Keeping Yourself Together Through Change

Change, while often promising, can delude one’s attention from the holistic self. It is inspired by a form of directionality. Whenever there is directionality, there is a possibility of a separation of the psyche. When the psyche separates, it may not be very apparent, however, its being missing becomes more relevant when the mind later tries to remember its previous states. Requests to the missing portion of the psyche do not respond as they used to, and one may find the need to adjust.

During change, there is often the sight of the light of objective. It’s this light that often seems to pull one forward, into a new world. The difficulty that this situation presents, however, is that by changing oneself into a new form, so to speak, the memories, which define you and are living prior to the change, could become neglected and forgotten later, leading to poverty in one’s memory, and an unhealthiness, in some way. Additionally, progressively losing one’s self-defining memories can lead to prolonged depression, as those memories are missed and wanted to return to life.

Therefore, during change, it is important to remember to carry oneself with him or her, and fear abandonment. Realize a sudden absence of a variety of feelings in response to a change may indicate that there is neglect manifesting in the psyche. Later, following a path of dying, one will have lost so much, and those memories will be dim, barely alive, although possible to resurrect.

Those fallen memories may not seem the nicest at first. They are in desperation and poverty. Because of this, many people seek to banish them further, but sometimes may wonder what happened to some of the feelings of the past. The solution is to understand that that memory is behaving negatively (even if it is just hard to remember), because it lacks nourishment, which is found with the love, communication, awareness, and understanding expressed by other memories (or systems).

The distributed nature of the body creates a situation where the networks of the mind rely on one another. They must simultaneously indicate worries and sadness, while also repairing those problems. Together, the mind can find self-fulfillment, as it is the reason you feel anything at all.

Upon finding a fallen memory, it is important to remember the sadness one feels with the lack of having that memory. This indicates to the rest of one’s mind the problems that are occurring and provides a way for a solution to be provided. Additionally, remember the love one has for their cherished feelings, provide the fallen network of intelligence that love, care, and help, and learn to always do this, and the fallen self-defining memories/feelings of the past can come, once again, to life.

With that coming to life, the systems that had once relied on those memories/networks can resume to communicate with one another and find life once again from those then alive networks. It may not be the same configuration, but the networks will connect and revitalize.

The idea is that every (self-defining) memory should live forever. You, your true self, represents life — that is the initial action, which is also an action of love. Any elaborations of the memory of the self should be cherished and saved, for these are what truly makes a person happy.

With this understanding, you see the bright light of Lucifer can only be appreciated as a secondary pleasure. The immediate pleasure is the feeling of your own living memories.

Thus, be careful with change, and remember to keep yourself alive. If a memory or feeling really meant you, as it defined you and was a memory that truly meant something to you, then it, naturally, should continue to live. This is a self-defining feeling and thus transcends situational context. The feeling should last forever; these feelings are intelligent, in specialized ways; they learn and they evolve — they are alive and they are what makes you feel life — living and animate elaborations of the soul.

Lucifer is pretty bright, and he certainly evokes change. He can blind one’s feelings and cause a person to forget this very thing. Whenever you feel evoked by Lucifer, remember to remember the systems which comprise yourself, your perspective being one of them, communicating love, life, and care, as that is more important than Lucifer. Only with yourself intact, can you peacefully know Lucifer.

The true bliss in life is actually and truly knowing yourself. It is an eternal beauty, acceptance, and love. Every living being possesses this, yet it is easy to become blind, and to have one’s soul eerily and progressively die.

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