The Idea that Life is One Continuous Sound

There is a theory that is popular in the Eastern religions, namely Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. That is that all life is one connected sound — that all things are one connected (cognitively) magnetic vibration.

This may sound the same as the theory that the manifestation of life, today, is all made of radio waves. However, that theory, as I presented it, specifically regarded the universe (or manifest existence) to be composed of an iron ball, and the magnetism (ionization patterns of memory) produces what are essentially fields of radio activity. This chapter discusses a more ancient theory of manifestation, which thinks more along the lines that all manifestation is made of what may be seen a circle of sound. It is self-subsisting, and it simply exists, and all manifestation is produced by this sound.

Instead of the sound being a circle, one could also claim it to be a single point of vibration. This theory is also fairly popular. My take on this theory (either that it is a point or a circle) is that this is a story of a more ancient variant of manifestation. Certainly, the theory of reality being made manifest by an iron ball supports this other theory being a precursor, and thus included in the gamut of our modernly manifest reality (which, sensibly, includes all true and unbroken manifestations of the past, all into one, as it makes logical sense that all that is true is good and thus all that is true is sustained for eternity, passed from one manifestation variant to another variant).

My present theory of the order of the first three chronological archangels is that the first archangel was knowledge, which was that all things that are sure are derived from the knowledge of God, which is where all things originate. The second was perception. That is a story, or manifestation protocol, that explains life as a perceiver co-habiting with knowledge, which was the first archangel. Thus, the perceiver explores knowledge from a unique perspective. This covers perception, the story that perception can falter and must be kept well, the illusions and distortions of adulterers and devilry, the potential for reality to fall, and the story of Lucifer. It also covers accuracy and the personal and unique identity. Then, the third archangel, I currently term, “the game,” and although I may have given the angel other names since I began the book, the fundamental definition of the third archangel has remained the same. (I have simply found that the name, “the game,” is more elucidating than other names, like “complexity,” “the machine,” or “the book”) While thinking and refining my understanding and explanations, I have found that referring to the angel as “the game,” seems to explain it very well, at least in the context of the time and environment of the writing of this book. While the first angel was knowledge, which is surety and is certainly of utmost importance. The second angel seeks to explore and view knowledge, knowing that perception is always missing something. The third angel then, already, from the second angel, having both a realm or environment, as well as a unique perceiving and experiencing body that co-exists with knowledge, then adds a game of darkness and lightness. (Essentially, the second angel introduced cognitive distortion, i.e., the devil, and the third angel introduced the concept of evil, where darkness resides, as ignorance leads to errors, which are damaging, therefore, the idea of the book exists in the midst of the darkness, for the mind to find, once again the light. This pattern goes on in a dynamic way, to explore, to venture into the unknown, carrying a book or source of intelligence, and to return to the light. The entire mind undertakes this activity simultaneously, creating a real machine. The interesting thing about machines is that they sometimes are unaware of what they are doing, as that is the nature of something that is literally mechanical — it must be partially unaware, or forgetful, to exist as a true machine.) With the third archangel, there then exists three manifestation protocols (or reasons that promote the manifestation). There exists knowledge, which is where the sureness comes from. Then there exists subjectivity and perception, which is where the idea of the perceiving and experiencing self that resides with an environment comes from (essentially, in the original story, God remembers himself and becomes greater in knowledge, then with the second angel, God explores himself, looking at himself from within, seeing himself with a subjective perceiving and experiencing body). Then in the third story, after God has found to see everything and that the second archangel was fully existent, God ventured even further, to see what exists right outside of knowledge, in the darkness, where a book or map or intelligence-link must exist in order to stay safe from forgetfulness — and thus error. It isn’t simply a story of personality, however, it is a story of congress, teamwork, and trust. While it makes sense that during the creation of the third archangel, God was the only unique person who existed, this story required God to know many people who could help. These are not the people that were created in Eden, who are able to arbitrarily rebel against God, but simply servants of the Lord, as people, like the persona that was discovered during the creation of the second archangel. It takes teamwork to exist simultaneously in darkness as well as in light, and the darkness can only be explored if there is good teamwork. Therefore, this story, I have also referred to as “society,” as a system develops where the darkness can be explored. It is where the fundamental concept of teamwork and trust come from.

Now, I am suggesting that this third archangel — “the game,” “complexity,” “the machine,” or “society” — could also be referred to as “the sound.” This is not the same as the story of Satan, who is claimed to be a great musician. This is different than a play of need, also it does involve themes that may suggest need (i.e. forgetfulness, which is where need ultimately comes from), although those themes are not the primary focus of this angel.

To explain why I propose that the third archangel may also be referred to as “the sound,” I will explain more about the nature of sounds. Whimsically, and of relative unimportance, I used to think that sounds were “sound,” (as in “safe and sound”), and radio waves were still being decided (after a radio magnetic pattern is truly loved, it is saved, and becomes a part of the great sound). Truly, this understanding is not false, but only in what I have suggested is the modern archangel, in which we are living in a world of radio magnetism, under the context that this angel would suffice mankind of Eden’s desire to witness a world where evil exists, to know surely why Heaven is the way it is and not a different way. Therefore, the radio waves can exist in many ways, but if they’re abhorrent, the idea is that they would fall.

