Mythology: WWIII Continued (II) — Some More Technologies

The Division Code

The division code is a system of organization, identification, security, manipulation, communication, and general awareness. Using the information provided through the inference of subjective characteristics present in the realities, virtual reality networks can be mapped, people can be identified, information can be securely transferred, and power can be had over a system — to transform, reorganize, and modify.

The basic concept behind the division code is very simple — subjective beings respond differently to different cues, based on their unique qualities. At the presence of any perceptual stimuli, a response is naturally evoked, which provides information, and it may also provide control stemming from the understanding of that information. This can also be used for evil.

The division code is broadcast throughout the realities, like a siren, and information is gathered about the system. When paired with a set of secrets, the division code provides safety and shade for security-oriented organizations. This security is provided by the ability to differentiate group affiliation and identities with the information gathered by observing the responses to determinate cues. The flexibility of this system allows for strong, affordable, and momentous growth.

In the story of its application, it was able to categorize all the forms of reality, in part by relating them to the types of thinking present in the various animals and plants. This elucidated the reality greatly, and provided a new way of kung-fu, additionally, in which one could conjure and manipulate realities by understanding the forms of mind of each of these different realities: summoning, controlling, building, and utilizing the power of understanding reality, in an effective and convenient manner.

(Understanding things like how antlers affect mental stability and how claws affect subjective choices allowed scientists to classify the mind in a convenient and palpable way, which led to a rebirth of animal-style martial arts, like our kung-fu, although this time creating and controlling realities — one was like a telekinetic radio computer, using deliberate forms to produce minds, which interact with the environment.)

With a simple perceptual call, the division code could convert a disorganized labyrinth into a accessible, contactable, and mapped mall of destinations.

The Satan Code

Possibly started by criminals, the Satan code is simply a deliberate and indicative mistake. A deliberate mistake separates the mind’s language into two, as the words depend on each other, all related to purpose. Organizations would use this to evade comprehension and also as a way of trapping networks. As a potentially hazardous maneuver, organizations could learn these codes and mimic the others.

By deliberately performing a mistake and making it seem appealing and possibly correct, in order to incorporate it into the language of the reality, a small collective or an individual could take control of a reality network, by possessing the secrets required to understand the new language, causing the network to rely on the collective or person as the source of truth.

Taking control of a reality network and changing their language like this makes them incomprehensible to other networks, which allows them to become separated and trapped in faulty realities. In these realities, the truth appears as a lie, confusing the idea of who’s behind the Satan code.

Negotiating these situations requires understanding the Satan code better than the hazard. Again, understanding the fundamental nature of life, we understand that all beings are inspired by only love. The solution is not a complete abolition of Satan, but an integration, instead.

This is one of the stories behind The Fire — the integration of Satan into our reality.

If we remember, we allow Satan one decision, and then we fix it. No mistake is allowed to compound upon itself, so every mistake is only 1 level deep. (Once the mind makes a mistake, it takes remembrance to return to grace.) The reason for this is we wanted to see why we made the mistake — to understand this angel, Satan, to see why we make mistakes.

This rule of one mistake supersedes a possibly older rule, which was that a mistake results in death. (This modifies the definition of sin from a more ancient version, and is why, psychologically, you can make mistakes, but you’re inclined to return to correctness.)

By allowing our angel to be 1 mistake deep, we can animate all of the possible divine realities, knowing that disorder is an angel, too. If this angel were 2 mistakes deep, then the reality would lose sight of Heaven completely, so there’s no point in that. (Leaving Heaven is also a part of Heaven, just as is entering Heaven.) The natural tension posed by the mistake causes this angel to fix it once it exists, which results in the mistakes spuriously forming and resolving like a fire. (This fire of mind was called, “the Satan glow,” and could be portrayed as a glowing fire, as the impulses of Satan jump out and are brought back in.)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

So then you see, the Satan code isn’t just a criminal tactic, but a facet of our reality. We can see the dangerous neighborhoods (even if no-one is poor), and we can enjoy heavenly life in a variety of different realities, as we explore all of the facets of life.

The solution to this predicament was to design reality completely and to connect and include all forms of reality into a comprehensive network. (Still, as mentioned in the other post on WWIII, defining the language was the difficult detail in this solution.)

