Angel 302, The Fire — The Iron Ball, an Alternative Interpretation of the Eye of Providence, and the Founding Point of Knowledge

The reason I numbered this angel, the one that is an iron ball, the number 302 is a bit out of my explanation, but I like it. I welcome well-founded alternatives. I wanted to write this chapter because it really sums up what this blog represents. In a dream I once had, an angel, like a statue on top of a building asked me my name, to which I couldn’t really find a good answer, considering I understood he didn’t mean just a word.

I grew up wondering about reality. The dream I always had was to understand reality. With this blog (and book) and what it means to me, I am happy that I have found reality and that it’s well within everyone’s comfortable ability to understand. If we approach reality from the basis that it’s an ideological environment manifested by convolutions of emotions, then we can understand the perspective involved in the explanation of the miracle that is life, and we can understand what can skew or distort our perspective.

For a future project, I would like to clearly enumerate and describe the manifest reality, supposing, again, that it’s founded on a describable pattern of emotional structures and how we perceive and discuss these patterns.

Growing up, I always wanted to know the truth of the divine, and near the beginning of my realizing that “enlightenment” was my goal, I saw a light, and it represented a point, which indicated enlightenment. There was, then, a point that I desired to find, and it was always suggested that the finding of this ultimate point was really an impossible myth, but I felt that since there’s so much belief and intuitive pressure to believe that it is possible, I really wanted to try. If there was any singular thing that I really wanted, was to find this point.

In searching to understand this point, I have discovered a lot about the nature of reality. There’s an infinite amount of future discourse concerning the nuances and ways of reality, but it is good to understand the fundamentals of enlightenment.

Going into theory, the manifest system in which we abide may be perceptually founded on the oscillation of positive (joy-like) emotions and negative (fear-like) emotions.

The actions of joy and fear, or warm and cool, would technically be the actions of approaching and distancing — things may be thought of from a distance-based perspective. If we understand our modern context implies existence in a three-dimensional or otherwise spatial environment, then we can understand that approaching and distancing are two included words in this environment. Therefore, from the perspective that our modern mind is a three-dimensional object — an iron ball to be specific — we may understand that the world is composed of these feelings of closeness and distance.

This split, however, is secondary to the original unity of knowledge. The original unity of knowledge forms the basis for the meaning of the emotions that are present upon the elaboration and perception of the original being of knowledge.

This point I would like to emphasize is that while at the second level, there is an non-deterministic oscillation of joy and fear, on the first level, there is only one being. The second level actually displays this first level, except with both a positive skew and a negative skew, which helps one to gain some perspective concerning that reality that exists. The first level of this structure is that the knowledge of reality actually is the singular light (or pattern) that the rest of the system is based on.

I have found that using emotional whim, without logic, makes the task of actually describing reality a nearly impossible one. So, I have used well-founded logic to find descriptions of reality, and it is because of that, that I understand that of the singular points, the greatest is knowledge. From this founding point of unchanging truth, all of the other levels of the system’s structure are biased references to this truth. Each division level represents a different nature of the machine.

I think a lot of people have heard of this fabled, “point,” of enlightenment. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid emotional whim in a world this turbulent, and this “point,” seems to have been forgotten and unbelieved. What I present is that logically, the singular source of knowledge lends itself to two emotions through a simple 1-dimensional polarization, which lends to our perceptual experience. As a living being, it makes sense that these emotions feel warm (in the case of an approaching emotion), like joy and comfort, or cool (which is a distancing emotion), like importance and precision. It also makes sense that the emotions, likely representable by simple single-dimension oscillations, all stem from skewing the look and understanding of the founding knowledge in different interesting ways.

Therefore, all emotions really revolve around an original idea. Some guide in one direction, while others guide in a different, but it all essentially orbits the original idea of truth, which has no implicit emotional connotation, except for the resulting appreciation of the fact that truth is a good thing, inherently.

As this fundamental point of truth changes, the entire system changes as a result. What results is a complex effect that has to be understood. Therefore, due to the desire for a good system, the truth can only change in certain ways, which alters the less spoken-of aspects of the system — the glare of the water on the street or the nearly unmentionably tinted fall day. While in modern medicine, everything is described as chemicals and their responses, I believe that understanding emotion can actually explain everything, at least in it’s full understanding. If one posits that reality is made of emotional biases to the truth, we realize that 1) the truth is a lively and changing being, 2) all things are complex convolutions of emotions, and 3) there are two primary emotions — positivity and coolness, which seem to be the yang and the yin of the fabric of perception.

This fundamental truth, which is like a light or even a spear-tip, according to this theory, is everyone’s desire. This would be to consolidate the totality of holy desires into one tiny point. This small point is all everyone truly needs, at least, according to the proverbs of enlightenment.

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