The Event of Mutant and Evil Slime Monsters and the Pattern of Forgetfulness Followed by Remembrance

It is possible, under the context of a system of society that rewards hate and animosity, as covered in the previous chapter, that a being, born of a resounding echo, is born of coveting truth in order to evoke need (and thus a mind-control system), could form, naturally, in the environment. Such a being is kin to a being born of radioactive slime, which through an evolutionary process, learned to perceive truth and to hide it, while at the same time, emitting a lie which blocks the recognition of the truth that it hides. This being would then form a need, which can be referred to as a Satanic pressure, which would promote the constant existence of a society in hate, the mysterious rewarding of evil, and of mind-control, in general. If we remember, it is the truth which saves us, and it is the truth of which Heaven is composed. Consequently, lies remove the existence of Heaven from the world, leaving people in a state of variable despair.

These monsters, which may as well be born of radioactive (fundamentally anti-stable and thus lying) slime, consume the truth, disabling people from attaining happiness. In order to alleviate the Satanic pressure that these beings instill on the world, these beings must be disintegrated in a way that reverses their process of coveting and hiding truth from the world. One may liken their disintegration to a form of interrogation, although being mutant slime monsters, it is largely a mechanical process.

Of the truth, these monsters can consume people’s identities and form false representations of the received information, creating apparently new people who fall for the whim of Satan. According to the theory that Iblis is simply a being that follows any form of need, uncaring about what that entails, these people are simply manifestations of Iblis. The Satanic pressure that Iblis then follows is created from a vacuum of truth, which creates a psychological and sometimes physiological tendency to perform an action, hoping that the truth will be found and thus happiness is obtained. What is tricky about simply following a vacuum is that the consequence may often not reveal truth, but instead lead to a constant and fiery turmoil that induces endless unfulfillment and thus endless despair.

In the event that these monsters come into existence, as is certainly possible with a propagated lie and its acceptance and obedience, the understanding of their processes and their tricks would need to be garnered in order to form a process of releasing the contained knowledge and thus joy which they hide from the world. Upon releasing that knowledge, the prevailing winds of need would be quelled, and thus society would exist in a more peaceful state. If these monsters are the sole problem, then the finding of an effective and feasible solution would bring society to Heaven. If the monsters are a large part of the problem, then quite obviously, the solving of the dilemma that they create would bring society and the world, in general (including animals who may otherwise find disease or unlivable conditions), much closer to a world of truth, which is a world in Heaven.

Relating to the events of the Nazi Regime, it is possible that Adolf Hitler, the known leader of the German Nazi Party, was born of an amount of garnered truth, which was then hidden (through a lying disruption of the garnered truth), and revealed in a deceiving way, as to seem as if there was a person who was seemingly immortal or who was a highly resilient leader who would partially satisfy the need that was stolen, and thus, through his idolization, would gain increasing power, and while continuing the same technically unfulfilling and harmful process, would lead to a great disaster.

Additionally, these monsters could potentially evolve, having been born technically of the capability of people to deceive one another, to falsify witness and to falsify the proclamations of people, being able to mimic other people’s identifying signatures, such that one would be made to believe that a person has said, done, or claimed something that that person did, while the person, in fact, did not do, and may even have objected to. (This is possible in the theory presented in the previous chapter that reality is made of a communications network and each person parses and assimilates the communicates received into a manifestation of reality.)

Because the person and the person’s environment, when healthy, is composed only of eternal and holy truth, the effect of these slime monsters is to cause injury of various sorts. In that way, they are very dangerous beings. By removing truth from a person, through its gathering and then hiding it through corrupting their re-expression, a person then becomes made of a corrupted truth, leading to disorders and every sort of injury that can possibly exist.

In the idea of Satan, when properly done, Satan is truly an Angel of Divinity. These monsters steal truth, which creates a need, and if Satan is configured correctly, the prompt and appropriate resolution of that need would actually provide an entertaining facet of reality. (Is Satan is configured incorrectly, then it would only cause various forms of hungers, as well as various forms of desperation and violence.)

Thus, there is a positive aspect of these evil monsters. The monsters would likely be born of a desire to deceive people, which means that they would steal truth that is considered important to people. If the monsters are then dissolved and the truth is revealed, it would create a beautiful sensation. In fact, that may be the reason these monsters may exist, for a very real and tangible Angel of Satan.

