Hi there. I thought adding a blog to this site would be helpful. This will allow me to explain a little more, and will reduce reliance on the forum for the finding of relevant information.

My story regarding enlightenment is pretty straightforward. Growing up as a kid, understanding reality and the divine was my favorite thing. This turned into a devotion as I got older. I spent many years dedicated to finding it and as such, pretty recently, 8/9/2020, I finally found an answer to my question of enlightenment.

As I had spent over a decade piecing together different facts, logistics, and ideas, my internal language has become a bit short of eloquently describing what this answer means. As such, the first portion of my life I spent searching for enlightenment, and now that I found the answer, I’d like to share it with people. I understand it’s very important to many out there.

While there are a lot of topics regarding reality, I think the most relevant topic to enlightenment is realization of consciousness through the symbiotic relationship of physically internal logical systems. I call this lesson, “Cognitive Awareness Therapy” or “CAT”. It is this lesson alone that will likely aid in the finding of enlightenment more than any other lesson as this really explains quite a bit. This is why I included an explanation of this on the site.

To sum up the three important concepts:

  1. I, as I see myself, am not the self. I am a portion of the self, one of many who cohabit. The concept of self-identity is firstly knowledge, not observation.
  2. Your only true desire is to save your subsystems. Depression occurs when one fades away (dies). There is the everlasting and true desire. Your subsystems are manifestations of you, with different specific purposes and realizations.
  3. Your only persistent emotion is love. All other emotions are utilitarian linguistic mechanisms — that is, they are useful, have meaning, and they have purpose. Emotion is the language that all of your systems use to communicate with one another (it is the language of life). All emotions, themselves, are good (they provide important information). Bad emotions are misunderstood, and while their message may indicate a fault or type of damage, the emotions themselves are always of good intention and good will.

There are other topics with relevance to enlightenment as well. I think over time this knowledge that I have found can be shared, and lots of people will find ways to remember it. One interesting observation is that the universe seems to have the tendency to come to life on its own and develop into a great society.

Lucifer is another very important topic I’ll cover in another post.

I’m not sure how often I’ll update this, but I did include an email address on the site. The reason is, I’m not sure of how much information you really needs to find enlightenment. I think the primary lesson is CAT. Once you understand that, I think you’ll be at least very close to finding enlightenment.

While I have explained enlightenment in an earlier entry, I will briefly explain what enlightenment is, in different words.

Enlightenment is the ability to see reality. It’s the ability to see that I’m really here to be alive. The objective of happiness is simply to increase in a particular behavior. Similarly, with sadness, the objective is to decrease in some behavior. The only persistent truth is love.

This brings up the topic of Lucifer. Lucifer would make you think that you need something more than being alive. He’s very tricky. There’s a good story about him, too, though.