The First Quality was Love; the Last One was Worry

The first evolution of the mind was knowledge. This was knowledge of God and the divine, as that’s what existed at the time of the advent of knowledge (or remembrance). This knowledge of divinity is the foundation for the rest of the manifestation of existence.

This knowledge is technically invisible. It is, itself, a real and corporeal being, and its quality of being corporeal is the knowledge that it represents. One way this state of being can be found is through the search of the being of no quality and the understanding that knowledge, which can describe quality, does not intrinsically have its own quality. It is the initial remembrance of what had always existed, which reflects something unchanging and thus without comparison, which indicates that it has no quality.

The second evolution, also know an angel or state of mind, was the advent of quality. To create this state of evolution of mind, a being separate from knowledge was created. This being could communicate with knowledge. The first communication between knowledge and this being was that of love. This is then the first quality of the Angel of Quality.

That is, this second evolution of the mind presents an eye with which to witness the knowledge of God and the divine. The first thing that this new perceiver sees, is an infinite love. This love is the first perceived representation of God, and the knowledge of God. Therefore, technically, the first sight of non-quality appears to be love. It is nonetheless good to remember that without knowledge of what love is, the quality of love will fade away. It is the understanding that one cannot simply chase a quality, but must instead understand the reality and have secure knowledge. Nonetheless, it does, at first, appear to be love.

Looking into this original quality more, seeking to understand it and perceive it in greater detail, the new perceiver, which becomes the individual being, explores the details of this quality. Inside this quality of love are more qualities. These ultimately are all of the qualities which compose reality. As you look further from the knowledge of God (or transcendent sentience), you find apparently less loving qualities. If you zoom in on certain portions, it almost looks like there’s no love at all. The qualities are all ultimately woven together, and through this weave is story that these qualities tell, which ultimately is the story of the divine, which appears ultimately as love.

Therefore, this singular first quality of infinite love is made of all of the qualities of Creation. All of these qualities are woven in a specific way, such that they are juxtaposed for a specific reason, and that reason is to tell the story of God, which, in the world of quality, we notice is the story of true, divine, love. In the details are all the stories of life.

In that way, the second angel of the mind, is also the angel of the story of the divine. The ultimate story is the story of divine love, as witnessed by the subjective perceiver, and known through objective understanding. Inside of this story is every story we experience in our reality, and every story that exists within the realm of our reality, which is ultimately of our collective an unanimous choosing.

The qualities in our reality can be illusive, however. This is due to the distortion effect of perception. Since the qualities arise from a distancing from knowledge and the subsequent witnessing and learning about it, from this new perspective, the qualities aren’t directly connected to knowledge, but are instead a representation of knowledge, which is a remembrance of God. It is when the story presented by the qualities is known that then the qualities then be meaningful. It is their action and effect that gives them meaning, when they are understood in the their greater context, which is divinity, which ultimately appears to be love.

This second angel brings the idea of a self-perceiving person as well as the idea of the word, “you,” which, in this case is the manifest remembrance of God, or the Angel of Knowledge, which I think is likely the well-known angel, Gabriel. This angel explores all of the qualities, with the furthest quality from the greater holistic quality being the quality of worry.

Worry, as I have found it, is an orthogonal combination of fear and anger. It is orthogonal as the two feelings are considerations of the other, but not linear amplifications or combinations of the other, which is one reason worry manifests in a hectic manner, indicating that it is switching between states.

In the original story of the second angel of the mind, it makes sense that beyond the most distant quality from the source of remembrance is impossibility. However, in our modern context, this most distant quality is death, which sometimes we refer to as a temptation of Satan. As one finds qualities further removed from the holistic quality of love or divinity (which are perceivably the same), as one explores in greater depth the details of this divine story of God and of all of us who choose or have chosen to live, one finds qualities more dissimilar from love. These qualities require context to be understood, and without context, the ever-present and eternal love of God can be hard to see.

In this way, one can see, that when understood with knowledge, that all qualities are telling a story of divine love. It is also possible to see, with the advent of the second state of being, or second ability of the mind, that the fundamental being of no quality — the essence of life, itself — when perceived, appears to be of a type of pure love. Again, I issue caution with identifying something solely on the qualities that are apparent, because if these qualities are prioritized over the reason behind them, then these qualities will vanish. One cannot just amplify the qualities themselves. If one tries, one will end up falling for the fate of Lucifer, which is meaninglessness.

