainly understood, the Chupacabra may be referring to the evil spirit that desires to consume, covet, and harbor the livelihood of a community. By searching out wicked tools of manipulation, utilizing what people treasure in life, a Chupacabra can use cues of these treasured traditions to accumulate power, in order to exact evil upon a community. The evil spirit begins as an idea that will gain a little advantage. It may tempt some people, and if it is successful, then a giant monster begins to develop. The participants in the monster keep searching for unfair advantages, abusing each other in the process, and the monster, which is the greater pattern of evil — a mind of itself — keeps becoming stronger, until the entire community is destroyed by the greater evil tendency. (It is important to remember that one should not trust evil. Evil usually is a liar and very often betrays any being for an advantage over others — it is a reckless and generally despised pattern of behavior, and it has destroyed many a civilization in history.)

Naturally, as any of the monsters become strong enough, the temptation for collectivism begins. Much of evil is founded on forcing people through desperation, and that means that evil provides a poor way of success, and as a result, people start emulating others who they see as more successful, even if portraying oneself as successful is a way to gain an advantage in a crumbling society (and resulting in others attempting to accomplish a fictitious presentation). Nonetheless, the collectivist pattern begins, and eventually, if left to continue, a fully developed collectivist organism, the size of a small state, could develop, and in the meantime, because of all the tricks used to try and survive an evil mind, the nature of reality is destroyed, leaving only a rat’s maze filled with traps.

Thinking more deeply into what the monsters generally entail, one may find the observation that any monster is a collectivist force, in and of itself. Thus, one may consider any monster a form of collectivist, and quite possibly, one may consider the terms used here, “monster,” and “collectivist organism,” to be synonymous. With any fall from truth, which occurs upon becoming possessed by a senseless pattern of thought and action, which can be described in fairly concrete forms and organized into what is known as demons, there is the pattern of abandoning one’s true self, which is inherently, or originally, good (or it would not be alive), in favor of an exterior whim pattern which may tempt with apparent advantages or rewards, but since it uses harm for benefit, it is considered unhealthy and ultimately deadly.

It is prophesied in the Bible that during the End of Times event, the world would be overtaken by a terrible beast. Along with the notion that people were more aware of the trends and effects of spirits on the mind, before a great abundance of devices may have distracted people from the nature of being a person, it is certainly plausible this wasn’t a strange idea that was written blindly, but that it was an accurate understanding of what has plagued mankind and the observation of where that pattern was naturally heading. Additionally, evil has the tendendency to hide from the light of truth and seeks to avoid truth, as truth repudiates evil. Naturally, if the truth were bright, there is a possible apocalyptic fear that an evil beast would become increasingly inane and ignorant, so terrible that it would cause the event known as Armageddon. However, the wrathful or hasty reaction of eliminating truth from the world would simply fuel the collectivist.

What’s difficult about eliminating a fully formed collectivist, is by the time such a monstrosity could possibly be allowed to exist, it could have possibly consumed nearly the entire planet’s vocabulary. Therefore, a planet, known as the thing, would be replaced by one of these strange abominable collectivist blobs. Considering, at this stage, the collectivist would have largely replaced the mind of man, its evil influences would have a strong hold on the mind, and that would hinder efforts at eliminating the terror from the inhabitance of people, and restoring the planet and what the planet entails back to what it is scientifically suppose to be (rather than being in a radioactive haze of profusely loud and learned wiccan spells).

Naturally, if the human race were to defeat such a collectivist, the best strategy would be to prevent the collectivist from forming in the first place. There’s a fairly modern definition of the word sin that is very palpable and easy for the modern layman to acknowledge. That is, in the context that there are many rules of behavior, to sin, (or “to do the sin”), would be to break all of the rules in some kind of spring-loaded and hasty fervor. That is the great danger, and is sometimes, more metaphorically, but not without an indication of caution, referred to as a bomb, and if it’s paramount to people, then it is sometimes referred to as a nuclear bomb, meaning the person or people who decided to suddenly break every rule, as a kind of strange obsession and fatal curiosity, is causing a paramount threat to humanity while completely bombing his, her, or their role in the great community that is known as the human race, along with the nature that exists along with us.