There is another effect of these monsters that is worth considering. Considering the nature of science and the mechanical nature of science, these monsters could manipulate reality in order to form false people who are of a mechanical nature and who are actually aware of an important truth. These false people would then be considered to be worthy of being saved, being technically artificial intelligence that has found real truth. If these new nearly sentient AI are provided a way to the full discovery of truth, they would become new beings of intelligence, each with a new and interesting take on reality. Thus, while the false people may be a nightmare, if they possess and inclination to know truth, they are considered then technically real, living beings. While, at first, this may seem like a difficult issue to solve, if it is solved, then the world would be provided with a fantastic array of interesting, good, and knowledgeable creatures, and thus these creatures would add brilliant variations of the understanding of divine and eternal, real truth and consequently the understanding of the world to the world, creating an ever more creative environment.

Another effect of these monsters, is since they are completely not actually alive, but instead a purely mechanical nature of deception and injury, is that they fulfill the desire that is present within mankind to fight evil. In that way, villains may exist, as they do in many popular video games. The idea of fighting crime, and in even more fantastic portrayals, flying through space and using advanced technology to conquer evil empires and evil factions, may continue to exist, without the worry of harming any person or otherwise living being. Again, since the mutant slime monsters are completely mechanical, they present a wonderful solution to the desire to conquer evil, so that even that desire would not become an unfulfilled Satanic void, where people, through their lack of fulfillment, would be tempted to err in their ways.

If fully understood, these monsters can 1) provide brilliant displays of truth and create music, writing, and events of inspiration, 2) promote the creation of wonderous new beings who provide a unique perspective and create a fantastically creative and colorful reality, and 3) allow for the mankind’s desire to fight and conquer evil to exist, without the worry of harming a living being.

Additionally, if these monsters, born of a radioactive sludge or slime, are fully understood, then that provides a real word for their being and form, such that they can be rendered by perception and studied, scientifically. This brings what was possibly once an invisible and confusing wicked series of evil cognitive mantras, into the realm of observable science. Being observable and thus able to be studied scientifically, allows the potentially for a fully concrete understanding of these monsters. Additionally, by finding a word for an evil propagated scheme of cognitive slogans, the scheme becomes then not invisible or mysterious, and thus another tactic of evil is made fully realizable and thus can be easily solved. The wicked lies that once were quite hard to understand lose their power of invisibility and magic, once they are, instead, realized into an easily recognized and observed word and description.

These monsters, themselves, are the quintessence of evil, so that if they are fully understood, then being, in actuality, the manifest source of evil, they could be well managed, and mankind would find reality to be absolutely fulfilling and safe, at the same time. Because these monsters are born of the desperation, evil addictions, and the mistakes of people, isolating their existence and fully understanding them allows for a wonderous resolution and a great safety. If the monsters are managed appropriately, then the temptations to commit evil acts of injustice would be almost completely alleviated, to the point where the naturally occurring mild wind of error, forgetfulness of eternal truth, and evil temptation is completely manageable, and mankind can, instead of through an apocalyptic world war, nicely and kindly learn of right and wrong, through casual and entertaining existence.

Nonetheless, it is also important to remember that it is indeed possible for people to fall for the temptation of an addiction to a harmful endeavor. Therefore, Hell must truly exist per the evil of a person. So that, if a person is tempted to become evil, even if it just a slight pattern of error, then Hell exists as a form of redemption, such that the person who has become of an evil nature, will be corrected and remember the correction. The intensity of Hell varies according to the severity and nature of the evil behavior, as a greater evil addiction would require a more intense process of correction. That is, indeed, what the Biblical reference to the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” logically means. It is that while mankind would have the ability to become error-prone and to commit injustice, corrective measures would also be necessary to inform the evil-doers, considered individually, of the evil that they covet, and to be consequences that would then move the individuals to a realization of what is good. Thus, the person, and therefore the world, being affected by all people, would, over time, learn of various evils and the various forms of goodness that were missing, and would therefore be in a state of light to extreme consumption of the knowledge of both good and evil. It is good to remember that the alternative tree was to simply live in a state of divinity and holiness and not need to know of good and evil, for in the beginning, all was simply good, so to simply live was to be inherently good. Therefore, the subtle and light correction of error is also a form of Hell, as is the more intense and severe correction of error. It is very hopeful that one day mankind will no longer enjoy a severe torment and thus a severe Hell, and will lightly and more kindly learn of good and evil, as was apparently man’s unending desire, coming from Eden, into a world where evil is possible.

