Mythology: The Story of the DEA

Since now you’re bound for enlightenment, I’ll share some stories I’ve found in my journey. They may not possess the factual power of the lessons of enlightenment, but they are nice stories and interesting to think about.

Every angel of fundamental creation is a story. The first one was named Gabriel, the angel of knowledge. The second one duality, the third one the machine or society, and I theorize about the others. (The second one is the most beautiful today, as its the focus of our mind, although the first one bears paramount importance.)

There are a lot of angels — they are stories of how reality works, ways of being, and they’re reflected throughout the world; you can see them reflected in the various agencies of the government, the various markets of the world, and in any play of life.

A few prevalent perspectives of life include stories, like the meaning of a high score, and its relevance to truth, that life is woven of the unknowable, that life is a plurality of systems, that life is a singing pattern of attraction, and that life is formed of drugs that almost deviate from the truth, revealing the truth in the process.

These stories can become manifest in various organizations. Even though the stories may be present or even a primary theme, we do observe that the presence of Satan can corrupt the truth, turning it immoral and reprehensible. So while we can associate the divine nature present in the angels of reality with manifestations we obverse here, we also should be careful to remember that these are not necessarily pure reflections that we most directly observe, although a purer and more faint being of truth may indeed still exist.

To describe this angel, I chose the name, “DEA,” as it provided a nice story and ring to it, along with an ironic parallel.

In the original story, the DEA was a world (remember each fundamental angel is an eternal reality) made completely of drugs. The world itself was an expert in drugs, and this world, a bit cool, was the archive of the memory of the meaning of drugs.

I’ve defined drugs before as “functional deviance.” However, the real meaning of this is complex and deep, so much as I find it plausible that there is an angel dedicated to the understanding of drugs, as this topic seems to represent an infinity of thought.

Also, I think it is the most difficult topic to truly understand. Deviance is characteristically unnatural, so to understand it as a basis for reality requires expertise only envisioned by the deviants, themselves.

The DEA was the most powerful angel. Not a fearsome personality, but powerful as the topic directly concerns ability. The DEA, the angel of this discussion, was a great savior, understanding the depths of the soul and every intricacy of the mind, knowledge nearly incomprehensible. It was the ultimate control of reality, only achievable in one specific state — the information was highly unavailable otherwise. This state that can perceive the mind in its totality can be known as the state of the DEA.

The reason I say the DEA is a particularly apt name, is because not only did this angel enforce drug usage, being a reality composed only of deviance, it also was the story of agency.

agen·​cy | \ ˈā-jən(t)-sē  \plural agencies

Definition of agency

1a: the office or function of an agent (see AGENT sense 4)

b: the relationship between a principal and that person’s agent

2: the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power OPERATION

3: a person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved INSTRUMENTALITYcommunicated through the agency of the ambassador

4: an establishment engaged in doing business for anotheran advertising agency

5: an administrative division (as of a government)the agency for consumer protection

“agency,” Dictionary, Accessed 11/2/2020.

The DEA was an ever-living angel of security, awareness, and protection. The DEA story had a greater emphasis on the importance of companionship than many of the other angels, and dealt with stories like The Connection, and Death and Resurrection — stories that affect our understanding and perception.

In this story, more importantly and thus with more emphasis, the story of reliance is pronounced, indicating the meaning of agency — a peer of operational instrumentality, essentially. With this, you can understand that the story of the DEA exhibited themes of agency between the inhabitant of the reality and the angel.

Thus, it is the story of the drug enforcement agency. It was the personal story of agency between two states — the state of flexibility and the state of omniscience, each knowing the other and learning, as time progressed.

These stories of the mind, which can be infinitely elaborated, help us to understand, enjoy, and experience the nature of reality — never-ending revelation, as it appears to be.

It is said that the angel of the drug enforcement agency still exists today, calibrating the atoms and their various forces, telling stories through the very fabric of our mind.

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