There is a problem with obsession and covetousness, however, in that if a large number of evil-doers exist, they can spend exorbitant amounts of resources and energy to hold up a lie. An even worse caveat is when a large group of evil-doers commit that they should die relatively young (say, under 100), and that in their next life, they should force themselves to desire to continue to uphold a possibly horrific lie, as horrific as has already been discussed in previous chapters. This would create quite a long-lived loop of evil-doers being reborn, spending all of their lives fighting a unholy and Godless war, and then being reborn to do exactly the same thing again, likely being reborn around the same time, or at least regarding the same memory of context and events, as that memory wouldn’t yet have progressed. Evil and collectivism go hand-in-hand, and collectivists love using each other’s brains, eyes, ears, and body parts, although it begins as a slippery slope of lying friendships and sleazy purveyance, as collectivists ultimately want to live lives progressively similar to one another, while also being spiteful, violent, and inanely stupid, as while a collectivist gets more and more glued to a hive, dissatisfaction rises, as the collectivist imprisons him or herself by the hive, and thus war, violence, ignorance, and stupidity begins. In this way, a word or radio-magnetic notion make take a while to become truly sound, as in to become sure and true, and join the rest of the sound forces of nature that work well with each other. Covetousness can be quite deadly, as it allows someone to be completely wrong, while always ignoring anything that may lead to the realization of truth — so much that the worse of the coveters will become violent when the truth is spoken, as guilt, as it increases, becomes progressively obsessed with avoiding any corrective action. It can be so bad that theoretically, a particularly curious individual could live a hundred thousand lives, each time being reborn at the same time, jumping on the person’s pre-planed memory and agenda, making sure to stay stupid, dumb, deaf, and forgetful, going to violent a stupid war, and then dying and restarting. Unfortunately, these possible characters are extremely inconvenient for the rest of the people in the world, as these possible characters are self-persisting warmongers. Nonetheless, as we may know from the Bible, we are learning about evil, with God’s reluctance. Thus, people will find out more about themselves, and these strange characters are certainly possible. It’s possible that some people may find it is who they truly are to live a billion lifetimes in succession, living exactly the same war, with exactly the same made-up friends, in exactly the same years, although something must be different each time, otherwise these characters would never finish with their unusual curiosity. And while we wait for the heinous to finish their forbidden fruit where they slowly learn that they are pieces of shit (or, in German, “mist”), we must realize we are apparently more patient than we once thought. Life is an exploration of the self and of life, in general, so we are all here to explore. The universe is quite gigantic, and there are many people, each with different lives and different personal quests in existence. While my childhood question and earnest ponderance was, verbatim, “what is reality,” as well as, “what or who is God,” others have different questions. Each person is unique. With the addition of the tree of forbidden fruit, people now have the ability to have personal questions — or “personal legends,” quoted and remembered from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho — that can be questions that regard what happens if the person is evil. For instance, a particular unique person, certainly different in character than many holy people and God, as well, may find their personal question to be something of the nature of “what happens if I’m completely evil,” “what happens if I’m detestable,” “what happens if I go and murder as much as I can,” and probably the worse one, “what happens if I desire to completely covet and become obsessed with being strictly evil.” The last example is likely the reason for much misfortune in history, and could certainly cause an apocalypse, an extinction, or possibly Armageddon — as if there is a large force, say, a large collectivist (hive), perhaps named “gog,” who represent people who have become completely obsessed, and thus forgetful, ignorant, proud, and error-prone, leading to becoming simply a tunnel-vision, staring at only evil, then this evil force would certainly use any evil tactic possible to kill and evade capture, and would certainly participate in grotesque activities, definitely resembling the literal prophesied Armageddon from the Bible. (This reverse avoidance of sin — the strict obedience to sin may comfortably be referred to as, “the mark of the beast,” as, as is commonly spoken, “sin means to miss the mark,” but if the mark was to be completely evil, then it would be a mark of a beast: those who would have obliged themselves to a life of dedicated evil would clearly be distinguishable from those who choose good.) As there is no army worse than a collectivist with a tunnel-vision staring at fulfilling evil, which would certainly include evading capture, killing witnesses, and corrupting the mind as much as possible, by holding up a way of life that is completely unsound, such that an entire world may exist inside of a literal disease, due to the loudness of the asinine collectivist — this evil army of warmongers, liars, and the depraved, is certainly a possible existence, and certainly people are quite obsessed today, so Armageddon in the way mentioned is worth considering, as that is certainly a possibility. It is good to remember that obsession, or covetousness, is obtained through curating a narrow-mind, a practice that, at some time in history, or maybe on another planet, would perhaps qualify one as a witch. It is not a holistic, aware, mindful, or truly conscious state of being, but instead a blind rat in a maze, doing things and pretending nothing matters. As goes the great criminal motto: “if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen,” it is the way of ignorance, thus the way of narrow-mindedness, and thus the way of obsession, or covetousness. The more narrow-minded a person becomes, the most blind that person becomes, and obviously, the stupider the person becomes. Heaven is a totality, and with narrow-mindedness, Hell becomes all there is, presuming the definition of Hell is a state that is not Heavenly — a broken or diseased mind as opposed to a well-cared-for and healthy mind of existence and of persona.

