The State of One

The state of one must be known; it cannot be done by motion.

The “state of one,” as I have termed it, is sometimes considered to be the most sought after state of being in all of mankind. This is the ability to fully commit, with full devotion and earnestness, to a singular belief, way, and life. Many people have thought, “if only I could just do exactly what I needed to do and not be distracted,” and that is a thought of the state of one.

The state of one means being singular in being and mind, being dedicated to one path, without falter. With the state of one, you could graduate from any university, if that is what you truly wanted, you could accomplish any feasible task, if that is what you truly wanted, you could create any business, if that is what you truly wanted to do. You could be perfect, without error, always doing the same, singular action of being.

The feeling is of true internal agreement, the peace of knowledge, and the unity of belief and world-view. The sublime focus of the master, in tranquil harmony with nature and cognition.

To be truly committed to a singular ideology, without confusion, distress, or the need for reparative self-control.

The most common example of this concept is seen in career-based activity. One has the idea that the only sure way to make it through is careful planning and complete dedication to the plan. However, many people find this difficult. For one, it can be tough to concentrate for long periods of time. This skill of concentration is a difficult skill to find, just because the archaic notion of “pushing” oneself cannot satisfy the holistic person. You may have already noticed the benefits of intermittent relaxation (and distraction) on personal performance, but let’s try to truly understand what’s happening, for stillness and clarity.

Well, we already know what’s happening. It’s covered in CAT, which is basically that you are composed of many subsystems, you as you see yourself one of them, all communicating in various emotions, of various levels of complexity, to form the totality of yourself — no single system can see the entire system — it takes all of the systems to know the self.

So, when you galvanize a few networks in your mind into studying, that’s not what the other networks are doing. That’s why it becomes more difficult — your other subsystems, which are types of angels, are calling to those systems that had been engaged in the practice of studying, as their assistance is desired, and eventually, out of love for one another, your systems will change, and they will stop studying. All of your decisions and obligations, of thought, practice, and self-care, all live on, for the best, or if they don’t, then it’s a depression.

So, how can we solve this? If we can’t use force to compel our bodies to obey us, then how can we do the things we want to do? Since you see yourself from only a portion of your mind, not its totality, you are not really you, but a subsystem of a greater system of your being, a system built of knowledge of the self; this is why you cannot just command yourself — you are a collaboration of angels (messengers of life). Understanding that you are actually a collaboration, you must learn to understand, consider, and be aware of the intelligence of your subsystems and of your greater (unseen) system (call it whatever color you’d like).

All of that was implied in CAT, so, in a way, not much new.

And then you see the trick. You cannot (sustainably) do what you whimsically want to do — you can’t even do what you for a moment thought was a seriously good thing to do, if it was not the collective agreement of the self.

Finding the state of one allows you to accept reality. What you do, may you do well, certainly, but if you are not taking care of your being, then you won’t find the state of one.

You cannot segment yourself and expect never to return. All the life you’ve brought, all that means you, and it lives on, aside from the case of depression (in that case, a system has died and would hopefully soon be resurrected).

You cannot sustainably do something that does not agree with everything you’ve ever believed in doing.

What does all of that mean for finding the state of one? Let the state of one find itself, including you. Realize that you extend past your body, to reality. Reality is also an angel of yours, you and reality are both you, although reality may be recovering from whatever happened to our minds.

Let’s think of the following statement:

  • Once you are secure in your knowledge of enlightenment, having learned the path, you will have knowledge.

(While the state of knowledge is a state of singularity, there are also other states, considering the various forms and manifestations of plurality.)

This statement entails the knowledge of righteousness. This righteousness is in reference to the self, and as thus, this divine knowledge is really knowledge of the self. If you have unchanging knowledge of correctness, then you’ll have zero conflict, and if you have unchanging knowledge of what is correct to yourself, then you will have knowledge of yourself, and vice versa. Of course, to lie to yourself would impose a danger and could result in a type of harm (maybe invisible to a doctor, but you may notice it).

So how do you have the knowledge of righteousness? You clearly define yourself in knowledge if it is an unchanging truth, and if it is not, that’s an expression of plurality.

These unchanging truths of which we compose ourselves are who we really are, and that’s who you are to the angel of knowledge (in the eyes of God). Perhaps it is that being that God is saving (the one that is known).

To have this knowledge is to have the state of one. This knowledge is not composed of mere compressed information, or your common word, but of a singular being, the angel of knowledge, the deepest remembrance of your existence, you sometimes know by way of intuition. (It is a familiar presence of God.)

I still am inclined to believe that Gabriel is the angel of knowledge, and that he guards you from all harm, seeing only your true being, in eternality, plans past and present.

It is to say, in the timeline of manifestation — the sedimentary layers of aware existence, you begin with the angel of knowledge. That is the “first” memory of you.

Once you know this memory, you will see, what I highlighted in cyan above: You cannot sustainably do something that does not agree with everything you’ve ever believed in.

You see, from the very beginning of manifestation, you be your will, transcendently existing, and known and remembered from the knowledge of who you always are, forward, through the possibly many layers of complexity of modern thought (layers of the history of Creation, perhaps), to your fully incorporated present life.

You see, it’s not a Luciferian obsession-oriented tunnel-vision objective (as that’s impossible), it’s a realization of who you are, as knowledge, always unchanging, and a realization of that realization, which is the bringing to life the knowledge and what being in life means, and the ability to understand you are not seeing from your true self, so you have to learn to be intelligent, listen, and collaborate, otherwise you won’t be able to calibrate on that singular being of the origin of your will.

So a few things to understand, but I don’t think that’s too difficult (too little and it would be hardly a conversation, so I think we may hopefully chose the density of our communication fairly wisely).

To calibrate on your true identity, you need all of your subsystems engaged and alive (those are your living memories). Eradicate depression through resurrection, by understanding the intentional subsystems of the body, as intelligent beings who are living. This is because in the past you exhibited life and you kept that going as a living memory (beware of bugs, however, which although unintentional, can arise). The important concept is that memory is a living being, when it was created by you (otherwise the memory is a secondary type of memory — a memory of the external world and its properties, remembered by your living memories).

This is called being aware of the truth. This is an angel of principle existence that you see, so then you can more clearly see Heaven.

Then you have found the state of one, a remarkably sought after singularity of emotion, soul, and will.

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