The Proof of God in One Sentence

Because inanimate matter completely naturally and without interference becomes living and progresses to become the supreme sentience, the supreme sentience must already exist, therefore God must exist.

I suspect that this one sentence is definitive proof of God.

To elaborate, if the supreme sentience did not exist, then supreme sentience would need to be invented, however we do not actively invent the qualities of sentience, which include qualities such as certain forms of wealth, justice, virtue, love, joy, compassion, care, guilt, innocence, enthusiasm, sadness, and diligent perseverance. Instead of being invented, these qualities became progressively more expressed throughout evolution.

The eventuality of our observed evolutionary progression bears our innate and esteemed qualities, but in a fully realized form. One may say that it bears many of the qualities of God — the characteristics that make us truly sentient and intelligent.

It is apparent that our progression is guided by the natural gravity of innate, sentient inclination — something that we have not carefully concocted, but instead naturally follow. This gravity is to become supremely sentient — it is that the innate sentience of a living being will one day become fully pronounced. This gravity is the complete advancement of mind and society. It is as if this goal, like a light, is, itself, responsible for bringing life from inanimate material and for continuing to guide the once inanimate material into a fully formed manifestation of the qualities of life — into a world that has conquered death.

Concurrent with our common understanding of the universe, if you were to watch these evolutions, like ours, from beginning to end, played very fast, it would appear that amazing and astonishing societies are just spontaneously appearing from nothing.

Since all the evidence of aliens that we have is simply a probabilistic paradox (the Fermi Paradox), we don’t have evidence that this planet is not supremely unlikely. Still, if we were to consider only this evolution, in the same manner (from beginning to end, sped up to a convenient speed) then we would watch, as, miraculously, what was lifeless becomes great, powerful, dignified, and supreme, all as if by magic.

In this evolution, from start to end, there is an implied machine — a system of the notions and constructs of physics. This machine appears to create life on its own. This machine of evolution appears to already know the ultimate of sentience. That is because the machine must be aware of the end before it can move towards the end.

Just as a meteor falling to Earth did not invent its path and trajectory, society, driven by an unavoidable and non-invented desire, if unobstructed, eventually falls into a perfection that would remind one of God — bearing clearly the qualities of sentience (and intelligence). These qualities did not exist by man’s own invention but instead were a gravity of the deepest of inclinations — likely stemming from the very inclination to be alive that began the entire evolution.

Why is there not abundant evidence of God? I feel it may have been advantageous to make it not excessively obvious. It took me a long time to figure this proof out, specifically because I was constantly searching for more evidence. However, over the time, I more highly prioritized the importance of accuracy in the assessment of information — this way I could gain knowledge when there wasn’t a whole lot of repetitive observations. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to find what I have found of enlightenment were I not keen to the implications of simple details. Therefore, I think, the proof of God is exactly and simply just that — the proof of God. That is to say that it’s not more than the proof of God, nor is it less than the proof of God. It is just, simply and exactly, the proof of God. I don’t think anymore evidence is actually needed. That one sentence — the one I began this article with — very much appears to be exactly all we needed to know.

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