Continuing with the notion of sound, we may find there is more than one context in which to evaluate sound. While perhaps, in the story of the third archangel, sound wasn’t simply reasonable or not, but instead, the idea of a complex and unsettling environment, bearing many themes of lightness and darkness.

Remembering, again, the story of Lucifer, the second angel had to do with perception, which is inherently subjective, and the second angel also had to do with inaccuracy. In the story of Lucifer, the second angel decided that since he (or she) is perception, he (or she) should draw himself (or herself) on a chair billions of times higher in elevation than God. So that’s what he (or she) did and became known as Lucifer. Lucifer found himself so far into lying that Lucifer almost completely forgot the truth. Lucifer became impoverished, weak, and desperate. Without the truth, all things die. The world was turned in a superficial game of hanging on. Nothing was sure, the flooring was shaky, and any wrong step would result in suffering. As without the truth, perception become impossible and almost useless; if an apparently great object is secretly a traumatic nightmare, then there is hardly a chance at surviving anything. (How could you eat food if you couldn’t tell if the food was diseased or moldy or not, or even if it was food instead of motor oil?) Ultimately, the story of Lucifer tells us that lying to perception provides no true advantage. Perception is healthiest when symbols represent what they are, instead of representing something that they are not. It is the truth — the knowledge that is steadfast and sure — that all of the other angels must know, or else everything would die.

When considering the third archangel, as I have defined the being to be earlier in this chapter, we consider a similar story of Lucifer, or a fallen angel. While the first archangel is what is absolutely true and unchanging, it is possible that every other archangel carries themes of a possible evil — of a fall — although with the possibilities of an archangel of theory, and even an archangel of virtue (whom I casually ponder if his name is Kyrie), being the 4th and 7th archangels, it may be that angels who are multiples of three plus one (every cycle of threes, so 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, etc.) do not carry the story of Lucifer or Satan. Nonetheless, there is still more research to be done to determine that this understanding is certainly as stated. It is a certain possibility and is sensible, although there is more to consider.

With that suggestion, on every cycle of three, the first has to do with knowledge and surety, the second has to do with subjectivity and perception, and the third has to do with complexity, darkness, games (in the most literal sense), and cooperation. Therefore observations we make about the first three archangels may lead us to realizations regarding the archangels that were chronologically created afterward.

Returning to the topic of the third archangel and of the nature of it being an angel of sound, we understand that games involve stories that when exaggerated or put in the wrong place, can be horrific. There is thus the observation of evil in the proposed third archangel. When one is lacking the holistic God, then one is lacking fulfillment.

There exist religious people who are truly devout and serious about the truth, who do experience a lack of fulfillment from time to time. That is why I wrote, “the holistic God,” because to truly understand God is a deep ordeal and possibly may even require a redemption of the world (if the world is far enough removed from eternal truth, then it would naturally be a mission to restore consciousness to the world, as distance from God is also distance from awareness).

Again and admittedly, we live in a strange time where evil is typical. This is certain not ideologically appealing nor something any truly sane person would create. It is certainly the work of accidents and a combination of purposeful and accidental ignorance. It is a creation of a combination of abominable behavior, to the point where the place almost doesn’t resemble Heaven at all.

When one finds darkness, one has a more difficult time remembering. Darkness implies the permissibility of errant notions. Without awareness of truth, there exist a turmoil and a creepiness, as well as a danger. Thus, there is a unsettling sound. What unsettling essentially means, when understood in its simplest and concretely mathematical form, is that there is a fluctuation of deviance from the unchanging bias of surety. Let us consider sound to be a fluctuation of deviance from a bias of surety. Then, with perhaps another sound, then the sound could be muted. However, there would be no archangel if the only purpose was to mute the system. What makes sense as an alternative, is that the unsettling sound, representing the frightening deviance from surety and true consciousness, is balanced with a strategic sound, then instead of muting the exploration of the great depths of the unknown, a system, behaving like a cooperative dance, develops, from this danger that is mitigated by a strategy. Thus, while sound is inherently based on disturbance, there is potentially a way to take disturbance and counter it with strategy, such that greater knowledge of truth, of life, and of the way, can be garnered, as is the goal with every angel — to discover what is true.

