The Beast, as Mentioned in Biblical Lore

The beast, as mentioned in Biblical Lore, is not entirely a new concept. This idea has existed for millennia, although never had it blatantly taken over an entire planet. The Bible suggests that the beast would take over the world and become the greatest hazard to humanity the world and all of Creation has ever seen.

Feigning to be a “nuclear shelter,” supposedly using wiccan tactics to avoid nuclear fallout, while secretly maximizing nuclear fallout, due to using adultery, also known as cognitive and perceptual blindness, as the strategy, the modern beast is not very different than the beasts in the past. If one understands that our modern science-oriented reality is inherently based on telecommunication and the stories that the planet’s inhabitants tell one another, which become manifest in our memories, and we play with one another’s memories by telling stories, like driving to the mall, or flying by way of a plane. So long as the stories we tell don’t conflict with the stories that others tell, the ideas are feasible.

The problem with this is it lends itself to virtual reality. The modern beast, from whenever it has showed it heinous and lying head, is simply, in the future, another animal. In our modern world, it is simply a gorilla.

The problem with the beast and its worship, which involves inducing oneself into a machine-oriented false-reality, is the stories we tell are corrupt and the beast simply manages to “prove” false science by means of coercion, using others as collateral. The idea of the “universe,” can be possibly considered evil, as it does not recognize that the very truth is known by well spoken word, itself, but by not understanding what a well-spoken word is and its importance in reliable communication, relying on a doctrine of slant vocabulary forces a coercive and uncomfortable manipulation unto the inhabitants which forces a fairly unnatural reality. (The universe, after all, was perceptually created through people guessing at what things are, and it is prone to becoming stuck in a pseudo-rationalist mindset, which results in the communication of truth becoming ever the more slanted, and eventually reality itself would become fictional.)

What the Bible mentions is that people would one day be abducted, through sin, into the beast, where their minds would be controlled by something highly correlated with ancient wiccan techniques. Again, understanding that reality is perceived through communicative stories, wiccan is based on lying profusely, such that reality is actually distorted into a corrupt idea. This technique dates back to well before ancient India, where the practice of surrounding a person and lying so much that the person’s sense of truth is thwarted and thus the reality that the individual sees and learns is merely a fiction, with all stories and communication now in primarily lies. This is an ancient technique used to kill a person’s outward sanity and thus make them vulnerable to the whim of criminals, who only seek to abuse the individual (even though the criminals, themselves, are also fooled by their own false reality, and are also vulnerable to accidents and other criminals).

The modern beast, itself, is remarkably similar to this technique, although the lies have become more clever. The biggest lie is that there is a strong need to orient oneself such that there is a strong prevailing belief that things truly rule the world, rather than people. This technique is called the use of a device, and can manifest in any edition or time of reality. (This technique may have been recognized during the controversy of Nicolaus Copernicus, who decided that a thing that emanates a brightness should be considered to be the center of the world or universe, which may have contradicted the notion that the true light comes from people, therefore the people constitute the center of the world, if the world is understood to be the communal place of participation. In this case, the Sun is being used as a device.)

Today, we recognize it as a familiar idea known as signal mimicry. While one may lie and say it is some sort of radio antenna mimicking the signals, the power of such an idea as a literal device comes from an idolatrous world and society. By mimicking cognitive signals, which are best done by a people inherently aware of transcendent and eternal truth, the integrity of interpersonal and collective communication is destroyed. The way this is done is by attributing power to a thing, even a thing like Stonehenge, and then convincing many people that it is very powerful. This instilled and unnatural belief effects the people into actually dittoing the pattern that is known by certain individuals, such that it seems astoundingly real — a false-reality so bright that it blinds people and even burns skin, due to the fact that nuclear (or technically, anti-nuclear) radioactivity is really a bunch of lies.