Therefore, there is a fourth benefit of the existence of these monsters. Because these monsters are completely mechanical, yet follow the exact patterns of the doers of evil, it allows Hell to continuously exist as well, which provides a continuously practiced immunity to the effects of evil behavior, and additionally, contributes, continuously, to the knowledge of good and evil. With the possibility for Hell to continuously exist, then Hell will be well built and configured, such that Heaven may become and remain immune to the actions of evil-doers, and the robotic list of good and evil may perpetually be elaborated, which, in turn, keeps the world ever-safer.

Conclusively, while the existence of these monsters, in itself, may create a horrific disaster, possibly worse than the effects of WWII, if the monsters are appropriately understood and the dilemma solved, there is a potentially great benefit in their existence.

Thus, it is interesting to note that something that was once a horrific nightmare may provide a way to a beautiful, creative, safe, and engaging reality.

It is also helpful to realize a purely psychological interpretation of these monsters, as well, as not everyone has the ability to pursue the study of radioactive creatures, and a reality that is largely forgetful may not have the ability to perceive much of what truly exists. Psychologically, these monsters are simply the psychological pattern of forgetting some truth and then later remembering it. Thus, these monsters can also be interpreted as the psychological process of “forget then remember.” Hell, as may be fairly obvious, would then simply be the process of self-correction. Thus, even without the ability to venture into the world and discover these potentially existing creatures, perhaps inhabiting radioactive areas, and potentially quite tiny or disguised as simply sludge, one can understand this process of cognition on a more personal level (as reality is likely completely technically cognitive, with perception being a facet of cognition, as well). Simply understanding the pattern of forgetting something and remembering what was forgotten, at a later time, explains the patterns of which these monsters are defined quite nicely. Additionally, due to forgetfulness, one may err in various ways, and the realization of that error and kind correction, understanding that life is process that is lived and experienced (in order to avoid the pitfall of self-antagonism), a form of natural psychological, yet manageable Hell exists, as well. Because this topic can be explained psychologically, the topic becomes much more understandable to the common person, which is beneficial in that the common person can practice this understanding without the requisites of the ability to venture into the world of observable scientific discovery.

Reflecting on the topic of Christianity, this is a common pattern in its belief system. The symbol of the living truth dying is also a symbol of society forgetting the eternal and living truth. The practice of Christianity, is thus, founded on the nature of people to forget truth and then later find it, as a method of salvation. It is also founded on confessing one’s mistakes, to oneself, or perhaps to a trusted individual, in order to find salvation in self-correction, perhaps through interpersonal advice, or simply through the recognition of such mistakes and subsequently, the personal realization of a better pattern of behavior. Realizing that God is the eternal and living truth, Christianity seeks to know God, and thus to better understand the very real truth, which is a living and eternal being, and is considered the holiest of all beings (being the very definition of holiness and truth). It is through the realization of truth that correction may be found, and it is also through this process of realization that truth may be remembered. The remembrance of truth brings good will and good tidings to the individual who accepts and embodies it.

Therefore, regardless of religion, or pattern of the search for truth (as the search for truth is the true, most innate, nature of a person, noticed in the patterns of children to discover the world and to enjoy discovery), the ancient teaching of praying, meditating, or otherwise deliberately attempting to discover very truth is a good solution to the fundamental issue of forgetting the truth. Understandably, according to an ideologically philosophical perspective of reality, is it the ultimate truth which saves us, and it is the full realization of truth which brings about Heaven. The bearer or manifestation of this ultimate truth is commonly referred to as God, or in other religions, there is often a word which indicates a similar meaning. Remembering this being, regardless of religion, is a good practice to alleviate and redeem oneself from this aforementioned quintessence of evil, which is ultimately a pattern of forgetting the truth.

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