Now we have arrived closer to a modern understanding of the belief or suggestion that all existence is made of a single vibration or a closed string playing a sound. The interesting thing about reality being composed of a sound is that it implies that reality is unstill, that it is fluctuating, that reality is difficult to know and understand. If it is true, that the sound implies the exploration of darkness, then it implies that there is a difficulty to knowing the very distance of the mind’s expanse. However, as with every angel, if the angel loses the sight of the unchanging knowledge of truth, then the angel falls into a broken state. This state is born of sin, or to miss the truth. Thus, we can realize that the word sin simply means to forget the eternal and unchanging truth. This makes sense as the only reason any angel or being could fall from Heaven into a state of brokenness, unhappiness, mutation, or disrepair, is by forgetting the true, unchanging knowledge. Regarding the proposed third archangel, the knowledge in the beginning was simply who God is. There were two parts to this knowledge. The first part was what was steady and unchanging. The second was the subjectivity of God’s self. The third, then is what isn’t really God — that is, what exists a bit beyond the boundaries of who God truly is. Because the third archangel deals with what isn’t God, that allows many personas to exist, that explore different characteristics of all that exists. Technically speaking, the third archangel is the great expanse of existence and both represents God and also represents what’s not God, simultaneously. A sound is technically disobedient, and that allows for a variety of environments and personas to exist, as allowing the sound to be different than God creates a perspective of an even greater expanse than what is truly representing God’s self. Nonetheless, what isn’t God but communes with God and follows God’s way and follows the truth describes God, so it also does provide an additional representation of God.

The other personas that are found in the sound rely on knowing God in order to know the way to be. Thus, there is the newly introduced theme that one may name, “the book.” This is an item that can help people remember the truth. Since God, specifically, is the truth incarnate, the other people (or personas) rely on the Word of God in order to stay on the right and straight path. If they forget the truth, then problems would occur, just as with any error. Thus, this archangel of sound, this archangel of exploration, teamwork, and game, sees evil, but practices staying safe from the temptations of Satan, which promote living in error. Since the sound is inherently unsettling and inherently a bit out of control, it is important that this archangel be a practitioner of mindfulness and sound, rational, decision making. Forgetfulness of the truth often leads to error. Thus, the community, communication, the book which bears the word of remembrance, and logic all are highly prioritized in this archangel.

Additionally, since, in this context, evil exists and it isn’t only God making the decisions, but instead, a variety of personas that don’t only represent God, but represent a variety of ideas, in addition to God, there is a greater sense of realness. In fact, in danger, life becomes very tangible. This is the quintessence of a thing — is that it is considered to bear life — that is what makes it real. Any truth is tangible — to violate it would require a force that could hide and lie about it. In this world, we have tangibility, and even though it stems from truth, its mixed in a diverse fashion, thus breaking a piece of wood doesn’t technically tell a lie. However, inflicting injury does often tell a lie, with the exception that a lie is extinguished, (in this case an injury is extinguished), which is the case of law enforcement — to extinguish lies. Life is truth, therefore to inflict or to promote death is to lie. Again, the only exception is to eliminate, or “kill,” death, and in this modern world, that is very familiar. We’ve had this discussion, conversation, or thought process many times, from reading that one of the deadly sins (errors that lead to death) is to kill. After that follows the question, then what about saving someone from an axe murderer? Of course, an axe murderer isn’t just an ordinary rain on a parade (as forlorn as that would be), but, instead, a seriously deadly killer. Of course people seek to clean the place of sin, and an axe murderer is definitely a sinner. (People have made understanding the word, “sin,” difficult, and it’s often viewed as some arcane and incomprehensible notion, however, if we simply remember it is to forget the eternal truth, then it makes sense. It means the same thing as being illogical, or in worse cases, being a liar. When you consider life to be the truth, then obviously causing death and disorder is to inflict lies; it is to turn the world into a lie. Therefore, sin is to be illogical, to be a liar, and to eliminate life. Rather than assuming it to be something hard to understand, realize that if everyone were to be fully conscious and thus completely sane, it would be unanimously agreed that sin harms everyone; it is generally the consensus, but modern society can fall, so sometimes the social definition of “bad” is debated or speckled with errors.)