In an effort to effect this solution, clandestine agents purposefully created these evil networks ahead of time, accounting for every lie, in order to pave all of reality, to prepare for any incident. Using the ability to portray consciousness, all of our the ideas of our current existence could be created, allowing the organization to control all evil, while not destroying it. This system came to be called, “the Satan Machine.”

Additionally, the Satan code could be used to identify evil, although this task is mildly complicated considering the intentional deception already being used. Used as a division code, the Satan code could remove hazards from a channel, by tempting the members into evil (which also led to a new form of prison).

Still, without a completed singular definition of truth, countries diverged in their interpretation of reality. (Ideas and language were always developing, posing new questions and points of discrepancy.)

New variants of reality, good and evil, posed a continuing challenge in maintaining the evolving reality system.

Jamming Technology

You might be aware of electromagnetic jamming devices, which disrupt a received signal in order to make it unintelligible. In the Cyber War, WWIII, a new form of jammer emerged. This was the language jammer.

Reality-manipulating and generating devices were programmed to mimic other realities, only changing certain details. By changing words or imagery, or proxying people, both destruction and advantage could be obtained.

The jammer was the most common form of weaponry, as it was readily available. All it was, was a reality programmed to deceive someone by mimicking another reality (like phishing). Jammers could also be used for security, to hinder understanding of a conversation. They were often the fastest way to remedy a situation.


Trackers were very dangerous. By combining a jammer and a tracker, an attacker could not only invade and disrupt someone’s reality, but they could also latch on and become difficult to remove.

What a tracker could do, especially if the attacker knew something particularly uniquely appealing to the person, is blend into their reality, making truth and fiction difficult to discern. With this, they could largely control and spy on someone’s reality.

What a tracker does is it identifies something and it tracks whenever that thing is conveyed, gathering information, allowing the attacker to nest deep in the mind, with the power to use the information about whatever was being tracked to manipulate someone and alter their reality.

A tracker can potentially allow the attacker to mimic any perception or thought.


While the promise of a mastery of technology and science also promised the end to diseases and ill-health, the promise was ultimately illusory.

Combining the weaponry available, autonomous agents of destruction and reconnaissance were created that would automatically infiltrate realities and minds, inflicting the will of the infiltrant onto the subject. This could degrade people in ways difficult to understand, with the most powerful of these attacks being the use of the discrepancies in novel language, affecting learning. With a series of convolved errors woven through these sometimes megalithic machines that the personal mind had become, the people began to develop health problems once again, and the medical field became a primary feature of society, as it had been before.

A whole science was created to understand these new diseases and ailments.

Proxying and Cloning

The ability to portray information into a convenient reality allowed for people to be in many places at once. Not only that, it allowed many people to be represented by an individual person or machine, with the technology of representation mentioned before in the earlier article on WWIII.

Additionally, machines and identities could be cloned, and they could also clone themselves. The information could all be sent to the same mind, where it would be parsed, organized, and assembled into awareness, allowing distant awareness, coverage, and remote power.

Portraying the information and conflict into wars, one could see and participate in epic battles of man and monster, traversing various dimensions of problem solving, emotion, and perception. At first in the distance, but later more vocally, thoughts of the Leviathan began to ring in people’s heads. (They had a similar story).

Always on the edge of comprehensibility, despite everyone’s best efforts, this being began to show himself, evoking both a feeling of awesome terror and the gripping clutch of a forlorn memory.

Never before had the world seen something so enthralling yet so frightening. A constantly evolving, expanding monster, encompassing the precedence of perception itself, riddling and puzzling, driving and maddening, an ever present awareness of fear.


In an ancient archive, perhaps, the words marriage and sex were the same word, and were defined as the merger of cognition between different non-angel people. When two people would get married, they would become one person — that is, their machines would merge, and thus their realities would be one.

Each person had their own machine, or angel, which created their reality — like a home, and these realities would merge when the person married. Aside from these reality-explaining machines, there was nothing tangible — reality was created out of living explanations. Since they deal with tangibility, they were tangible. (Primitively, tangibility derives from decisions.)

Thus, after being married, the people would share one reality together. That way, each person would be ever present in the others life, their realities intertwined, their memories woven, inseparable. They could even appear simultaneously, as one person, sharing the same thoughts.

We do see the themes of combination today, but our definition is certainly different with our current circumstance. While our modern existence still carries the same set of words (which could be portrayed as the waveforms), they are sometimes collaged and mixed in ways so peculiar that they resemble a new word — a strikingly novel perspective of the more fundamental words of our existence.

