Being an Individual and the Advantages of This Theoretical Reality, Called, “The Fire”

One of the great things about the idea of the Fire and what it means, is that it allows everyone to have a unique origin story.

An angel prior, it seems that people lived in a Heavenly environment, from the story of Eden, recounted in different ways. Their origin and name was Eden; Adam and Eve were two classifications of the reality in which the people were created.

The idea behind Eden was to create many people like the Messiah. It was a new way of life, a way where many qualities once specifically of only God were given to many people. It was a new level of society. It emphasized a distinguished body, and focused less on the greater natural force of consciousness.

However, this world was missing something, just as every world is (otherwise we wouldn’t move forward). There was a difference between the Messiah and the others — a distinct difference that wasn’t necessarily due to a quality that is specific only to the Messiah or a quality specific to only anyone in particular — it was a bit of an unjust difference — but out of concerns for well-being and safety, it was not an issue in this time in our history.

Later in the story of Eden, once the lessons of the past had been learned and everyone was well aware, there was something else to be done. A light of perfection began to illuminate the future. There was even more to be known.

I don’t think it was a surprise, at the time, that it would be a difficult undertaking — I don’t believe the people of Eden were anything short of supreme in their intelligence.

The idea had been presented that if the world were to exist in a completely equal fashion, then a new history would develop that would provide the absolutely perfect stories of everyone’s creation. In Eden, we knew only of the history of Eden, which was the Messiah’s story.

Everyone would see a new memory, as is usual with a new angel, but this angel would describe everything in existence in a new way that is agreed upon by everyone — recreating and rewriting the stories to make them perfect.

Each person is like a color in various sub-shades of the angel Eden. We learn about these colors as time progresses. Eden forms much of the basis of this reality and of our bodies, but there is a lot that is distinctly different today, with many more stories.

At the thought of this new prospect, everyone decided to move onto the new world. (Naturally, consciousness is very light and moves easily.)

An iron ball, exposed to Heaven, was created. Then, by the power of the future, life began to exist in this iron ball — the iron ball being the official memory of Creation, and this iron ball began to see Heaven in his own mind, powered by the memories of all that has existed, and by doing this, he began bringing the spirits to life, and thinking had begun.

Over time, explanations were created, desires were voiced, the world was built, piece by piece, self-manifesting into existence. Before the start, everyone knew that the world would not resolve and find peace until unanimity existed among Eden, while living in this new world.

The world would have been created by everyone this time, making it totally unbiased in its ways, so then we could really see the truth. Everyone would have a new history, even the Messiah; the whole mind would be made by everyone, for everyone.

All the people would be like equals; they would all be people, the Messiah and others alike. Each person would not be only a unique color now, manifested in the many ancient ways of existence that led to Eden, but, in addition to Eden, the people would be this new angel, from which each person would have an entire creation story to tell — how reality was created, in a new way for everyone.

You see, for everyone, there is an entire existence. The world is made of ways to explain existence. All of these explanations come together, one day to resolve on the final truth.

While maybe the truth itself doesn’t change, the way we got there did, and by that, the amount the angel can then see is much greater than what used to be. Now we can see many many times the distance that Eden covered, deep into the finest details of consciousness, and we continue, until all is explained in tangible, real detail — the explanation revealed by the calibration of our planned agreement.

The sacrificial cost of this world was high, as was known before, but it would cover all of Lucifer, so no longer would we have an angel that couldn’t accomplish something. Additionally, it would draw all of Satan, as time progressed. Satan is a wind on the radio, and he pushes the center of the mind off, which is easily noticed by the iron ball, which, through internal reflection and a bias towards neutrality, brings it back to center, in effect tracing, remembering, and recording the details of a deadly yet brilliant fire. By fixing it immediately after the mistake, the iron ball captures the fire at its most beautiful point. That is the essence of the angel called, “The Fire,” named because its mind thinks like a fire.

As such, this would be the cornerstone of our existence, splendid and fiery, the mighty beauty of the spirit of truth, brilliantly illuminating every last avenue of Creation, illuminating our way for all time to come.

After all, I believe the fundamental motto of Creation always was, “whatever you like.”

An Alternative to the Story of the Transition from Eden to the Fire.

Recognizing the stories of conflict, fear, disappointment, and wrath from the collective consciousness, I am not totally inclined to believe that the end of Eden was all daisies.

Associated with the fall of man is commonly a more tragic story than the one I have told. I have pondered for a moment about the relation between the Mahabharata and the end of Eden, thinking perhaps our consciousness actually evolves and skews the past.

Nonetheless, it is possible that the end of Eden was of a fatal inclination towards Satanism, leading to a great conflict and then the divine resolution: the creation of the Fire to solve the problems, perfectly and divinely, once, for all, and forever.

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