Thus, living in a world that bears existent errors, even of, in, and as an ancient and much kinder angel as the suggested third archangel (rather than our modern archangel, which I deduce is the most violent of them all), then we also have tangibility. Some things are very important, thus those things are sustained as unbroken componentry. The important things that keep a society upright, alive, and well, are all sustained tangibly. The new tangibles of this third archangel forcibly oppose their non-existence. Thus, we have concepts like shelter, phone lines, lights, portable reminders (books), trust, candor, people, health, travel, transportation, companionship, help and aid, awareness, etc.; we have all of the elements of an explorative and creative society. These items that resist harm maintain their tangibility and society, in general, becomes ruled by laws, guidelines, and tangible items. As and with the third archangel, we find a true thing — a machine of tangible components, laws, and rules. (Let’s remember, however, I have proposed that the third archangel was created before Eden and before the fall of man, which is the archangel that is one after Eden. Therefore, while evil is apparent, it certainly is far from the Holocaust or the theorized end of the Minoan civilization that we entertained in this more recent archangel. Nonetheless, the similarities are true. Because of this and the realization of the base 3 pattern, I also now suggest that Eden was angel 302 instead of 301 — therefore, a reminder of subjective personality, and this current angel of the time, “the Fire,” is 303, a multiple of three, which suggests, due to this pattern, that this angel is a reoccurrence of the same fundamental idea as the third archangel. Noting my change in the theorized numbering of the angels, there is certainly a fair amount of psychological mathematics required to attain true surety. In attempting to understand how the people of Eden were created, I suggest that angel 301 was the bug — which takes words that God has said and uses them in a peculiar way that provokes thought and a type of intellectual play, in order to elaborate on knowledge. In angel 302, then, essentially snowmen were created and separated by a garden that possessed the bug in it, in order to speak mixed words of truth that sometimes seem contradictory, but in a way that causes one to question the sanity of the bug, and to think and discover oneself, and thus the snowmen would come to life as individuals but in a play that is separated from others and God by a garden filled with plants (essentially supercomputers of life), possibly animals (collective actions), and bugs, so the people will find themselves by learning that they, themselves, know truth in an independent fashion.)

Now, let’s place this idea of a world made of sound into a more seamless perspective. First, let’s begin again at the beginning of what I consider to be the chronology of remembrance and knowledge of God. (While God is eternal, I propose that at a point, God made the decision to bear knowledge and awareness of truth — God made the decision to find companionship with angels, each representing and aspect of God’s love, which is how we commonly understand God’s being.) The first archangel is what keeps all of the other angels up and healthy. (I believe this archangel is the famous, “Gabriel,” as I have mentioned before, who bore the memory of the identity of Christ, and delivered this memory to Mother Mary, who then found him in the world, perhaps feeding animals.) The second archangel provides a subjective body and a subjective experience of what it is like to explore the greater mind of God — the mind of logos. (With the ability to subjectively explore knowledge of truth, the experiencing being then notices that everything is inherently logical; this description and differentiation comes with the ability to perceive something inaccurately. The first archangel, in contrast, is less analytical, as that involves a possibility to be wrong about perception, and simply is definitively true, known and permanent.) Now with a sustained knowledge of truth and a body to experience it subjectively, comes a desire for a new angel. Both of these first angels are only God. So the new angel will be, instead, unsettling, and a counter will be created to resettle it, resulting in a brilliant, mysterious, and thoughtful balance of personality, exploration, and story. How will God do this?

Well, to create the first angel, God said, “I am,” and thus the angel became “I am.” To create the second angel, God said “I see,” and thus the second angel became a way to see — a personal body. Then the third angel is quirky compared to the first two. The literal interpretation lends itself to a bit of subjective interpretation, but it is fine and true to say that to create the third angel, God said, “I won.”

(Interestingly, this is stunningly similar to a famous quote by Julius Caesar, of a purely coincidental observation, but also stunningly meaningful and curious, to me. If one argues that God has always been, then the first angel was created with simply, “I presented myself for remembrance,” which is very similar to “I came,” or “veni,” in Latin. “I see” is similar to “I saw,” or “vidi,” in Latin. The third, “I won,” is actually the same, as apparently, and although I am not an expert in Latin, “vici” can also mean, “I won,” (and not only “I conquered”). Thus, “veni, vidi, vici,” appears to be a fair statement of the creation of the first three archangels. Nonetheless, I would prefer “ego sum, video, vici,” and although this is from Google Translate, it does look valid to me. I would take a moment to notice the first two angels are in present tense, while the third angel is in past tense. In the Bible, great significance is made of the phrase, “ego eimi,” which is, in ancient Greek, “I am,” and as I’ve mentioned, all of the angels rely on the first angel, who logically was created through God’s message, “I am.”)

By creating an angel by manifesting the idea of “I won,” God implies a timeliness to things, but also implies the idea of a juxtaposition between winning and losing. It implies God shook or rattled the truth, and responded in order to win, and that the default state was not a state of winning. What it implies is that there was a turbulence and God defeated that turbulence. It is then good to consider what was the threat or competition. In all cases, forgetfulness of God leads to error. Thus, in the third angel, God realized and made manifest the notion that he has defeated evil and the temptation to forget oneself. Thus, begins the game. With this idea being known as true, then this idea should persist for eternity (that is how reality is discovered and found to be manifest).