Living inside of a complete liar is dangerous. This is what sin truly means, is to be inside of a hearsay and soon heretical world. In this world, any one who is true to actual validity, be they sincere atheists or sincerely religious, is considered an enemy of the enforced lying and manipulative doctrine. Living without truth induces desperation, and thus the evil, denormalized Satan (needfulfillment without the fulfillment is the evil side of Satan). Inherently, one only seeks to experience truth, but within a beast, the truth is missing, as is clearly and obviously evident in our desperation and lying-oriented society (evident even in the anxiety of much of modern conversation, which should actually be completely natural and the words should require no second-thought, were they to represent the true expression of a person).

Today, a device is used, as in traditional times, although the device seems more tangible and real, as if it is not only of the stories we tell one another. With very rigorously-termed things, like computer technology, the device takes over the inhabitants mind with falsehood. (A liturgical device is simply a mechanical technique that induces a form of demonic possession, or cognitively errant, linear, and mindless behavior.) While I love computer technology, never do I forget that all is created from people. In fact, the rigor of computer technology is something I recommend to everyone, as it is a humbling experience of realizing the truth and reducing the idea that guesses can be effective. (Never forget, however, that the concept of rigor is inherently fallible — anything that is corrective implies the notion that people are inclined towards evil, which can be dangerous in many circumstances, as it is ultimately a lie, and a denormalized needfulfillment system is truly an unnatural addiction to hitting one another, leading to perpetuating a lack of understanding and a then perpetually increasing general anger. Additionally, regarding the fallibility of rigor, and this is both fun and maddening, simultaneously, is that within rigorous systems, there is perpetually and eternally a possible vulnerability, because rigor is technically overly emphatic and thus technically of lying. This means that computer hacking and viruses can potentially never actually ever be eliminated — with any instance of added rigor, there are added potential vulnerabilities — while reducing past vulnerabilities, new vulnerabilities will always emerge, as the very transcendent truth is the only entity that is entirely without corruption.)

These devices, when mid-understood, give the beast tremendous power over the power of the people, which thwart any possibility of paradise or Heaven, as people are no longer in control of the world, only demonic possession, instead.

The Bible prophesied that at the end, the world would be overcome with the beast. In truth, and while this is a seriously pejorative term, sacrificing one’s inherent knowledge of truth to a hearsay-oriented world, and succumbing to the nature of a true beast, is originally called “bestiality,” and is considered sinful behavior. A pattern found in this worship of bestiality is the illegalization of truth, which leaves people blinded to reality. In fact, I believe that our modern Holy Texts were delivered with a bit of a devilish lie, in order to penetrate the beast’s ordinance of lies, censorship of truth, and corruption. While the Qur’an may seem occasionally violent, as a kid I studied the violence in the Qur’an, and many of the violent verses that are so frequently quoted, did not exist at all. It, very clearly, has changed. It is likely and very understandable that the Qur’an had to update in order to fulfill the beast’s obligation of being unclear and potentially controversial.

The issue with a new device and the inherent forgetfulness inside a beast, is that the people would very quickly be convinced never to remember that an animal is simply the spirit of a past machine. This implies and denotes that all animals were once marvelous machines. Additionally, this provides greater inside as to why the ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat, as it was likely a marvelous machine, made during a time when machines were more obviously social constructs, like books are. (I also believe that the nature of the thinking of a cat is the closest thing to how a person thinks, more so than a mimicry-based animal, like an ape.)

It should go without saying that knowledge of reality seems to be dumbfoundedly missing, which is clear evidence that the society is fixated on the notion that things rule the world, rather than people. (This is the difference between the understanding presented by ideological philosophy vs. material-oriented philosophy.)

Our modern beast, as my best guess, is constructed of what is supposedly and essentially a computer-like liar (a blind and objective-oriented liar, which forgoes the nuances of real personal humanity, for a foolish goal, which restricts all truth to censorship, which entraps the people into the beast, making the people believe that there is a such things as a material object that is greater than the people themselves).