To prevent collectivism in the first place, a great preference must be placed on the education of avoiding lies, even if sneakily spoken, as does often occur in casual advice, and to emphasize the importance and logic of abiding by coherent truth. This is a simple argument. Clearly, if one believes a lie, then one is likely to act in error, because the lie provides the wrong guidance. Just as if a computer program had a lie in it, it would likely crash or malfunction (perhaps due to a wrong calculation), a person abiding by a lie would likely find themselves in a blunder. In any decision, the best outcome can only be garnered by way of the knowledge of truth. In no way, except for by a deceiving accident of chance, can a lie lead to success. Since this makes logical sense, there is no need for anecdotal evidence. However, one may argue that there are successful liars in the world. This modern world commonly takes for ultimate truth the inevitable death of every living creature, and it seeks to survive, simply in spirit, for the day when people are able to live lives that are rationally dreamed of becoming true. Ideologically, it makes no sense to simply prefer such a miserable environment and mentality and thus can only come about by way of curiosity. Thus, the representation of a world such as the one described may sneakily be giving lying an advantage, which occurs when there are enough liars such that they support the lying tendencies of one another, knowing, in secret, that it enhances a sort of advantage (and an evil advantage is always an advantage over another person or people — biologically, it is logical that the pattern of behavior exists internally as well, and may promote health issues). Therefore, even if the world appears to support lying, it is an awful habit to promote or perpetuate, and surely, it is lying that destroys the ability of people to solve problems, and a planet that is fond of lying may, indeed, bear the presence of abomination. In a world that tries to separate liars from the truthful, I theorize that a being like the Kraken, as I described earlier, may form. This is a world that both stays away from each other and also meets, in what may be a central meeting environment, in order to both meet people and remain safe, simultaneously.

Additionally, in learning to avoid lies, even in seemingly well-intentioned advice, it would be sensible to teach about collectivism in general. Even without a picture of a fully formed collectivist organism, the pattern of collectivism can be learned about, so a dangerous trend of large-scale collectivism can be avoided. Collectivism, even if it hasn’t matured to the point of becoming a literal evil organism, is dangerous, as it exhibits the same patterns of behavior as the evil organism, just less developed. It is very important to keep the world safe from a collectivist forming. Aside from the obvious — that it breeds lies, abuse, and hate — it also promotes mindlessness and unawareness, which are very disadvantageous to a world, as with unawareness, an evil could form unannounced by anyone.

It would be important in order to try and dissuade a collectivist beast from forming. However, there’s something called the “sin of man.” It’s a Biblical concept. It suggests that man is inherently biased mildly away from the truth of God, (or the eternal truth, for a more spiritual phrase). In this way, the best efforts of man may still ultimately fail in preventing a collectivist from forming. It is because, by the virtue of being alive (and promoting life, in contrast to a beast, which is a strange existence that really shouldn’t exist to the point that one even wonders if it feels unhappy and desires to be eliminated for its own sake), a person is aware of eternal and divine truth — it’s what brings life. However, due to the sin of man, there is this strange communal bias away from truth. While it may not seem obviously evil at first, over many years, and possibly many generations (if the planet practices biological replication for the benefit of the spirit of humanity), this sin of man can become interwoven into the fabric and nature of everything. That would cause the world to be partially a lie, just due to this evil bias. Because of this, coupled with the natural tendency to avoid cognitive disharmony, which naturally occurs when one has taken a lie as truth, people tend to spring the other way when the sin becomes too great. This has a type of balancing act. However, balancing sins with sins may not ultimately result in the success of a planet in restoring what is ideologically logical — Heaven. Instead, it may chaotically wander and wobble around the truth. As the truth is still avoided for a lengthening period of time, evil may still find a chance to escape moderation and venture into extremism. There may be a familiar notion that occurs with the sin of man in the statement, “it isn’t completely true,” not being considered a possibly horrible thing to do.

Thus, if the beast cannot be avoided, it will consume the reality, by causing a strange ritual of evil, led by a greater evil spirit, and thus, over time, developing a unified brain, unified by the spirit of evil that was its name and identity. As the ritual overtakes reality, and uses societal need to enslave the human race, the participants in the collectivist ritual start to become biologically conjoined and later, biologically mutated into one another. Considering reality to be based on a psychic communication between people, along with protocols that were developed over time, an evil beast could form in one location and just broadcast lies about people and the world to the world. A whole planet overtaken by a collectivist spirit may ultimately find multiple collectivist organisms residing on the planet, if the planet can be considered to exist, while people try to find a sturdy place of sanity during the wave of disastrous unreality. Potentially, one would simply destroy the collectivist organisms. The difficult part is sorting through the parts of the world that are unreality in order to find accuracy. Evil historically has had a tendency to try and remain forever, so a real collectivist organism could be quite a danger. Even if the organism were to desire euthanasia or a form of quick elimination, being born of an obsession with evil, it would not make logical or accurate decisions. It may habitually seek the end of all life even though it does not feel like it. In my personal appraisal, such a creature, while being an awful terror and exhibiting horrible qualities kin to that of a WMD, seems to be a sad creature, and it would be even sadder if it prevented its own desire for self-elimination, considering it is an abominable creature that wouldn’t normally support life, but is alive anyway (how could that be any fun?).