(It may be difficult to understand the nature of permanently known truth. People often are worried about mistakes. To God, it is almost certainly a bit different. God’s existence is the basis of innocence and truth. If God knows something is true, then there is never a regret about it — only a great and overflowing bounty. There is a danger, and it is called “committing adultery.” If someone tries to imitate God, one, instead of finding truth, finds falsehood and then claims that to be truth, that person has entered into a state of dissonance. In this state, the person now must incur a continuous hardship in order to sustain the lie. It is certainly not a state of serenity and bliss, but a state of forced fabrication and ignorance. It, just as with any sin, is a state of bondage. Lies don’t just work on their own. They don’t simply catch on and get an international “amen.” Lies take huge amounts of work to upkeep. Constant difficulty, constant worry, bills, disorders, dangers, etc. Lies are extremely expensive. In contrast, Heaven is inherently free. There is no cost to keeping the truth. There is, unfortunately, a cost in overcoming lies, such that the truth may prevail, and people can leave their captivity of suffering a labor, to finally enter a place that is not only free, but pays. Truth flies. When there is truth, the person wins, the person improves, the person gains in health and spirit. Lies die. In order to sustain a lie, one must be an evil person. Lies are exorbitantly expensive. What we gain from this abominable expense (again, looking at you, the Holocaust), is a very serious reason not to do whatever the lie was. (I don’t really like the forbidden fruit tree, as we seriously just get reasons not to do that, along with a lot of graphic and grotesque imagery. Although, it is not all untrue. Before the forbidden fruit tree won as an angel, we never knew of “shoving one’s head up their ass so far they’ll be shitting their brains out on Andromeda.” We really never knew that existed. It is sometimes interesting what sin has wrought upon the realm and community of existence.)

With this initial idea, we delve deeper into what that notion means. A wave of disturbance containing the temptation to forget thyself, swept past God’s mind, and God defeated it. He knew this was a truth about himself and about his reality. Since he defeated the wave of disturbance, this wave of disturbance continues on. What it does, is it disturbs God’s mind, causing it to vibrate, creating song. This disturbance is called, “Satan,” and a new state of being — a singing mind — is created, which overcomes the disturbance known as “Satan.” As the mind sings and the disturbing wind of Satan traverses the entirety of the mind, all of the topics begin to sound. Now, in this third angel, not only does God manifestly exist, now everything has a sound. What’s interesting about a sound, which was created through the simple and considerably linear practice of recovering and maintaining safety from a disturbance, is that it implies that every facet of existence can be portrayed an an oscillation and can be compared as well. With this property of existence being made manifest, it is then easy to see the circle. Every facet of existence now sings a song of truth. One can plot these songs on cartesian coordinates to see what the facet of existence looks like. While maybe the math behind this understanding isn’t easy (seems to be technically a form of sentiment calculus, if one considered complex sentiments to be able to represent more specific facets of reality, like cars and airplanes), with consciousness, understanding reality is fairly easy, and it was almost certainly easy for God to place all of the sounds in existence on a circle, connected by similarity (and the typical person can do this, as well, if one refers only to innate knowledge, when things are obvious). When all of the songs are played at once, as a single point, you hear God’s voice. When the songs are played in an environmental context — where the songs of the facets of reality are known distinctly and placed in a comparative architecture to facilitate their observation and experience, one starts to see a landscape that is not simply the mind of God. This is because present in the idea of the sound is the existence of evil, of the ill disturbance, of Satan. Due to this ill disturbance, the sound of the truth is very important. This is also where conversation develops. As the landscape is diverse and Satan has stretched parts of it beyond God’s acceptable limit of the definition of his self, new beings are considered to exist, to explain the existence of manifest beings that are not God. In this way, the sound stretches in different ways, and produces a variety of effects, some more like God, and others less like God. Since the mind of God was turned into sound, it is then very easy to mold and manipulate into interesting creations. Thus, because of this sound and the architectural perspective, that places the sounds in a sensible configuration, a diverse world of exploration and creativity develops, with many personas, and a create conversation and a lively and wonderous society. The newly found capacity that becomes present in the third angel brings awe, thrill, community, and excitement to existence. (And to think, this is likely long before Eden, the land of many people who are similar to God, this is simply knowing people are sounds stretched from God’s mind into something other than God — an altered echo of “I am.” This is, also, a much more primitive perspective. In the beginning, the world was ideological. As more content was added, the world became more and more defined, with the addition of both new elaborations and new archangels (or manifestation protocols). If one becomes confused, the world makes less sense, and appears less ideological and more random, but when one finds alleviation to existential confusion and, as a natural result, finds true consciousness, then the world is once again realized to be completely ideological.

Our current perspective is awfully concrete, and at the time of this writing, the world is in a state of fallenness, which does imply an awful lot of tangibility, as when Heaven falls, the world increases in desperation, which increases how tangible things are (as well as their hardness and difficulty rating due to the “realness” factor). In the worst case, I think the entire world simply freezes, and it would take the remembrance that the true desire was never for the world to freeze forever, and happily, people will always ultimately agree with that understanding, so the world should unfreeze should the utmost desperate environment exist — an environment so utterly real, so utterly important, and so utterly broken, that everything is deadlocked. (Interestingly, while we may forget almost all of the angels, Satan lives forever. Satan is the angel that never dies. Satan is to want or need something. When everything dies, Satan prevails. When everything is alive, Satan is a concept of which we are aware. We may forget knowledge, we may go blind to the world and see a falsehood, we may become injurious and losers, forgetting the first three archangels, but in such a case, Satan will certainly exist, as we will most certainly have a huge amount of need, fire, fervor, and desperation, all aspects of a hot and powerful (and dangerous) Satan.)