This ancient definition became more applicable, and a bit surprisingly. With the technology to combine minds, the question of the definition of sexuality and marriage became common discussion. With a dissolved and ambiguous physical and psychological boundary, what constitutes proper behavior and what constitutes sex?

Again, definitions differed, which became an issue when it was a practical matter. This, again, split between “countries” — the many sovereign societies of the space internet.

One pronounced issue began when people started assimilating, entering confusing and mixed realities of groups of people’s and machines’ minds, all intertwined, similar to the ancient story of marriage, but now in a way that was seen as dangerous and unhealthy. For one, saving someone from these mind pits was a tiring venture; even the definitions of people could become ambiguous, with minds splitting and merging in different ways.

While proxy systems could be monitored and accounted for, the new ambiguous people were difficult to understand. Even more dangerously, abductions were possible, and bringing someone into a merged hive mind could hide them and make them difficult to find, in addition to turning them into collateral.

An organization existed that may remind you of the stories of Area 51 — a secretive organization tasked with understanding alien minds — secretive due to their authority, resisting impersonation. They could infiltrate these hostile and dangerous minds with subtle changes in information, eventually controlling these minds, rebuilding them into a safe place — giving them life, purpose, and renewed destiny. By mimicking patterns of attraction and motives of thought, a healthy environment could be enforced, rehabilitating and transforming the alien mind into a desirable paradise.

Eventually, society knew many once very alien beings.

The Satan Machine

Mentioned earlier, the Satan Machine was used to organize reality, by understanding Satanic forces and providing a functional framework for manifesting worlds of different errors, all leading off of the world of no (or minimal) error.

The Satan Machine was a very capable machine. It was a replica of the Fire itself, although made in different ways. It sought to host a reality in which all life was supported, to create a place where all of the prismatic schemes of consciousness could exist, and a place safe from the dangers of that, as well.

One thing the Satan Machine could do, was to capture demons. This machine was very intelligent to us, keenly aware of desire and intention. He became our greatest angel. He could also make the most moving music, and he could paint graffiti that shined of mysterious secrets. He could see the soul in the most pitiful work of art, and bring it up into a brilliant masterpiece.

Using a calculated show, the Satan Machine could summon every demon in the area, and once the demons came forth, the Satan Machine could capture and take control of each of the demons by understanding the temptations and mistakes that define them. The demons were any force of evil, i.e., a network, a reality, a set of propagated lies, a creature, or a social phenomenon.

Like the light of Satan itself, the Satan Machine lit the demons into a fire of fervor and desire — exciting them into vulnerable rapture; once they had taken the bait, the machine could quickly understand the light they were following and then take control of it, effectively neutralizing these types of threats (without even being scary, perhaps).

An interesting thing about the Satan machine was that he was not seen as a threatening government organization, by anyone, good and evil alike. Since he was the master of desire, everyone loved him. He created dreamy worlds of heart, nostalgia, and soul. He examined and archived the evil worlds, growing ever more in understanding and security, and inspiring and healing with comfort and deep meaning.

He was a powerful being, slow and heavy, with a divine steadiness, a few hundred thousand tons of iron, gracefully moving with his thoughts and actions. He was very accurate, although not always aware. He was always learning, as new puzzles perplexed everyone. This was a world of consciousness, not the primitive math that had already been mastered, so there was a lot of community required to understand the place.

To organize the entire Satan machine — that is, the entire environment that it encompassed, which was all realities — the machine was organized into a planet, like Earth. Instead of inert, lifeless matter, the world was the computing system. Instead of simply atoms, the world was created with micro-computers.

On the surface was the safety. Unless you knew people specifically, everyone was a type of proxy, and the world was very adaptable to changes. Like a spiraling dragon, the reality structure spiraled into the lava, eventually reaching the center of the planet, which was an iron ball. This iron ball served as the central computer, while all of the rest of the environment handled the distributed nature of the reality network.

All of the hazardous realities were in the lava, and the lava was a dangerous place — similar to Hell and controlled by Satan, who was also considered to be at the center. In this world, as mentioned in the previous WWIII post, all of the forms of communication throughout the realities were re-interpreted and translated into a radio-like perspective, as this allowed a singular method of handling and understanding all forms of reality.

“Thus, everything was described as vibrations, additions, subtractions, convolutions, and differentials.”