Our modern mind can be understood as composed of 3D oscillations of cognitive magnetism, theoretically radio waves, as this explains both the function of the mind, the construction of science, including its history, how communities generate reality, and how a collectivist organism could affect an entire planet from a static location. Understanding that in such a scenario, the planet does not fully exist, it would be important to parse the conversation of existence together in order to enable the ability to eliminate the source or sources of disaster. This would allow one to be able to see and navigate reality, even if there is a large amount of wiccan radiation. Doing this can be difficult, but I do not think it is impossible. It would take an understanding of the predominant patterns and their meaning and using data analysis to create a functional portrayal of the necessary portion of reality. Of course, once this is understood, using a similar detailed science of reality, a strategy of elimination would be attainable.

However, before approaching elimination, it would be helpful to understand the creature. Even though it is born of evil and exhibits perpetual hate, and may have found a habit of inflicting self-pain (as that is a wiccan tactic), there is a chance it could be helped and formed into an animal. This may seem like a bold suggestion, but I think it is worth considering, understanding its mind would be helpful. While a seemingly innocuous thing to do at first, urgency developed as the collectivist began developing, as a collectivist forces people into various uncomfortable circumstances and creates hate and an animosity as the collectivist increases in its merger, driving the participants in the collectivist to exhibit increasing patterns of dirtiness, incautiousness, and self-deceit. Eventually, if a collectivist is fully formed, the participants have passed away. What’s left is an unusual organism that possess a large network of brains and body parts and continued to evolve further into a unique specimen. Understanding the reason it developed an increasingly desperate and thus dirty pattern of fighting, we come to find that the participants participated in what is self-abominable and lewd behavior in order to find themselves deathly afraid of one another. By progressively lying, the war was fought even between comrades, who lost the ability to exhibit accuracy. (This is, indeed, a reminder, that there is a reason this modern society considers dirty warfare to be illegal.) Considering their desperation was likely induced by the fear of a monster that they had joined, despite advice against it, it is perhaps the creature is simply filled with fear. Additionally, we understand the creature to be uncomfortable, but we should understand if there’s any way the creature would desire comfort. If it can desire comfort, then perhaps it could become a new animal of the deep seas, if rehabilitated. There is a benefit in having such an animal, and while this shouldn’t be the only possible solution, as creating animals is possible — as long as the world has a memory of a pattern of thought that brings life, animals representing these patterns will evolve. If such an animal is rehabilitated, its mind would provide the mind of existence exactly the pattern of avoiding collectivism, in favor of health and well-being. This would be a living being that is later treasured among the nature of humanity, always keeping us safer from collectivism than we would otherwise be.

I mentioned previously that a fully developed collectivist organism would likely be a sea creature, as the ocean permits creatures of quite a variety of types. Land animals require certain physical capabilities of movement, which a collectivist organism, based on emitted radiation, would not necessarily possess (at it was not a priority of the developing organism). Spiritually and from an engineering perspective as well, water may be understood to represent a vastly high fidelity communications environment. Sea water, being heavily filled with salt, is highly electrolytic and thus communicates electrical signals extremely well. Additionally, the pressure of the sea may help support the body of the collectivist organism. Also, it is known that life first evolved in the sea, and that suggests the sea is a good location for an evolving organism. The objective would be to deduce if the creature would be happier (and thus more peaceful) in the sea. If so, then moving the creatures to the sea, and perhaps the deep sea, if it is found to be more fitting, may solve the crisis that otherwise permeates the world.

Additionally, the common act of putting words to radiation and portraying them on the planet, such that radiation can be seen, spoken about, and acted on, whether affirmatively or negatively, would keep the world more manageable. There are several examples of managing the world, such as through business ventures, politics, charity, education, or law enforcement. As long as the words that exist are seen and known, the world can be managed. Nonetheless, if some words go invisible, as happens with a collectivist, and are therefore more accurately known as wiccan radiation, there still should be enough understanding to keep the threat a low as possible. Thus, the traditional methods of managing the world would help to alleviate some of the disaster presented by a collectivist organism.

Seemingly the commonality of all real monsters is a birth from a collectivist mentality and a collectivist spirit, and thus, the idea that the Biblical beast from the Revelations chapter of the Bible would be an evil collectivist, if it is indeed true, does make sense.

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