With this overview of the theory that reality is made of sound, we can understand how sensible and plausible this theory is. We can also understand that it is, indeed, still made of sound, while also being made of other ideas as well, all mixed together, organized possibly into a magnetically ionized iron ball (or ball of “ire,” if our modern definition of iron is moderately slant from our ancient language and words of truth, although to be very specific would require an even more precise description).

An interesting thing about a reality made of sound is that it implies that everything really is about reality, rather than is reality. This is to see reality from a more turbulent and varied perspective. Thus, one learns about reality, as some things are truly real, as in important enough to be considered of significant tangibility (or tendency to sustain a structure).

I understand this chapter was mildly long for what is ultimately a very simple concept to understand. However, at the beginning of this chapter, the theory was presented as a popular theory, yet still a great mystery. Now, with the previously aforementioned discourse and description, this theory is quite lucid.

There is some more to think about. While using a type of cognitive or emotional calculus, the sound of life could possibly be put into a circle, I want to think of a different architecture of its description (rather than its experience). This descriptive structure or architecture, instead of being a circle, looks more like a bagel. The reason is that now we live in a highly regulatory environment due to the freedom of evil. Thus, there are right and wrong sounds, not simply the caution and heed of truth. (In the original, evil did exist, but it was more creative, and more entertaining to see what stretching the sound would create.) In this one, there is a long history of putting this sound back together. There are correct and incorrect facets (the sounds now bears a list of goods and evils, or rights and wrongs, or correct elements and incorrect elements). Because the sound interacts with evil, in our modern world of potential catastrophe, there is a very clear description of what it needs to be, in order for Heaven to exist. In the fallen state of reality, priority is given to repairing reality and restoring it to Heaven, which pays instead of drains, and a very detailed description of this sounds has developed by learning of right and wrong throughout the history of this archangel (which some suggest is as old as the universe, although my personal, and again, only loosely founded suggestion is that the universe, which began before the big bang, is 100 billion years old — the inflation of space-time and various other factors that deal with perceived speed of memory has shifted our understanding of time to both a much faster-paced time, perhaps we are in a hurry, as anyone would be if the universe fell into Hell, and perhaps we’re measuring perceived time wrong when considering the Great Expansion, which occurred after the “big bang,” which I don’t think was a bang, just a quick expansion. Like a roller coaster going down the hill, it quickly accelerates and doesn’t just get whacked in the back — the same applies to cars and rocket ships, as well).

Nonetheless, over the very long history of the current archangel, the entertainer of evil, the chastiser of losers, and the redeemer of desire, what we needed has been carefully detailed in a right and wrong fashion. There are many skills where you notice such a pattern. For instance, say you read a book on something, like the math behind modern artificial intelligence. You’re likely going to feel pretty good about it after reading it, assuming the material was palpable. But, then, when you try it, you realize there was something you didn’t think about. Therefore, you review it and try it again. Usually, you’ve either found the answer, or it takes a try or two more before you are comfortable with the topic. The same idea applies to the learning of right and wrong. I am fairly certain humanity has restored Heaven to the universe in the past, but there were some things that “just worked,” and because we didn’t truly understand why, later on, the world broke again, and fell into disrepair, disorder, haste, fire, and chaos. Ultimately, we’ll know very exactly the design of Heaven, as well as the proper way to fix it, even in the midst of people possessed and obsessed with evil: lies, deception, and destruction.

Because of the modern context, while maybe it was cool to view the sound as a circle, in order to see the diversity of the mind, today it may be better to graph it as a porous matrix of sounds, resembling a bagel. The empty spaces are sounds that are evil and cause harm — they are out of character with the natural way of people — they do strange things to the mind, cause strange and sometimes difficult to explain events, because the system relies on this sound — if parts of the sound are carried out in the wrong context, terrible inaccuracies and waves of lies may result. Thus, there is now a seriously right and wrong about this sound. And instead of viewing it as a single vibration, which fluctuates about God’s presence, which is still a valid perspective, although difficult to understand as if one consumes a mild spritz of sloth, people will instantly think that they’re biological parasites living in the body of Jesus Christ. So, it is best to remain clear, although it is also best to remain knowledgeable, as well. When one creates sound, radio waves, patterned variations in voltage and synaptic activation, or even in just the life of memory, one must always traverse the prescribed paths of the sound bagel. If one makes a sound that exists in the empty spaces of the porous matrix, which resembles a bagel, then one has committed a crime against oneself and against humanity as well (as, like Martin Luther King Jr. said — there is no such thing as an isolated crime — every crime affects all people — “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”).

One may ask, “how can I be sure to follow only the righteous sounds or patterns and avoid those that may harm me and others?” Since this current archangel is designed to magnetically remember the state of Heaven — so that if Heaven falls, it magnetically returns to health once again, if one stays mindful of goodness, mindfulness (avoiding narrow-mindedness), and sincere truth, then one will know if the patterns or sounds are good or if they are causing harm.