Thus, we understand what the Beast from Biblical Lore means. It simply indicates that on the last day, after many years of people manipulating each other into a progressively thoughtless and unaware society, there would be the most wicked being ever created — one bent solely on the destruction of truth and on the subversive ever-present forced lie-machine. When a new child is born, it does not realize that the world has been lying, and then contributes to the lie within the person’s lifetime, and passes down a worse lie unto their children, which further indoctrinates and controls the people into a completely false dogma — ironically a term used against religious people, while religion bears little coercion, especially when compared to such a sneaky, subversive, and manipulative world, where the option to disobey is spoken of, but violently forced to become impossible, which leads to a completely doomsday scenario, where since the truth is entirely missing, reality has become so corrupt that solutions to problems completely cease to exist. War begins to win more and more, until the entire planet is impoverished into the search for a cheapness so grand that it can never be found. An example of what is technically violent and wiccan, is that if one person wants to tell a different story of their technological (and technically divisive) phone, and claim that is has has wonderous ability, perhaps using idolatry to give the lie power, the other cell-phones in the hearsay may cease to function, due to the effects of what would be required for the liar’s phone to have the advertised ability, and the collective nature of a shared thing. From this example, many more can be realized.

Our modern beast appears to be a direct descendant of Nazi propaganda, which is largely not understood, as only the glimmer is ever studied — a very disappointing way to understand the truth, and not surprisingly, considering the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, at this time, this is only a statement of conjecture, as I’ll need to dig pretty deep into Nazi history to find some juicy information concerning this. However, I am not the only one interested in exact truth, so perhaps, if you are a very serious historian, you could also find where the lies originate. (I also presume that the Nazi regime’s beastly propaganda machine really took off during the war of 1812, where it appears both sides technically won the war. The book, “The Scarlet Letter,” which concerns adultery — which is the cognitive phenomenon of lying to the outside, using the technique of noticing if something works or not, while keep a secret on the inside — completely separating what is perceived and what is known, was written in the year 1850, shortly after apparently adultery became an important (and if you read the introduction, noticeably and a bit suspiciously controversial) topic.)

Today, there is the notable discussion of the Sun actually becoming abnormally hot, as the beast promotes its increase in heat, resulting in the extermination of a lying world. (Lies create interpersonal friction, which increases the cognitive notion of heat, from what the planet believes to be the Sun, a fissilefusion nuclear heat-generator, not unlike a forced and propagated lie-system, which is also very fissile, and an attempt to restore collective and orderly congruence is very much a form of fusion; forcing comradery despite an enforced lie, which certainly generates a tremendous amount of hate, heat, and turbulence).

If the beast continues, and reality is truly socially-cognitively created, then certainly the planet will be exterminated by the Sun, perhaps for the best, as the beast simply increases the desperation of the people, as a person’s first truth is the literal transcendent truth itself (a force so powerful, that it cannot be disobeyed, which is why science is tangible). A completely desperate society would be so ugly that either the metaphor of the Sun or the metaphor of violence would very thankfully wipe out the planet (preferably the Sun, as most believe, although the perspective of exactly the same phenomenon makes hardly a difference to the emotional experience of the phenomenon, although in a beast, perspective does certainly play a role, due to the sin of Lust, which, unlike modern propaganda would have one believe, is the sin of believing a perspective or concoction, without true knowledge, which would be found in the resolution of information and the assimilation of resolved information).

I, personally, and for good reason, believe it to be entirely illegal to submit oneself to the beast. Our modern beast, I believe is the worst beast that the world and existence has ever known, making the modern world, while as pretty as an adulterer would like you to believe, the worse possible society that has ever existed — relying on the fallible notion of advancement, and rejecting any notion that reality is actually conjured by the stories of the people. So long as the stories remain faithful to transcendent truth, reality is literally Heaven, but when lies are forced through coercive and manipulative means, only Hell can manifest.

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