Why Flying Can be Possible

At the ultimate origin of all existence is the everlasting being of possibility, which I term, the “Word.” The first instance of its manifestation was knowledge of its existence.

Manifestation was originally knowledge of the divine. It was a memory of reality that began it all (when polarity became distinct, allowing for knowledge, which dictates right and wrong).

Because of this original nature of reality, manifesting into knowledge, it is certainly possible, and perhaps we can say this with an amount of jubilee, that manifest reality is firstly founded on memory.

The simplest manifestation of reality is memory. It is likely improbable that reality would evolve spontaneously into a suddenly complex form, skipping the fundamentals of cognition, yet incorporating them anyway, as that could imply a distinctly different nature of understanding and being than we are intuitively aware of (or comfortable with — we expect reality to exist in a sensible and methodical form).

Additionally, the recurring story of a paradise before this one also suggests that this incarnation of reality is not our first. To sentience, the desire for well-being is natural, so to be born in a world that is unnatural (commonly not supportive of well-being), would suggest that there is a special undertaking going on.

In the common (and probably intuitive) story of Eden, a paradise and existence before this one, the inhabitants of Eden would learn about “being God,” and they will find pain and difficulty (and quickly embarrassment, probably knowing of the judgement of others). In this new world Satan will no longer be considered high, but instead low, likely as what was a beautiful fire of distraction and whim becomes a frighteningly dangerous way of being or thinking.

All this suggests is that our reality — the way our mind is constructed and the lessons that it is occupied with — is evolving over periods of time. This evolution likely all stems from the most fundamental manifestation of reality, which is the simplest form of manifestation and is resolute memory (knowledge).

If this reality is fundamentally knowledge, then if we could accurately and safely write on the knowledge, then we would have supreme power, to fly or whatever. Surely, there must be safeguards, and what I imagine these safeguards are, is the inability to accurate write what you want, on this memory of reality, due to being internally inaccurate.

Reality being fundamentally memory is a plausible interpretation of reality, it is intuitively acceptable, and provides an understanding of consonant awareness.

All of this becomes even more plausible when you consider that a sentient reality would allow for uninhibited self-expression, giving to every will and whim of a truly living being.

And all of this means you can fly! If all of this is true (and these are my preferred beliefs — the headache reduction is bountiful!), then you will need total accuracy (no inaccuracy, whatsoever), and then you will be perfectly coherent in mind and being, and after that, I imagine that you will be able to fly and if not, you’ll be able to see what’s going on that prevents you (perhaps an ancient agreement of ours which predicates contingencies for our current manifestation of reality, formed from an agreeable purpose, that would prevent something like flying, likely only temporarily).

Eventually living in a world comprised of memory seems foreseeable.

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