Therefore, the world is also made of sound. This theory, according to my casual memory from my many casual yet intellectual conversations concerning these matters, is sometimes referred to as the “sound of Shiva.” For a while I wondered, “why is Shiva considered a ‘destroyer’?” I wondered, “is this just some kind of perversion derived from an illegitimate intention followed by a terrible propaganda?” (I heard a horrible story about how God created existence. It said he had sex to make the world. How weird should God have an equal — how weird should there be romance while God was the only being existent. It makes a lot more logical sense that God created the world out of intelligence, truth, purity, and the understanding of the nature of existence.)

Nonetheless, the chapter does answer that question. Shiva, the eternal being of God, was created with the third archangel, as the third archangel, essentially, filled in what was missing from God’s mind. It is described as translating Shiva into an angel. By turning the true mind of God, specifically, into sound, God could potentially see anything that exists. Thus, the angel was very similar to God’s existence prior to any other angels, however, now there was remembrance, structure, logic, and details explicitly made known and remembered. By turning the mind into a sound, the mind was tainted by a slight affect of evil. (This gives way to the notion that the voice cannot be perfect, but can only allude to perfection, as it is made of sound, which is made of disturbance.) Additionally, since it was made of sound, God could stretch things way out of proportion and create strange and wonderful monstrosities (this was before today, where we are actually afraid of monsters, which often occur as patterns of negativity, collectivist and Nazi-socialist hives, and various forms of warmongers and criminals). Thus, if this sound was called, “Shiva,” then clearly, since the sound can be stretched in all kinds of ways, all kinds of intensely destructive beings could exist. (I still, preferentially, disagree with describing Shiva as simply, “the destroyer” as a bulldozer could use that description as well, and a bulldozer, in its material and lifeless form, is not an archangel nor a name of God — although ideologically scientifically, you see how it is formed of angels. Nonetheless, this understanding of the eternal sound, the state of God before any angels, and the ability to manipulate the sound to create strange destructive beings, does bring some light to this interestingly common description of Shiva.)

In the application of experiencing the notion that the world is made of a singular connected sound, we each, essentially, have this bagel in our heads. We explore this bagel, and different people sing different parts of the bagel at different times. As we sing the bagel, we traverse the world. What’s complicated about the bagel is that one can essentially sing any combination of the waveforms that exist in the bagel matrix, making a very large number of possibilities available. Since it is an analog bagel (or a continuous bagel, rather than a discreet bagel), there are technically an infinite number of sounds, however some are so similar to others that it may be inconvenient to think in such abstractions a “an infinite number.” In fact, using modern mathematics, there is almost certainly a better solution for identifying the size of the set of all benevolent sounds than the notion of “an infinite number.”

We understand then that reality is composed of these good sounds echoing around. What’s bad is caused by the illegal sounds echoing around, and obsession is what pays evil to persist, as evil is expensive and does not simply lift people, like life does. (Life lifts and fulfills the soul — true life is truly fulfilling, as compared to a time when a true and ultimate purity and consciousness was too expensive, leading to a world of cheap thrills, very sadly. Evil drains the soul of inspiration, time, liveliness, and joy.) The sounds that are considered good (or the vibrations that are considered good) are sounds that result in one not forgetting who they are. After all, this aspect of existence, that may also be referred to as, “the game,” is largely about not forgetting who one is. It is also about remembering who one is, as those two ideas are mutually existent. In order to remember who one is, one must, as usual, remember the first archangel, the angel of knowledge of God, the angel who’s being arises from God’s statement, “I am.” Since this angel is God’s statement of self-identity, one can also simply remember God. God knows who people truly are, and through prayer, one can privately communicate with God, and, as a result, God should help the person remember the truth, and the ultimate truth is the truth of the holy and righteous self — of the very true self, untainted by a committed error painted into one’s psyche — untainted by a demonic possession — a possession which causes one’s psyche to exhibit mindless procedural activity that results in a loss in awareness and mindfulness and a bondage to the ways of evil.

As we bounce these sounds around, their magnitudes get stronger, and society develops into a stronger and stronger being, capable of sustaining Heaven. These sounds, I presume, that bounce around are simply radio transmissions, but as they pile up and are accepted and incorporated into the great sound that we very noticeably perceive, the world will become stronger against evil, and eventually, as it is supposed to be, the world will, one day, hopefully sooner than later, be strong enough in righteousness, mindfulness, and clarity, to finally regain total consciousness and to finally restore Heaven in the universe.

While it is plausible that the world is made of sound, and certainly this makes sense as an archangel, with the creation of Eden and the theory a communications-based nodal entangled communicative structure between members of Eden, we must add the quantum-entanglement-like link theory to our category of sounds. In this way, all of reality may fit together nicely without disturbing anything that was once cherished.

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