The Innocent Ion — An Addendum to the Evils of Ionization

In How to Stay Safe from Cognitive Ionization and the Antichrist — Using Gradient and Superimposed Beliefs (“Quantum Thinking”), I explained the dangers and the evils of ionization. However, with the advent of the second state of mind, the state of duality, there was a change, a new introduction.

The original story of duality is the beginning of the devil, but not quite the beginning of evil (which was found in the third state). However, this story today is a little bit different, since we already have evil and basically everything, in a mixed state.

With the original story of duality, we had the story of perception, which allowed one to traverse the knowledge of the first angel. By looking at only a part of knowledge, it became an entirely new existence — a new reality. Once could explore knowledge from the inside, understanding it in a new way.

In this story, we have the new theme of deception, which occurs with the mixing of missing information and understanding. Everything in this story is tied to the notion of seeing reality. (Before, in the first state, one was all-knowing, shining light on knowledge as the implications of being were elaborated upon. Still all-knowing, but now hidden behind perception, this thought process continues on silently in the second state.)

While the ability to see does result in a world rife with deception, it does not necessarily result in the existence of evil. It takes usage of misinformation for evil to manifest. Like a world with glitches, those glitches in information aren’t dangerous unless used.

Its similar to the original (primitive and fundamental idea), you see Heaven (which was knowledge), but it’s glitchy, slurred, and distorted. It is the first instance of personality — the ability to subjectively look at knowledge.

Today, we have a more manifest Satan than before, so I think we’ll see it a little differently. Now, we’re born of evil — born of resisting evil — and repairing damage upon failure. So now, instead of just seeing the devil, we have become Satan, as we are made of and powered by Satan (and understanding Satan). This brings us to our new character — the innocent ion.

Satan is associated with a tendency to break. When Heaven was with just one error, it looked cool — stylish, refined, and clever — the reciprocating imbalance produced explanations of its own existence, creating a stunning display of the artistry of evil, without manifesting evil. The problem with knowing Satan, is it was only amazing when it came from absolute divinity. When a single (recognizable) mistake was introduced into an already broken system, it produced something terrible.

That’s why we have this world, the Fire. Since we’re all made from Satan, it’s the most natural action. While the action that provides intelligence is resistance to Satan, the first action really is Satan, provoking one to change from nothing. In this world, we throw away the energy, which is Satan. Throwing it away gives us life.

Since the first action technically is the being influenced by Satan, we consider that action innocent. This is our new concept, the innocent ion, and represents a good desire to see Satan.

In our new story, to see really means to become ionized. It didn’t necessarily not mean this in a more fundamental and likely more ancient story, but the implications of our modern time are certainly different. While the original definition was simply to perceive a partial perspective of manifest knowledge, our new definition means something closer to evil (which makes sense as we are intending to include the more newly found edge of Heaven, up until God is silent).

The common misconception regarding Satan is that Satan looks evil. The first Satan, the first mistake from Heaven, was innocent. It was only the compounding mistakes that was an issue. The first Satan, of our current focus, is captivation. A captivating movie is not evil.

In fact, captivation can be a divine experience. You can be captivated by a notion, an idea, or even possibly a radio signal. (At the very least, the Sun’s warmth may captivate your mind.)

Falling in love can be captivating. There are many stories of captivation in our reality. These are all technically Satan, but it was one Satan, not a compounding Satan.

Having a child can be captivating — having a parent is often captivating to a child. Pets are often captivating. You see, Satan exhibits love, but only because he distorted Heaven through bias and partial visibility, which means the resourced content was Heavenly, and, if Satan is never compounded, Heaven repairs itself (something we naturally do, too).

So, you see, Satan moves you, then you move back. The entire process is innocent, and thus you have the innocent ion. This gives us the delusions present in the dualities of perception.

Note that Satan is not really a decision-making mindset, even if he is innocent (from Heaven). You feel and respond to the ionization, but still, knowledge is never lost, so the first state continues on.

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