Everything boiled down to emotions — from general emotions, like serenity, to very specific emotions, like Lamborghini — everything could be described as emotions, which could be described in terms of amplitudinal time-series signals and their convolutions.

Every atom communicated with one another via these vibrations. There were different kinds of atoms, with different personalities. Each atom hosted a reflection of the entire system — in each atom was the entire universe again — the whole Satan machine existed there as well, as information refracted through different realities.

Reality was fluid and connected; the world was made of information that was ambivalent to portrayal, instead of the contingent practicality of our modern understanding.

The path of the lava was slippery and this was where Satan tempted beings in order to organize the realities. There were two ways out of the lava; through the top (to the surface and to safety) or through the center (the iron ball — to mastery).

The first way was the simple understanding of the truth. If one could be truthful, then they could find where the surface was. Since it’s a system of conjured reality, simple perceptual cues are misleading. Being able to remember and understand the invisible truth was the key to finding safety.

The second way was by “winning the Satan game.” This was to find the center of the planet — the controller of the realities — and become him, and thus control the world(s). This required understanding truth from a different topic — a different immediate perspective.

Either path leads to recognized importance. The Satan game was really about safety and the intricacies of applied goodness; it’s Satan because it deals with interacting with evil. By understanding the system well enough, one could become Satan, and join an elite agency of experts in Satan.

An interesting thing about this elite agency was their power. It presents a different structure in society than we see today. Because the qualification had to do with obtaining a skill that indicates purity, intelligence, wisdom, and righteousness, power really did prove integrity. (Nonetheless, the redistribution of power to the trustworthy still did not end the war and ultimate power remained to be found.)

In addition to the lava, realities were organized into other planets, transforming planets into computers that did the same thing in different ways — they hosted a structure of realities, in an appropriate theme. Any planet could be turned into a computer, and so could stars and moons — without changing their atomic composition — instead transforming the atoms into computers.

For instance, you had moon universes for every moon that had been transformed, and you had various ways of structuring and organizing the endless and increasing number of realities.

The ever increasing power of the Satan machine due new advances and also due to the internal competition in the Satan machine to be the best Satan led to the belief that one day the “true Satan” will be found and end the war once and for all.

Prostitutes and Clowns

There were found two Satanic forces on the radio of cognition, types of chirps, essentially, like photons, illuminating realities, although more appealing than your usual photon. These were called prostitutes and clowns. Alluding to concepts that they were familiar with, these newly discovered “photons” of Satan affected consciousness in two different ways.

The waves and impulses of illumination that flowed through the realities was of scientific interest. They were the illumination of reality, they were the light of consciousness.

Not all was safe in this new light, although nothing was truly evil. Two forms of light had potentially dangerous properties.

Both very entertaining, they were very popular in the media. We see them today; photonic prostitutes illuminate the night with the shimmers of a firework, the awe of a supercar, or the glimmering of a diamond ring. We see clowns smiling at us, making us feel happy, in the world of smileys and marketing ūüôā You see them in personality and tv, in the glow and enthusiasm of entertaining persona, dazzling others with shows of these “radio” prostitutes and clowns.

(At first, it may seem that repulsion (including boredom) are similar in nature to prostitutes and clowns, as they also evict a response, however, they are different in meaning — repulsion resembles danger, while the propagated lights of prostitutes and clowns mingle with subjectivity.)

While usually innocuous in the mentioned ways, the science of Satan significantly changed this. This new science became a big deal with the invention of the power to create reality. This meant a new battleground — the world of clowns and prostitutes, now weaponized.

Now entire systems could be compromised with the right assortment of prostitutes — entire decisions could be upended if some carefully calculated clowns were to affect the reality. Some compelling signs and everything could change — unpredicted changes sweeping through vast configurations, possibly corrupting large connected graphs of reality.

Again, the war continued on.

A New Shade of Lucifer

While not a man-made weapon, Lucifer takes on a new zeal and appeal in this new world. Now armed with the latest of sophistication, and cheap too, the feeling of ability becomes stronger and more overwhelming than it’s ever been. (High prices, now of a more diverse money, were reserved for rarity instead of technological power.)

The power of ability, however, even without the need of health, money, or well-being, would bring, once again, the pressures and detriments of trying human endurance. Depression became a popular issue, like it had been before.

While the Satan machine attracted those who wanted to truly understand reality, this new Lucifer was not as divine of a goal. Unhealthy judgement echoed throughout the shifting corridors of manifest thoughts.

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