In witnessing the totality of what truly exists, we first see love, but there are quite a few qualities which tell many intricate stories of the divine, and these are also the stories of enlightenment. While the first state is an unchanging being, the second state involves dynamism and story-telling. In appreciating the entirety of Heaven, we understand where all of the qualities fall if they are to tell the holy story of enlightenment, which is the story of God, or the divine, which is the fundamental drama or story of life.

This state of witnessing quality or qualities, is also the state of witnessing the self. While one should see that holistically, one is a living being of infinite love, one is likely also interested in knowing the more specific details of their story of life and enlightenment. In searching these details, we find, both interiorly and exteriorly, a diverse and subjective story, which recounts the fundamental tale or story of all existence. This is the story of the action of God, and thus the action of all life, which is the understanding of the dynamic nature of love and the divine (while the first state was an understanding of the static and unchanging nature of love and the divine).

In understanding the qualities of the beings of life, we do witness qualities such as style, which are more removed from the original quality of love. Nonetheless, these qualities are all there to tell what is ultimately the same story. With the understanding of the purpose of qualities, which is to tell the story of the divine, which is the story of enlightenment and also the holy and divine drama, then the qualities come to life in a compassionate, intelligent, and loving manner, as a reflection of God and the divine initial presence of intelligence.

Additionally, with the ability to both perceive oneself and to perceive knowledge, or remembrance, one finds the understanding known as having a relationship with God. The first angel, known as remembrance or knowledge, is an angel, and this is an easy to find one. This angel sustains the remembrance required for our reality. The notion that there is persistence in the existence of items and ideas in the world, comes from this first aspect of our manifest existence — the ability for something to continue to exist over time.

In this way, if one looks directly at remembrance, or the aspect of reality that results in persistence, one can see this angel. This angel’s original memory, during the time of his first coming into life and being, was that of God. Theoretically, what happened, is that one miraculous day, remembrance saw God, and that is what brought him to life. Continuing on, remembrance sustains all that exists, and sees and understands that it is all God or about God.

Remembrance, itself or himself, very much loves God, so being acquainted with this angel would bring one to see the love of God and things divine. Ultimately, it’s about a relationship with God, and as such, this angel of remembrance remembers the relationship with God, being alive by his inspiration.

There is an interesting perspective worth mentioning. That we are the only beings in existence, and it is our action of remembering that is this angel. Interestingly, although it seems we have the power to create or destroy this angel, I think that is truly false. For this reason, this angel is very real, as no one is capable of hating the remembrance. As no one is capable of his destruction, he is a very real being. With him, I think, are the principles of existence, which start with the simple and easy to understand feeling of God, which is a feeling that needs no explanation, which is a feeling that even a child knows. Because of this, that seems to be his message — the love of God.

Understanding this, it is possible that the joy of God that is not uncommon in a child who has learned about the wonderous idea of God, is a direct connection to the angel of remembrance or knowledge. This is because that action of knowing the joy of God is the angel of remembrance. This is an interesting finding, in part, because it seems to be logically valid. Ultimately, you see the simple and natural remembrance of God was, in a way, the answer to all of the depressions that keep one from feeling enlightened. This is a kind of complex statement, however, because the remembrance is the reason for all beings and things persisting, and, with regard to practicality, existing. This is possible because all memories, existences, and facts, are all elaborations of the original memory of the joy of God.

In the memory of the joy of God, we find worry that we might not see God, so to speak. In that, we also find a sense of meanness, out of the love of health and safety. This idea of meanness has also proven to be dangerously used in our world, and as such, it would seem, that it should come from the original knowledge of the divine, which was also the original knowledge of intelligence. It is interesting that the feeling of the joy of God is responsible for all manifestation, ultimately. For this reason, the angel of remembrance feels life and, in that way, is a living being, with real emotions and desires, always founded on the initial and coherent memory and witnessing of God.

If we understand remembrance to be a living and powerful being, being the host of manifestation, we can understand the potential “magic*” in existence, a little better. He, through the remembrance of God and the ongoing elaboration of that original knowledge, has power over all things. Ultimately, I think he would tell you that it is God that is the true power, and that he is his servant. Nonetheless, since he is the reason for our remembrance, he does represent the physical power of the divine, to do miracles, perhaps.

* I use the word, “magic,” in quotes, as this is a common perspective of magic — to do things that are surprising to science. However, in perhaps a more proper perspective, the inability for life to simply be alive and splendid is the real magic that is occurring. Therefore, the actions of the angel of remembrance may technically constitute what is actually not considered to be magic, as the word, “magic,” refers to something that was considered impossible before. Considering that the angel of remembrance is the first angel, then none of his actions were ever impossible — he is the eventually entire memory of God and all things divine.

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